Season 2, Episode 1: The Heroes Return

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Jul 25, 2004
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Once the students were back in their seats with all eyes up in the front Confessor stood up and looked at each of them.

"The final demonstration for tonight is how powerful a Spirit Spell can be and considering IR, you haven't been a guinea pig you, it's your turn. So if you would please come up front."

Shogun took a deep breath and walked to the front of the class.

Confessor looked at IR. "Okay....I want you to try and attack me and I'll show you how easily a mage can control your Every Action."

Confessor concentrated on IR as he was about to perform a powerful high kick on her but he suddenly fell backwards and stared up at her. With the flick of her wrist IR stood up at her command.

"Okay IR, if you have any weapons draw one."

IR did as Confessor commanded, drawing a pair of nunchaku.

"Now face the class."

IR did as she commanded feeling like a puppet attached to strings but he didn't have any strings on him. Turning to face the class Confessor asked. "Now that you all have witnessed what a powerful spell from spirit and mind can did I accomplish this?"

Then have someone reply to the post. If the answer is in regards to the mage invading his/her mind and then taking control of their very body then that is close but not quite close enough. Even if the individual has a strong mind they can still be controlled. The reason one can be controlled depends upon how strong their mind is. What I'm trying to say is that if they can focus their mind on not being controlled by a person whether it be a mage or non-mage then that can happen. In order not be controlled one must channel all of their thoughts in their mind and think of nothing. If a mage detects a single though then you are theirs to do what they wish. You must shut your mind completely off to them.


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May 31, 2005
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Dragn looked curiously at Confessor as she asked someone to take a shot at attacking her. He did not see any hands go up, but from beside Dragn, Senekha had risen and in one swift movement had thrown two daggers at the professor. Dragn was surprised, her speed was incredible. He was surprised by the act, that he barely even noticed what Confessor had done when both daggers had appeared before Sen’s face.

" did I manage to stop the weapons? And thank you Sen for volunteering."

Dragn grinned as Sen casually placed the daggers back to her side, unphased. Sen had answered her with an educated answer. Confessor then continued on with the lesson as Dragn skimmed through the notebook. "How would you protect yourself from a Heart or Spirit spell?" Confessor asked. She then went on to give examples of these. Dragn had only been on the receiving side of a spirit spell in one of his classes in which they were learning how to reverse the effects of it.

Confessor sat back down at her desk and words appeared on the board. Dragn had taken these notes before in one of his previous classes. He pulled out his other notebook and jotted down some differences in definitions. After doing this he examined the board, noting which of the elements he had interacted with.

As he was reading the notes on the board, the weapons captain entered in a flurry.
"I'm terribly sorry I'm late, professor." he then took a seat behind Shogun. "I'm sorry, I really have no excuse. I promise it won't happen again." he said as he scrambled to take down the notes.

Confessor acknowledged Ros and gave the class a five minute break. Dragn was glad for the break but he was unsure why because his mind wandered off to the Firestorm. Dragn truly hoped that everyone was taking these prep classes seriously as he could only imagine the amount of power Arlo had obtained by now, knowing that a person’s drive for revenge could only make them all the more formidable and dangerous. Seeing as though the Gato magic captain had nothing to lose now, since his pride had been damaged last year, he only had to gain which could only mean that he would achieve his goals at all cost.
Dragn came out of his ominous thoughts as he prepared for the rest of the lesson. "The final demonstration for tonight is how powerful a Spirit Spell can be and considering IR, you haven't been a guinea pig you, it's your turn. So if you would please come up front."

Dragn watched as Shogun made his way to the front of the class. He looked prepared not at all nervous. "Okay....I want you to try and attack me and I'll show you how easily a mage can control your Every Action." Dragn took it all in as Shogun went to kick Confessor and then in an instant he fell back. They then moved on to weapons. Dragn began to take notes on the demonstration as Confessor asked how this was accomplished.

Dragn raised his hand “I believe that the ability to infiltrate someone’s mind depends on the individual. I think Shogun, who is adept at concentration due to his martial arts background would have been able to put up some resistance, had he been more prepared. With that said however in all reality this means that in order not to be controlled one must be expecting a mind invasion all the time, which is difficult to do.” He stopped for a moment in thought. “To keep one’s mind completely empty is a hard level to achieve, especially if you are in a battle situation, your mind is usually trying to figure out your next move.” He sat back “But I guess that is what this class is here to teach us.”

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