Rules Of War!


Ancient One
Feb 8, 2004
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desolation and insanity
The war is to be had not on a single day at a single time but over a period of days (this original plan was by curunir not me). But it will be subject to a few rules because not everyone will be there. So here are the rules:

Rule 1): For any battle period to begin at least one memeber of each side must be present, and they must concent to have the battle period.

Rule 2- part I): When battling only the troops and warriors of those present are subject to the battle, meaning you can only kill the armies of the people who are there at that time, you cannot kill anyone who is not there. You cannot command your allies armies just because they are not there.

Rule 2- part II): Any major events in this war such as breaking the walls and/or gates of flakopolis or routing the majority of forces must be done ONLY when the majority of each side or at least the effected side is present, one general cannot speak for actions that concern the entire army.

Rule 3): If all members from one side leave the battle it must cease abruptly to be continued during the next battle period.

Are there any more rules we need?

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