Oct 10, 2015
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This might be more of a rant than a review as I was motivated by the sight of an otherwise great story, hamstrung by its editing.

The Martyr and the prophet looks to be a debut novel by CB Currie. Clearly another self-published effort, it suffers from a few typos and the odd grammar mistake, enough to distract. So like the reviewers on Amazon, I have to say first and foremost it needs more polish.

However looking past that what do you get? An ultra-medieval world, scarce magic, distant political intrigue and a collection of common folk who stumble onto a secret. I like the way the story focuses on commoners rather than kings and nobles. There appear to be no 'chosen ones' of prophecy - just ordinary people trying to navigate extraordinary times. To that end the characters are balanced and not without their own personal flaws.

There is a hint of magic, but other cliches are largely absent: it is more rooted in history with a land plagued by disease (did I just say that?), a civil war, a religious split and viking invasions, not to mention simmering conflict with 'heathens' over a 'holy city' - crusade much?

It's not for the young or faint-hearted, with occasional bad language, references to sexual violence and infrequent, but gory fight scenes. Not the kind of world I'd like to live in. basically as mean to its characters as GOT can be, so don't get attached.

The ending ties up some loose ends and opens other threads. As the subtitle says, it's 'book one of the lost testament,' so we can expect more.

So on the whole, good story, and a break from the usual high fantasy into something grittier, but needs to be edited again. Three Amazon stars, could have been more if it was cleaned up a bit. Glad it's not going for full price.

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