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Sep 27, 2021
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Hello Everybody, I am currently rewriting and publishing Book 1 of my tragedy fantasy series, the Arbolarbres Chronicles, you can check it here Book 1 Chapter 1 Oak the Lazy (Rewrite) - Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh - Fast-Paced Fantasy

Here is the synopsis

( Book 1 Completed) A young arbolarbre (Treeman) called Oak Quercus must stop his carnivorous mad King (Xidor Cedre) from sending his nation into a war to feed his gluttony for flesh and his sudden quest for immortality.

However, he will have to face opposition from his vegetarian countrymen with diverging opinions on how to stop the King's madness.

Discover it in the first book of the Arbolarbres chronicles (One chapter every week day)

New rewritten version coming soon in the following months.

Don't forget to check it out on Arbolarbres Chronicles -Conflict in Skyhigh - Fast-Paced Fantasy | Royal Road

What to expect: Tragedy story with a nice wrap up in Book 1

Character arc through the series: Character becoming less lazy and stronger over time with psychological development

Battle scenes

2 other characters arcs in the first book: Prince Atord Cèdre and King Xidor Cèdre, two brothers whose fate will end up in tragedy due to war between them.

Major plot twist around the end of book 1


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Dec 23, 2009
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In the middle of the Dune Sea - Tatooine or Austra
I might be a bit of of sap , but I seldom root for trees , plants or vegetables .
I don't remember what planted that seed in my brain , but it has grown to the point where if I see so much as a apple or a pot plant - I go nuts .
First I'll probably soil my robe in excitement and start to bark like a dog from the bush . Then I'll say to it ,
" Where have you bean bud ?"
" Did you go to Brussels for a leek or just veg out at home listening to korn ?"
"I pay you a good celery to turnip to work but you make like a banana and split ?"
Then I wood take a step closer to it , like a cereal killer getting to squash their victim .
I'd continue ,
" So pea-brain , lettuce know what happened to get you in such a pickle ?"
Then , I'd beet the fuck out of it and hide the remains in my dad's old trunk .
Yeah , I have problems , let's leave it at that .

But . Getting to your book . I do have a few questions if you don't mind ?

Will the protagonist end up in the infantree , where he gained entree due to his gallantree and his stance against bigotree ?

Or will he be a castle sentree maybe guarding a valuable tapestree or protecting a member of the ministree or perhaps a captain of the poultree industree ?

Maybe he could be a simple teacher of chemistree or carpentree or even geometree ?

He could be a criminal . Locked up for treeson or for retreeting in a battle or his terrible treetment of anybody teaching dentistree ?

On the other hand , he could be the next leader of the countree due to his royal ancestree ?

And finally ,will there be a scene where he recites poetree to a sultree wench and bangs her in a pantree ?

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