RPG in the meta

Mar 8, 2022
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Our time is the most important and finite asset we possess. You can't let go of this. When faced with a situation that cannot be changed, it might be difficult to grasp the magnitude of the problem. Many new technologies and services have been made possible by the rise of cryptocurrency. Even more money may be made from the comfort of our own homes thanks to GameFi. Despite this, technology continues to eat away at our free time.

Because money may be earned and time can be conserved, the word "TIME" surprised me because of its mysterious nature. They want to create a whole ecosystem centered on the concept of saving time. Even if we don't know exactly how it will be done, the notion itself is calming. Paying for or receiving time-based services may be done using tokens (per minute, per hour, per week, etc.). There has never been a better moment to value your time than right now!

For the first time, service providers will be able to earn per unit of time as a consequence of their Pay-per-Time protocol. The usage of a simple API may connect any game or company to their platform for quick and easy payment processing. Because time travel will be possible in the multi-metaverse, we may assume that it will be possible in the multiverse.