Story/Website Review of free content (my first review)

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Jul 24, 2011
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Okay, I have been messing around on another site for a while now and I am going to write a review of it as a while. Since it includes a selection of free stories, I am going to treat it as an anthology.


First off, the site is called and I haven't had a break from it for the last 10 hours or so. I was a bit insomniac and read through a few of the stories and other resources last night.

Story Library - kandanoria has a Story Library area with two sections. There is the main area that is free for anyone (as is basic membership, which I would suggest signing up for since there are some forums that discuss world and writing elements and tips) and there is a premium area that requires a one time payment. I haven't done this yet, but I might if I like the community. I can just count it into my entertainment budget one month since it is just single payment and not a monthly subscription.

As far as content goes, there is a lot of in-world information in the 'Almanac' (which is free to use), but I was more interested in the stories. A good story can be great whether or not you know the full ins and outs of a world.


I read "Master of Mystiques" and "The Artifact" and also looked at some of the "Almanac"

"Master of Mystiques" was a good classic fantasy story about a person named Vox. He is looking for his sister and has began the search with his magical pets, the mystiques. Mystiques are a sort of magical litter of cats. Each cat has some sort of special ability and Vox is their trainer (A member of the Animal Trainer's Guild). I don't want to spoil the action, but there is a strong plot that drives the story forward and there are a couple action sequences that set a nice pace. - I would recommend reading this story first as it is very accessible to anyone who likes fantasy.

"The Artifact" has more of a pulp adventure or Western feel to it. It takes place in a sparsely populated arid place and centers on a wanderer who is looking for adventure and to make his way in the world. He finds a unique object in a long forgotten area and then travels in to a town. The town, is troubled by a local gang and he gets caught up in it. It also, has a good finale and left me satisfied that it avoided one of the big cliches of a hero standing unstoppable against a foe and single-handedly saving the day.

The Almanac area is not a specific story but more of an encyclopedia or entries about the world of Kandanoria. Kandanoria has sci-fi elements and is set in a fantasy world where there are humans and humanoid animal species along side some magical species. It has some good history behind it but focuses on its present for the most part. I would recommend checking it out after read a story or two so you can put some of the information into context.

Verdict - is a good place to read some unique stories. For the aspiring writer, kandanoria offers a writing contest with some significant cash prizes AND will place the top story as official canon. This is a nice boost to the ego and can help establish you to others in the community. It also has a fairly active forum base that I am sure will grow with time as the site seems relatively new. I am happy to "get in on the ground floor" of a new site and I will be active there as well as here.