Disturber of the Peace
Aug 10, 2003
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Englands Green and Pleasant Lands
A long ride into the mountains brings every rider to one huge road leading to Flakopolis. The road paved with cold stone, the sides lined with hanging corpses of enemies. At the end lies a great cliff wall, higher than most mountains, reering up in the sun, like everest cut in half. And upon the rock gleams the tower of Flakopis, Fortress of the Flake Empire.

A Ring of Wall miles in Diameter stands thinker than a village, half a mile high with gates impenitrable, walls of stone that can never be broken, topped with cruel spikes of iron, lined everywhere with parapets and archers balconies. Within are the building, imperial in their grandeur, towering within the wall but still reaching shy of the top my a long way. Everywhere lined by soldiers marching the the streets. the banners of the flakers flying from every window.

And at the fortress' centre lies the great tower, a mile high, higher than all other man made structures, the tower gleaming in the sun, the polished stone a symbol of the unbreakable might of the Flake Empire. housing the Flake knights, the heroes of the empire, warriors unmatched in strength, generals of greatest mastery.

Here lies Flakopolis, Capitol of the Flae Empire, wall unbroken, the tower rising high as the pride of the Flakers.

Standing atop the high balcony is Crusader. A man, no, something worse, feared by all. Looking over the mighty city he speaks to his fellow warriors.

"This, the home of our might, this the fortress unbroken, this the throne of the Flake Empire, is our command post, our home. This is our base of command, where we may wlak with pride, plan our attacks, make our declarations, and ready ourselves for almighty battle. The Antiflakes stand scared, their base is shadowed by the might of Flakopolis."

Smiling with unbearable malice, Crusader points out afar beyond the horizon, to where the Antiflake base is.

"The First order of this war to be said from this, the Balcony of address, is A Public Declaration of War against the Antiflakes. We shall crush our enemy, we shall smash them to smithereens, they will die by our hands. Hear me.

Now is the hour, now is the time, now all begins anew, the war is to be fought once more, raise your arms, prepair to march. We Declare war upon the Anitflakes!!"

A great cheer rises, and the shouts and cries sound the forboding of battle, death awaiting the coming storm.
Nov 26, 2003
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North Carolina
No I have a little thing called college to do everyday it is not like I have all this free time to sit around and wait for you flakers to get online.

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