RPG #20 Xiarian RP - ask permissionf isrt if you would :)


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Dec 29, 2008
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Great cities of men elves and dwarves, exel in this world, great empires struggling for power, caught in a cycle of ancient knowledge and magic, (fantasy) great oceans seperate the hundreds of islands, either trade and port towns mostly governre by dwarve, magic and learned towns kept by elves and military holy towns ruled by humans. the far west is an evil place thousands of times deamons have poured though their gates from astrial planes and been driven back by lords of elven kingdoms and the human empires, the magestirium, a order devoted to magic of great power which controls the world magic and registered all mages(non-regested mages are either incredibly powerful to demi-god status or too old to be recoreded..or both) this is based on the deamonic isles where the most good from there power will be gained. but towers of Cloth(clóth - pronuceated) exist in any important or major city where a Mage of cloth will be the magesteriums eyes and ears and help protect the town if need be. there is general peace brought around by Xia the great, a hero chosen by the gods to protect the world, but he dissapreared almost 100 years ago, but still the world exists, peacfully with minimul hate and wars, there are the occasional orc horde or cult power, deamon that escapes the magesterium, tainted dragon or mage, vampires and ancient deamon that live and currupt the world (got to h ave something for you to do)
that is deamed too petty for a power like the magestirium or any e mpire to have to deal with
(ie dont say you'll destroy the world if your evil)
we start this roleplay in hte Hillian Empire, ruled by humans, named after the fisrt king, hillian who united the human tribes agasit barbaric orc raiders thousands of years ago. i
in the city of Eldron, a market traveler town 2 miles off the coast, and its port village Irillen, its surroune by feilds of wheat and farms with small forests dotteted around, then the 3 major taverns not in the city,the winds oak, the coat and bucket, and the rusty stool, all famous for good ale,food and times.
the town homes 20000 lives of elves gnomes dwarves humans(mainly) and minor races, with a small barracks for protection and law keeping. themiddle of the town bases Eldron Cathedral to Saint Irene, the lady of harvest. there is 1 cloth tower here, with a minor wizard.

start at 9am, sunny day in mid-summer hae fun

(remmeber NO GOD CHARS)
(base your images of these races on DnD pics)

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