Julius Caesar

The peoples champion

The peoples champion
Dec 17, 2006
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I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
Had a vision, wanted change
The way the roman world was living
He wanted to rearrange
Fighted battles, gave speaches all the time

Of course he was at his prime
Was a soldier loved the feel of spilled blood
Of course his actions will come to haunt him in time
Once apon a time, Caesur was captured

Held by pirates who loved crime
They wanted ransom, set the limit to be paid
He raised the price, in time he will have it made
Pirates set him free, instantly got a fleet and went for a crusade

Caught them, had them behind bars
He fought for their death not in his land
So of course they did not fullfill his demand
Caesar brought them to rome and killed them on his sand

Hated anyone who disagreed
For his views or power to feed
Political madness became his soul
Cravings of constant control

Caesur killed until mercy
Strectched the romans land
In the future he was forced to make a final stand
Money gone and years later

His time had to end
Senate was tired, they had rights to defend
So they had a plot to kill Ceasur
Was crazy but in their minds the right measure

Wanted to rule the land forever
The people and his leadership had to sever
Change was a common term in use
Many men got revenge on Caesar, power often he felt to abuse

With a bogus meeting and a bogus letter
Everyone around him knew but Caesar did not know better
An attack was launched, stabbed many times
No one was charged for their crimes

People where happy and yelled with glee
One man dead, a whole country free
Statues of him still around to visit and see
Their where other ways around a murder, this did not have to be
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