Pressured Journey

The peoples champion

The peoples champion
Dec 17, 2006
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I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
Came from book
France was in a nightmare
A battle with Prussia
Once again conflict of powers struck again

This war was from years of bickering
The light of agreement was flickering
French vs Germans
Napoleon III was dealt a huge loss

The crashing of old leadership
Beggining of a new
Even a writer of a book had a lot to do
Verne a coastguard

Struggling like his country to find a path
Out of no where he read about this idea
Greeks, thousands of years ago had a thought
Of a way to travel the world, a vision many sought

Railroads where being created everywhere
Ships where a constant presence
Verne known for ideas of the future
Science he had an eye for, a travel to die for

The book was published in time
Something happened among the line
People thought it happened or was going to be done
Some thought Verne would pull it off at the next rise of the sun

Phileas Fogg: rich , arrogant a man of power and an opinion
A mad man of the sort, fired his valet for bringing shaving water
Cool as it may be, 2 degrees too cold? that is bogus you see
In the evening hours, as normal he states his ideas

The Daily Telegraph, local paper stated a world trip was possible
80 days was the ideal feat, but can this be done and can the time be beat?
Many in France and around the world said this could not be done
Well Fog said yes and accepted a 20,000 Euro bet just for fun

Fog leaves London by train at 8.45 p.m. on October 2, 1872
Expected to be back by December 21st, to win or pay the due
This rich man while leaving Egyt, he fits the decription of a robber
London police was on his tail, but he had a trip the payday was high scale

Yet he was not alone, fog has a servant with him named "Passepartout"
The Detective named Fix, could not get a warrant
So he had to follow them on such voyage
Fix speaks to the servant, no such trip is revealed

Fog and his servant are still on time
Fix thinks he will catch these possible robbers in their prime
Train to be from Bombay to Calcutta was to be traveled
Construction still going on, the race agaisnt time nearly unraveled

What to do? their world was spinning like quarter on the ground
2,000 Eruo spent later, they get to their point
By an elephant which was slow in speed , loud in sound
During this trip, they saved a Parsi woman

A Hindu custom, to be sacrificed by "Thuggee worshipers"
She was drugged and about to die
Her husband died, so it was fit for her to join him
Fog and the servant prevented this from happening on the fly

Finally made it to Calcutta
About to take a steam boat to Hong Kong
Fix still no warrant tries to arrest both Fog and the servant
Out of no where they both make an escape

Fix is forced to follow
Aouda the female they saved
Thought to have a distant relative in Hong kong
Well that idea was gone, they have moved

She will have to travel the rest of the trip, which is quite long
Holland was where her distant relative was to be
She sould have to go around the rest of the world to be free
Fix a desperate man, see's Hong kong the final chance

He gets the servant drunk on purpose, his evil idea
Prevents Passepartout to tell fog the news
That the next Ship was leaving early
Drunk and drugged the servant boards the ship in hurry

24 hours has passed, the time the ship normally leaves
Getting ready to leave, the servant is gone
Cannot find the scheduled ship, a suprise so new
Fog has no clue, has many ideas but does not know what to do

Yokahama was the place of destination
Fog finds a pilot boat, Fix and Aouda join as well
Shanghai to Yokahama is the new plan
Are they behind schedule? the clock can only tell

They finally get to the town
Now to find Passepartout, is he around?
He was in a circus trying to make money to go home
Fog and the servant unite again

The three and Fix jump to a ship that leads them to San Francisco
A new idea has came about, fix will catch them all in Britain
Yet he was playing a part in history, for the whole journey he did not know
Then once they arrive in time, a train to New York they aboard

With knives and horses they capture Passepartout and two other passengers
Fog has a decision to make, keep going or rescue them and risk what is at stake
He takes a major chance, save the three and perhaps pay a fee
In time with soldiers of Nebraska, they are found

Time is ticking, so they hire a sledge to Omaha,Nebraska
Which with this idea and key decision they jump to Chicago, Illinois in precision
Then from New York they try to get to Liver Pool
The steamer left early, once again anougher blow to this trip

So they ride a stream boat to Bordeaux
Captain does not want to go to Liver Pool, now what can they do?
Fog bribes the crew, they later run out of gas
He later buys the steam boat from the captain, which spending money is not new

A high price it was, they had to burn most of the wood to stay on track
In time the four make it to Queenstown, Ireland.
Dublin and Liver Pool are completed as well
British soil, fix gets the warrant time to ring the police bell?

Fix realizes late he made a mistake
Fog punches him, and the wager is lost
Becuase the train left 5 minutes early, time to pay the final cost
At least thats what Fog thought, he forgot one thing

East to west is a difference in time
The servant tells Fog about the change
To the Reform club they run
Which is where all of this started, to collect the winnings they won

In this tale a days worth almost costed every dime
So Fog, the servant and Aouda where the victor
The jouney was a success, Aouda loves Fog she had to confess
She asks him to marry her, of course Fog says yes

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