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Aug 21, 2007
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TFF is a forum dedicated to fantasy and fiction in all its creative forms, from film to games to books and beyond. As such we are always more than happy when people who are directly involved with or who are the creators of these great works choose to come to the forums to interact with the community we have here.

Indeed we've many members who've been inspired by and are working upon their own fantasy works and we always love welcoming more of the same.

As such this thread is for you, if you are a published fantasy or science fiction writer then we would love to give you the chance to share your works with us. Within this thread you can make one post (which you can freely edit at any point in the future to include new works) in which you can detail:
The names of your published works
The mediums they are published in (eg ebook - hardback - paperback)
The author name(s) that you've authored them under
A short blurb from each publication to give an introduction to the work
For ebooks you may make mention of the online store that carries them.
A link to your personal website/blog if you operate one (note you cannot link to a store profile)

Please refrain from linking to any online retail outlets/stores (although you may link to a personal website that also sells retail provided that there is content upon the site other than just retail sales).

Please also note that we operate rules against free advertising on the forums and we do this to maintain the forums as a place of conversation and social interaction. As such we take measures to prevent open advertising - your mention here is the only "free" mention you're allowed on the site - although if other members ask about your work or even make threads referring to it you are more than free to answer them and engage them in dialogue (we are willing to be fair not draconian, but I hope you understand that we must also take steps to prevent being drowned with advertising as a forum).

I also wish to note that this feature is one that we are providing to members of The Fantasy Forum. As such whilst you are free to make your early or even your opening post here in this thread to share your works with us it is under the understanding that you will also be able to take part in the community we have here. Please to consider this before posting as if we find that you've advertised in this thread and then never been around the site again we will reserve the right to remove your information.
Your account will remain active and you will be sent a notice through the forums private messaging system to inform you of this (and as such the door will remain open for you to return and engage with the community.

At this point in time we are unable to offer any other forms of advertising/self promotion on the forums, however if you have a serious offer to make please do send a private message to myself and we shall see what might be possible.

If you have any questions about this or any other matters on the forum please do feel free to send myself a private message to ask. (despite my avatar I promise I don't bite - much)

S.J. Faerlind

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May 29, 2012
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Thanks so much for the invitation to post here!
sooooo I have two books of a high fantasy/crossover trilogy published right now under the name S.J. Faerlind:
"Prophecy" (Book 1) and "Affirmation" (Book 2). "Destiny" (Book 3) was just uploaded for publishing on Sept 19, 2013. I have to check the proof when it arrives and then it will be released for distribution. In a nutshell, it is coming soon!

A brief bit about the books:

Prophecy: Her world is in trouble and the goddess is determined to save it. An unlikely pair of souls suddenly find their lives inexplicably bound together (no, this isn't a love Seeking to escape the problems this has caused them, they embark on an adventure that will remove the blindfolds isolation and ignorance have given them. Stripped of all illusions and forced to face the truth, they are challenged to accept a difficult task.

Affirmation: Prophecy's adventure continues as Anarion, Teryl, the Gryffin and the Orryn go up against the Lord Defender in earnest. To defeat him they must learn new skills and gain more allies. They must delve into history and into themselves, discovering that sometimes the truth is not what you wish it was.

Destiny: The war has begun. The Warosthenne tribe take Anarion, Teryl and their Gryffin allies deeper into the desert, seeking an alliance with their kin against the Lord Defender. Feeling lost and powerless but lacking any other options, the Orryn go with them. Rediscovering their inner strength will be the only way they are able to fulfil their promise and regain purpose to their existence. As the final conflict approaches, Anarion and Teryl find their task to be increasingly difficult. Their friends and allies struggle to help them, but will that be enough? Their task is more important than they realize for their success or failure will ultimately determine the fate of humanity. Sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed.

Books are available in paperback, e-pub (pc/most e-readers) and for kindle (.mobi) formats. I'm working on audio-books that that's going to be awhile. If you want a copy feel free to pm me about it.

My website has lots of free stories (3 of which are "prequels" to the trilogy above), excerpts from the books and my blog:
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Feb 24, 2013
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Toronto, Canada
Well I have recently released my first fantasy novel, The Thieves of Stonewood: Book I of the Stonewood Trilogy, by Jeremy Hayes.


"Welcome to Stonewood. A large and wealthy city where thieves, thugs, and assassins lurk behind every shadow. The powerful Thieves Guild controls the underworld and only members are permitted to commit crimes within their city.

