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Aug 21, 2007
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the forum (which is down for repair until monday 17th)

The collectable card game by EA has gone into free to play - meaning you can play the game for free with all features unlocked. Essentially its like magic the gathering crossed with an RTS game - you make your army beforehand from a pool of cards and select up to 20 differnet units, buildings or spells that you and the put onto the battlefield and play using common RTS controls. Each spell costs spell points to cast which you aquire in each individual game through capturable nodes (essentially the resources for each match).

To get follow the link above and click on the Free4play icon on the far right side of the page. Once the 85mb download is done you will need to setup an EA account (email and password setup) before accessing the game and then downloading the bulk of the content (around 1.5GB in total as well the patches).

Once done you log into the game (online remember) with your email and password. You then (as a free player) have to clear up to character level 4 in PVE OR another ranking (that I forget) in PVP. That done you can then trade on the marketplace.

Note that when you sign in the for the first time you will be asked if you had a referer for the game - either their ingame name or their email address. Entering this in will give that person a perk of a few tokens as listed on the page here:
Essentailly apart from the promocard its all aquirable ingame content if you fight (and win) a matches against opponents (its the tokens that purchase ingame upgrades for cards - not tokens for purchasing more cards).

Heral of Woe pointed me in the direction of the game so he got my referal points ( ingame name Kalthanor for herald) and the way is I see it you can decide who (if any) gets the referal points. If agroup here show interest (and since it is a large 1.5GB download to get it first before you ahve to refer someone) we might be able to organise things if we get a lot join up to spread things out more evenly - but no pressure to do this of course.

ps my name in game is (wait for it) Overread

PVE - player vs environment which means solo play (ie no other players bar you)

PVP - player vs player - you vs someone else ;)

there is also team PVE and team PVP where you either both play a map against the computer opponent (either random or a scripted story map)// or you play in teams against opponenets.

Once done you can then play with your starter (free) decks any way you wish - if you want more cards there are 4 ways:

1) purchasing (with real money) BFP - Battle Forge Points through the EA marketplace.
These let you then either buy boosters at the prices listed below or tomes or you can go to the marketplace (in game) and buy the cards that others are selling through the marketplace if you want a specific card
BFP costs from the main game website (prices in £ from the UK)
Purchase 500 BattleForge Points
GBP 3.99

Purchase 1000 BattleForge Points
GBP 7.99

Purchase 2250 BattleForge Points
GBP 15.99

And in game

250BFP = 1 booster of 8 cards
900BFP = 1 tome of 4 boosters (with no repeated cards - ie all unique) plus 32 additional common cards

*note tomes are not added to your card pool but instead are stand alone sets of cards that you can then play in a tome PVP or tournament where you are limited to using the cards in your tome only. If you get more than one tome you can choose the tome you use, but only ever use one tome.
However you are free at any time to disband the tome, thus adding the cards to your general collection pool for regular game play. (so in my mind tomes are far more cost effective to purchase)

** note also that you only need 1 card or any type in order to use that spell as many times as you want in any single fight. However each time you use the card it will have to recharge itself before you can use it again. If you get two or more cards of the same type you can combine them together giving you a single card that has two or more (depending how many you add) charges. Each charge then lets you use that card in quick succession before it has to go into recharge mode - allowing you to cast that spell more times in a shorter duration.

*** there are also upgrades for each card that you can purchas with points called:
Honour - Victory - Battle tokens.
Each upgrade costs a fixed number of the three above types of token and the more expensive the more they add to the overall stats of the card. furether more to apply the upgrade to a card you have to pay a cost in gold to apply it (this is more affordable than the user trade in BFP and is not that hard to achive through ingame play)
Note that if you upgrade a card (or a set of cards with more than one charge) you can no longer trade that card on the marketplace. So it makes sense to upgrade you stacked/charged card sets that you have.

2) trading gold for BFP with other players - generally you do this through the battleforge forum (well you setup the trade there the actual trade is through sending messages to the other play with the attached amount). Note that you do want to check out the traders since nothing forces them to uphold their end of the bargin.
Note since BFP cost a lot in gold and also you need a lot to get any cards this tends to be a bit of dead end since you don't get massive amounts of gold in battles

3) trading cards that you have for gold or trading gold for other peoples cards - again done through the game forum (to find the dealers or make your own dealing page) and then again you trade through the message system in the game.
Note you can use this to boost your gold and thus use method 2 but you will need to sell a lot of cards (and becaue the free to play cards are free those specific ones are very cheap on the market).

Generally speaking aquiring gold and then trading with gold is a the main method for free to play if you don't want to purchase any cards with real money.

4) Purchase the physical hard copy of the game from a shop. In game you can then use the games code to redeem the 3000 BFP that the original release of the game gave you using your existing account. This also means that if you were to purchase multiple copies of the game you could thus use those to give your single account a boost. Note if you are after cheaper ways looking around amazon and bargin bins might well get you the game cheaper than the cost would be to purchase the points direct from the store (though do check before you purchase).
There are also BFP packs out there as well which act in a similar manner - again something else you might be able to pick up for a bargin price.
Note that each code works only once ever - so gettingcheap copies second hand won't work as the codes will likley already be used.

ANYWAY that is a basic outline of the game in question and I thought that even if none of us here want to pay for more cards it would prove to be a fun thing that we can all enjoy and play against each other that also welcomes random matches (most don't last more than 30mins and are on timers so you don't end up going over) rather than MP games where it requires a group of us all be online at set times.
At the very least its a decent looking game that is fun to play and is free so why not give it a go :)
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