line of Avatars, reincarnation in literature


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Jun 18, 2018
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So, reading up on it to start, the back story for Avatar the Last Airbender
doesn't describe a single soul rebirth like dalai lama stories can go, but that he is born a bridge, between worlds, so knowing all the spirits, all the souls, and so he's linked up to the other bridges like him,
and song pattern, into the world of life, a new avatar is born when the next dies or crosses over?
"The avatar is the bridge between this world and the spirit world Aang," "that never meant they weren't the same world by now Kitara.." "hack less, Aang, showing something, KItara, shut up Aang, did you, know that's the basic function of a brig? lock in hallow Angu what's, in it like..."

So like she was a bridge before him, the airbender, before him, he's the airbender avatar
who was the last airbender then? Right before you, well okay, who's the LAST airbender? Is that the name?

Do you see, reincarnation, immortality, gods of man, round about your stories? It's been theorized that the dalai lama has simply been restoring his youth it's the same man, as before?

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