Harry Potter Premiere

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Jan 30, 2007
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Eastern North Carolina
Harry Potter Premiere

So for the book premiere I have been hired to decorate. Now I just found out that this is gonna be on a budget, a very tight one at that. The Manager wants, is the front of the huge building to look like a castle and 3 character stand-ups ( That kids can take pictures with). For the front of the Store I was thinking of making an arches way, that had a triangle roof. ( Kinda like an entire hall) Then put a big Banner in the front window saying “ HARRY POTTER BOOK 7 IS HERE” For the Stand ups, I was thinking Fluffy, Hungarian Horntail Dragon and Harry Potter... Then on the inside all the Crest of Hogwarts. I just wanted to know what cool things would you like to see at a Harry Potter Premiere?

Thanks Jeze

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