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Nov 26, 2006
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I have always been drawn to this ancient land that thrives from the River Nile
Always knowing to myself the reason for this
You come to me in my dreams, letting me know what I must do in this mystical land that lies beside the Nile
I know in a past life I was your lover and your spell I could not resist.

In ancient times our love for each other was forbidden and condemned
Princess precluded my name so by birth right I was to marry another
I desperately loved you and I could not have been faithful to him
So in my dreams you summon me to the land from which my heritage stems.

You summon me here to bring you back from the grave
You tell me in my dreams you have waited many decades for me to recarnate
So again our love we could renew
You telling me all secrets from the past, so I can bring you back to me , my love, my soul mate.

I will resurrect you from the ancient secrets you have shared with me
But I had to come here, Egypt, the land of our origin and heritage
I had to come to this ancient land to ask the Egyptian gods of your release. see
To let you cross the sea of the dead to be alive with me again, the Gods I must appease.

We are now at the place your remains are supposed to be
I must reunite your soul with your body for you to live again
We see a sarcophagus, Inubis, bring my love back to me
God of the underworld please release his soul, so again I may feel his touch and his kiss.

Your followers bend down over the alter, chanting the words of life to release you from your prison of death
They also do this because they think they will share in our riches and wealth
I too stand chanting the words to bring you back from death
Because our added bonus will be all our wealth.

In my former life you showed me I was a high priestess of Isis
Giving me special powers along with what you shared with me,I am one of the few to be able to do this
As we chant and sing we see a very strangely formed transparent mist
The mist moves over your remains,and the transformation begins, you take your first breath, then we kiss.

You arise, then you are in my arms again
Telling me how much you love me and together we shall always be
Inubis heard our prayers and released your soul so we could be together again
Since you crossed the sea of the dead, you obtain the secrets of the Gods, see.

You tell me nothing can ham us now as you are of the supernatural and the undead
We have committed sacrilege and the others cannot tell anyone
Other ancient believers would punish us probably sending you back to the dead
So no one can remain, nothing can be said.

Your followers worship you and think you would never harm them
But you tell me they shall receive their rewards in the land of the dead
So I will witness that from within you stirs
They will follow you no matter where you lead.

This place, misty, dark, the stench of death
But I am not afraid as you tell me not to be
They follow you and I will watch them as they take their last breathe
They step into the lake of the dead as I hear their painful pleas.

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