This is the tale of Harcourt, a down-on-his-luck thief who desperately needs to gain a membership into the Guild. Jalanna, the love of his life has been scarred in a terrible fire and a priest claims he can heal her scars, but for a hefty price in gold. A near-impossible amount to acquire for a homeless thief without a Guild membership.

Luck is not on the rogue's side as his goal slips further and further out of reach. Forces conspire against him. Then a chance encounter on a fateful night, could change Harcourt's life forever."

The book is available in paperback and is also available for Kindle and Kobo. I have even gotten a few book stores to agree to stock it on their shelves, but this is only in the Toronto area.

My website is

*Added September 7, 2013

My second book in the Stonewood Trilogy, The Demon of Stonewood is now available.
It is available as a paperback and as an ebook for Kobo. The Kindle version is coming soon.


"Welcome back to Stonewood. Six months have passed and the Thieves Guild is embroiled in a bloody street war with the Cult of Demon-Worshippers. The new leader of the Guild is determined to rid the city of their filth, once and for all.

The Cult, however, draws closer to their goal. Only a precious few hand-selected hearts are required to release their Demon Lord Lucivenus from his extra-planar prison and summon him back to Stonewood. Chief Magistrate Krommel, utilizes city resources to fund his war against the meddlesome Thieves Guild, hiring bounty hunters to track down and capture known members.

Captain Dornell is trapped in the middle, wishing to see an end to both groups. Harcourt struggles with the idea of reaching out to his former nemesis turned friend for help. Time is running out. The King’s birthday fast approaches and Krommel has a special surprise in mind."

Thanks for creating a place to mention all this.


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Black Tattoo

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Feb 3, 2006
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Buckle of the Snow Belt (AKA Michigan)
Overread,you are brilliant!

All my works are published under the name AJ Culpepper
My published books thus far:

Zikhin - Book One of the Tome Series

Published Mediums:
Paperback, Kindle

Synop. of Zikhin
When Riya Mayur, princess of the Paanthan province Zikhin, was married to Amias Teagan, ruler of the human kingdom of Acacia, at the age of fifteen, she believed she was doing her duty to her family and her people. Though life swiftly became a nightmare, it was one she was determined to endure. In a world fraught with danger, it comes as no surprise when her brother is killed in battle the day of her wedding. But when her parents are murdered by her childhood friend and she's forced to return home as Crown Princess of Zikhin. Faced with the prospect of crowning her husband king she finds her world turned upside down and she comes to realize just how far Amias' machinations reach. Machinations involving a human bandit, a shape-shifting Nordfirar fight slave, a Shamiran wizard seeking to prove himself and a Nordfirar prisoner known only as the Fox Maiden. Machinations that will force Riya to change, to make alliances and dangerous bargains in an effort to save her people and preserve her sovereignty. But Amias' eye is on a much larger prize.

Sea of Sands - Book Two of the Tome Series

Published Mediums:
Paperback, Kindle

Synop. of Sea of Sands
The darkness descended suddenly. There was no warning, no sense of foreboding, no scent of foul tidings on the wind. It was just suddenly there. The Temple of Apep, the desert God of All Evil, had been abandoned for a thousand years but when the shadow of malevolence began to spread across the sands, it was in all directions from the forsaken shrine. Amias Teagan, a being of exceptional power, cruelty and self-righteous evil, is in possession of one of the most powerful artifacts in the history of the world - the Tome of the First Gate. Permanently translated in the Common Tongue, it is ready to be used to open the First Gate of the Abyss - the Gate to Abaddon. Amias has every intention of doing so and unleashing the daemon Destruction upon the world of Kore` and all the Material Realm. The only people who know of his plan and are willing to go to any lengths to stop him, have no idea where he is. The only man who knows where he is, has no chance of stopping him. The race is on. The clock is ticking. And the fate of the entire world hangs in the balance.

