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Nov 2, 2006
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Where I lay my head is home
Upon a throne of bitter and bloody thorns,
His strong brow, weathered by time, a crown adorns,
This is the king, he is your god,
Ruling with a mighty sword and rod...

The echoes of the screams of enemies long slain,
A thousand wars this man has fought to be in power again,
Ten-thousand souls of those who did not hail,
Ten-thousand souls that were sent to Hell...

All shall tremble upon his slightest whim,
A glorious light about him, even the sun seems dim,
In comparison to this mighty immortal among men,
Just a glance upon the kingdom and perfection is seen...

You will bend you knee and hail the king,
Praise his name and kiss the jeweled ring,
At his word, the skies could be brought down,
For there is no force mightier than the crown...

Behold and be taken by his brilliant light,
All his enemies, he shall easily smite,
Awe struck and dumbfounded by the glory,
Of the fierceness of a history so gory...

War is his delight, and blood is a fine wine,
Who sips it from broken skulls, his hunger is divine,
Surely there is no force so great,
Neither deities or even fate...

His wife is the sword, the ax as his mistress,
Anything that he should desire, he will possess,
"All shall hail, all shall hail, the king"
Mountains and sky cannot resist to sing...

So approach the bitter throne,
And soon your doubt will be gone,
There has never been a force so immense,
Not before his birth and not since...

Raise up your very holiest grail,
Because it is me that you hail,
The god-king of us all,
My his power never fail...

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