If WoT was a movie who would play the characters?


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Aug 27, 2006
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I was disgusted with these suggestions

You don't have to share in my opinions, but I will ask you to be polite. There is no need for "bashing". You can disagree without being rude. Considering you called yourself on it and apologized in your post, you know you were being so.

I don't think Heath Ledger looks feminine - he played a gay man in a movie, and suddenly he's a pansy. I've seen pleny of very well built pictures of Heath with his scruffy beard, and Perrin is who I first thought of.

As for Steven Segal as Lan, I chose him because Lan is described as cold, with chiselled features, graying temples and well built. When I think of him, I think of Steven Segal. Lan is not a good looking guy, and neither is Steven Segal.

I'll remind you also, this thread is all built on pure conjecture. It's not a debate, it's a discussion based on a hypothetical situation. It's for people's opinions, and I am entitled to mine as you are to yours. It's based on envisioning the characters, and which actors do YOU *think* would most closely fit the bill - not an actor-flaming session. If you like, we can go start a thread in general for saying what actors we hate, etc.

I do have to say though, your suggestion of Ed Norton for Mat is a pretty good one. I could definitely see that, he's got that easy-smile.


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Jul 15, 2006
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Perrin - Heath Ledger
Mat - Jake Gylenhaal (excuse the spelling)
Rand - Jared someone (was Dean in Gilmore Girls)
Lan - Steven Segal
Moiraine - Helena Bonham Carter
Nynaeve - Winona Ryder
Egwene - Keira Knightly
Elayne - Kirsten Dunst
Aviendha - Tyra Banks
lanfear - Angelina Jolie

Just a few ideas. No, I don't daydream about this at all *whistles*

I know there is a distinct possibility that this book series will make it to the screen in some shape or form now.
Don't reckon half of these casting calls will be made now though.
Curious to see who would make it in 2020??