The Seer's War Part One - The Weaving of the Web

Published Mediums:
Paperback, Kindle

Synop. of The Weaving of the Web
Arswyd, the White Realm, has a long history steeped in blood and warfare across the ForeverGreen. For thousands of years the Rheyfelwr kingdom has been at odds with its sister realms, the Golden Kingdom of the Tylwyth Teg and the UnderEarth cities of the serpentine Ejo Eniyan. But when they turned to genocide and in a great purge called The Annihilation tried to eradicate the Ejo Eniyan, the Gods could no longer did not stand idle in the bloodshed.
The Rheyfelwr of Arswyd were cursed with a life-draining essence in their skin, that they would never know the touch of another living thing skin-to-skin except during the rare Black Moon. As punishment for the lack of respect and compassion they showed toward other living things, to touch another living thing is to know the agony of feeling the curse drain life. From birth until they are no longer able to withstand their own life-drain, they know only isolation.
Arswyd herself was cursed with the Neidr Brenin, a monstrous snake that only the Royal Seer of the realm is capable of keeping at bay. To ensure the people of Arswyd would what it was like to live in constant fear and the threat of a horrible death, the Gods determined the Neidr Brenin would come in the Royal Seer’s absence and if the successor was not found in time, the kingdom would finally be destroyed.
Lord Brynmor Haul, the Royal Seer of Arswyd, has died and while the people of Arswyd anxiously await his successor, the Neidr Brenin is coming…
But there’s another evil lurking in the shadows. Something insidious with an agenda of its own that seeks to bathe all of the ForeverGreen in blood.
A scheme 400 years in the making is about to come to fruition...

The Seer's War Part Two - The Spider and the Fly

Published Mediums:
Paperback, Kindle

Synop. of The Spider and the Fly
The Royal Seers of the four kingdoms of the Rheyfelwr have seen the future and war spreads across the ForeverGreen. Each has his and her own agenda for the defence and protection of their realms, but it remains to be seen how they fit in with the unseen hand pulling the strings of politics and age-old wounds.
The Silver Realm of Lleuad sails north to invade Arswyd from the bay, Manawyddan's Eye.
Diemwnt, the Black Realm seeks to conquer Arswyd through the pass, Derwydds' Fate.
The Red Realm of Gwaed moves in secret, eastward through Tir Aur into Arswyd's northern plain.
In the middle of it all, Arswyd sits surrounded by enemies of its own making on all sides. But the master player wielding the realms against each other to his own ends also manipulates from within. Traitors move to secure their own goals while entire races find their very natures influenced by outside forces. All of them driven toward Arswyd's destruction.
Arswyd, the White Realm, with its a long history steeped in blood and warfare across the ForeverGreen.
Arswyd, who for thousands of years has been at odds with its sister realms and the other peoples of the ForeverGreen.
Arswyd, who sought to annihilate the Ejo Eniyan and found themselves cursed by the Gods for their crimes against life.
Arswyd, who stands without defence or protection, its Royal Seer trapped in the enchanted sleep of the Winter's Heart Curse.
Debts are about to be repaid. Plots are about to unfold. A holocaust is coming...

My personal website/blog for all sorts of neat odds and ends:
World of Kore`
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May 13, 2008
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Toronto the Good
I currently have twenty-one fantasy titles up electronically, and more coming soon.


Eyes of the Nakka

Short Novels

The Caverns of Night
Ozan the Hero
The Fire of St. Denian's
The Guardians of Roydai


The Coming of Magic
The Dawn of Magic
The Morning of Magic

Short Stories

"Rain Walker"
"Cave of the Oracle"
"The Lake"
"The Pint of Innocence"
"The Enemy of My Enemy"
"Tower of the Eagle"
"The Ruins of Osparra"
"The Long Wait"
"That Gate of the Ages"
"The Temple of the Fox"

All short stories, some of which are bundled together. Read the descriptions.

All of my fiction is published under my real name, Edwin C. Mason.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and other e-bookstores. If your favourite e-bookstore doesn't have the title you want, you can download epub or mobi files from

Two more shorts, "The Enemy of My Enemy" and "Tower of the Eagle" 15 August 2013.
New novella up, The Fire of St. Denian's 28 August 2013.
Novel up finally, Eyes of the Nakka 5 September 2013.
Even more shorts up, and finally three collections available. Each contains one short novel and multiple short stories.

Check back often, I'm always working on something.
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Richard Falken

The Best Epic Literature Ever Written.
Jun 27, 2014
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I have currently written two fantasy books. They are in Spanish only for the moment, sadly. Both novels are part of a series on the same setting.

La Espada Vengadora: A theocratic Empire crumbles when a deceptive assassin starts a bloody campaign for killing the rulers of the country and plunging it into anarchy. Captain Bérinen and his investigators must stop him, even when doing so probably means saving an Empire that does not deserve to be saved.

El Libro Negro: Peace has returned after the fall of the theocratic government, but Captain Bérinen wont have any time for rest. The Black Book, the most powerful object ever known, has been stolen. Captain Bérinen might have to join forces with an old enemy if the world is to be saved from oblivion.

