Who wants to win a million dollars in GTA San Andreas!!!!!!

Ultima Weapon

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Dec 13, 2004
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I don't know how many of you know how to do this but i found a way that you can be a millionare in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in the matter of 5 minuets or less. The only thing is that you have to be able to access the Four Dragons Casino. (You can do this at any Casino but you can do it faster at the Four Dragons.) Oh yea you also have to have the highest gambiling level for this to work. first save your game at the save point just outside the Four Dragons then go in and if it is accessable find a roulett table and bet one million on either red or black (you can use a black jack table it works just as good.) Now here is where saving before you do this comes in handy. you have a 50 50 chance of winning and a 50 50 chance of losing. if you win go outside and save then repeat as many times as needed if you loose reload and do the same thing again. that is about it keep doing that for as long as you want and you will be FILTHY STINKING RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know what you think of this fun way of getting really rich in GTA San Andreas.


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Aug 9, 2003
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Bit cheap though really isn't?
But I guess for those players who just like to mess about, it'd be cool.