SF/Fantasy writer in search of readers (aren't we all?) - (Free for Kindle Unlimited members)

Jun 9, 2021
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I'm writing a series of books entitled 'Long Night, Black Moon' and would love it if some people tried them. Kindle Unlimited/Amazon Prime members can read the Ebook versions for free.

Here's the premise: in 2107 two giant spaceships (Ryokō-sha 1 and 2), each carrying 20000 people, leave Earth to go and check on a list of planets that might be habitable. The journey takes them to 17 planets and lasts almost 150 years. In that time, the initial cooperation between 'RS1 and RS2' turns ever more hostile. It ends ugly. In the end, the colonists settle on a "twin planet" - both planets are perfectly fine, but every 282 years life on the smaller twin becomes almost impossible because of the 'Night' (when the larger twin blocks out the sun for four months and temperatures drop to minus 150). That is the 'SF' part of the story. The fantasy part takes place 3000 years later, in the year before another Night is due. The King of the Westland is murdering half his population because he cannot 'save them all' at the volcanic caves of Elsing. A group of rebels, some of whom are granted special powers by the Elthar, a race of 'Trees' that are the Guardians of Satrihenu, the Balance of Life, start the Black Moon resistance movement.

Book 1 'Nothing Is Ever Written' tells the story of this 'inverted Battlestar Galactica'-journey, and links it to the 'Game of Thrones'-war against the King, millennia later.
Book 2 'No One Truly Dies' sees the resistance grow and try to save as many people from the clutches of the King as they can. Unusual alliances are forged.
Book 3 'Nowhere Is Ever Safe' sees the war come to sort of a standstill, but also takes us to Big Sister, the other twin planet, the much bigger one, where a whole new adventure begins for the heroes.

I'm not getting into any plot lines or characters here - there's too many of them. The books are also LONG (666, 674 and 680 pages in print), but I'm hoping at least a few people would be willing to try the (free) Kindle version and give me some feedback on what they've read (even if it's just 5 pages)

I have devoted fans... all twenty of them - but they don't count, as they are all people who know me. I have self-published my books an Amazon, where they remain buried under millions of others. You can find them under Johan G.H. Christiaens. Hope someone is willing to take the leap!

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