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Aug 6, 2010
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Can't seem to make new titles on the main page, so I thought I would post here.

A game came out almost the same time as FFVII, completely overshadowed, and most people missed out on it. The game was called Brigandine.

Imagine a game set up like risk, where you have to choice a country, and conquer the know world. Each country has a leader, and each leader has his knights who follow him.

Each knight has a "Rune Power", which decides which and how many monster that knight can command. Pixie is 15 rune points, Dragon is 75, and so on.

Each monster levels and evolves almost exactly like Pokemon. A Ghoul becomes a Vampire at lvl 10, a Vampire becomes a Vampire Lord at lvl 20. Some monsters have trees. A Dragon can become a red dragon or a white dragon at lvl 10. At lvl 20, the red dragon becomes the feared Salamander, and the white dragon becomes a Fafnir.

The monster (and knights) have elemental orbs. Blue hurts red, red hurts blue. Black hurts white, white hurts black. Normal stuff. The tree you select can alter this, as a salamander has 3 red orbs, and a Fafnir has 1 red and 2 white.

When you enter battle, you can choice any three knight currently residing at the castle, you then fight a tactics battle against the enemy, with the winner owning the Castle at the end.

If you have never played this game, I would strongly suggest it if it even sounds like something you would enjoy. I have bought this game a half a dozen times (keep losing/scratching copies). Almost every time I have paid 40-80 dollars for it.

When I bought my PS3, I played GTA4 for a while, NBA Live for a bit..... then I played through Brigandine again. The game doesn't get old.