We have to give the humanity second chance

Mar 7, 2022
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The vast majority of the people are generally unaware of the worth of time and, as a result, do not take advantage of all of its benefits. As a consequence, we are dissatisfied with the difficulties that we face. We are beginning to fantasize about how wonderful it would be if we could turn the clock back. But we are unable to do so. Is it true, or is it not true?

Developers and producers now have access to a broader range of tools and platforms thanks to DeFi and cryptocurrencies. As a result, this moment had to occur once. The TIME token will be introduced and deployed in the near future. What does it signify for investors, and how effective is it in actuality? Traders, investors, and even sci-fi fans will be enthralled by it if it is properly developed. We are paid for our time spent looking, participating, playing, and mining as a result of this coin deployment. Future goals for the project include integrating this mechanism into almost every current GameFi and deApp. As a result, every hour, minute, and second spent on the applications may be redeemed for money.
It may seem bizarre and improbable at first, but if I think about it more, these ideas are due to the fact that no one has ever thought of anything like this before.

The simplest ideas are often the most brilliant. Another approach to monetize time is to charge for it. The TIME token represents the system's long-term future.

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