Jonsa (spoilers for season 7)


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Nov 11, 2004
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Jonsa, that is the name fans have given to ship Jon and Sansa. When I first heard of it I was just completely baffled. Jon and Sansa, being a couple. Where did that suddenly come from? Jon is into redheads? There’s some proof of that, yes. In the show he almost slept with a Ros. Then he got with Ygritte, but he rejected Melisandre. Plus in the books he’s clearly attracted to Val, a blond wildling. That shows he’s not only into redheads. I just can’t fathom that these fans are so desperate for Jon and Sansa t jump in bed. That would mean that he jumped in bed with Dany just for the fun of it?
Btw, I think the voiceover of Bran “He loved her and she loved him” highly implies that they’re more than just sex buddies.

They’re also saying that now it’s confirmed that Jon and Sansa are not halfsiblings, but cousins it’s perfectly normal for them to jump in bed, since cousins marrying wasn’t that abnormal in the Middle Ages. However both Jon and Sansa grew up believing that they were like siblings and there’s not even a hint of attraction between them neither in the show or in the books. She treated him like dirt and she confessed this. Even in the books she felt bad about. That doesn’t mean she’s now suddenly in love with him.

Another thing that’s just crazy is that people are very convinced that Jon got Dany pregnant after what happened on the boat. So now they’re calling it the boatbaby, however Jon did say multiple times in the books he doesn’t want to father a child cause it would be a bastard, even though with Dany this wouldn’t be the case. But they seem to be thinking that Jon will force Daenerys or sneakily give her moon tea so that she won’t have his child. Another crazy theory of these Jonsa fanatics
It does come across like these are people who also believe the earth is flat.