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Halfling barbarian
Oct 24, 2004
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good ol' Germany
Name: Firiath
Gender: female
Race: half-Hobbit half-elf

Background/history: I was born in the Shire as the daughter of Pearl Took and an unknown elf. Now I still live in Hobbiton, Bagshot Row. Like all Hobbits I like pipe-weed and beer, so nobody would guess that there's also elvish blood floating through my veins.
Description: height = about 5' 3", long black hair, grey eyes
Personality: Sometimes I'm really hot-tempered what depends on the situation, and I'm unfortunately often a bit clumsy even when I try to do the best I can, but I always do the best I can, especially in things I'm interested in or things I find important. And I also have some kind of nervous energy.
Weapons: elvish long bow, rohirric spear, elvish daggers
Endnote: I really don't look like a warrior, but do not underestimate me because of my height! I can fight like an elf and I'm as reckless as a Took!

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