I am concentrating my efforts in defining the Empire in which the stories take place as for now. It is a rich place with a lot of production capabilities (metals, corn, whatever) but with a serious political mess in it. I don't have demi-humans, dragons or similar stuff in my setting, but there is a rich cosmology. Gods and Demons get interested in human affairs and plane travel is possible for beings powerful enough (although heavily controlled). Religion and magic are one and the same, since what a magician needs for casting magic is willpower enough for handling the mystic energies that populate the world, and such will power is only obtainable by sheer faith.

My personal website is this one:

I am currently trying to get my first book translated. I have a threat on that subject in this forum.

Michael McClellan

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Jul 16, 2014
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I've just published The Broken Globe to Amazon. The cover is my current profile image. It's the first in a planned four-part series.

Synopsis: Liana, Varian and Sylvan Tyr have embarked on the journey of their lives. The abrupt death of their father spurs them to seek out THE BROKEN GLOBE, the most powerful object in the universe. Sundered by the goddess Zalia at the beginning of time to protect it from the evil god Bagand, its halves are hidden at opposite ends of the realm of Telkorria. The three Tyr siblings must sail the seas, climb mountains, battle monsters, make new friends, encounter strange peoples, and strengthen the bond between them in the aftermath of their loss as they search far and wide. But can they find the Globe before the Harthok, the Hyfyr, or even Bagand himself?
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Aug 24, 2014
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I have (at the time of this writing) four sword and sorcery novels and one novelette anthology published. All are available in both ebook and paperback and everything I write is available on my website at:

The Last Swordmage - Volume 1 of the Swordmage Trilogy : As far as bad luck goes, Tiadaria’s has been the stuff of legend. After being sold into slavery by her father and accused of a murder she didn’t commit, she finds herself facing the executioner. The only thing standing between her neck and the sharp edge of the axe is the village Constable.

The Darkest Hour - Volume 2 of the Swordmage Trilogy: When an agent from the Imperium Intelligence Service shows up on Tiadaria’s doorstep, he leaves her with unwelcome news. Recovering from their brutal defeat at Dragonfell, the Xarundi are seeking out an ancient and incredibly powerful relic buried in the snow and ice of the Frozen Frontier.

The Pegasus's Lament - Volume 3 of The Swordmage Trilogy: A desecrated tomb, a missing relic, and cold-blooded murder. The streets of Dragonfell are awash in blood and the King has called on Tiadaria, the last swordmage, and Wynn, her quintessentialist companion, to uncover the nature of the darkness.

Volinette's Song: Volinette Terris has everything most girls could want: a famous family, plenty of money, and a career as a talented musician. No one would expect her to risk losing it all to try and become a mage, but when the School of Sorcery opens for the Trial of Admission, that’s exactly what she does.

Quintessential Tales: Quintessential Tales, a Magic of Solendrea Anthology, brings together four new novelettes featuring the heroes and villains of Solendrea. Also included is the Adventurer’s Guide to Solendrea, which includes background information on famous faces and places, as well as some mythology and folklore.

I also wrote a short non-fiction guide to publishing on Amazon KDP with open source software, called Open Source Author. It's available on the books page at my website as well:

Poppy Reid Official

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Nov 7, 2014
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Nagano, Japan
Thank you for this thread!

Blood of the Fallen: Theldiniya has been torn apart by two hundred gruelling years of war, both sides forsaken by their ancient gods. One last desperate strike by the Tyrans has prophesised doom for their people, yet, undeterred by the Seer’s cataclysmic predictions, a clan of Tyran warriors have moved east to attack a small Elven village. The Seer turns to Villid, his last true friend, in hopes that he will help protect the Elf Seer and save the Tyran people. When Villid is framed for a crime he didn’t commit he finds an unexpected ally in Aya, an Elf girl, forcing them to rely on each other to survive. In such turbulent times an unlikely friendship is formed between those who once would have been enemies.
High fantasy/romance

It's available as an ebook and will be out on paperback in the next couple of weeks. Positive reviews so far :D

The book cover is below. Amazon link: of the fallen

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Oct 27, 2013
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Overread, thanks for this opportunity! I've been a long time lurker and this thread came at a most opportune time!

I'm really excited to announce the release of my debut epic fantasy novel, The Soul Smith! To celebrate, I'm throwing a virtual launch party on Facebook here: (you don't even need a FB account to attend). It's on Tuesday 5/19/2015 from 0900 - 1600 PDT. Just pop on in, say hello, ask me anything, and participate to possibly win a prize!

I held a successful Kickstarter to have it professionally edited by Derek Bowen, managing editor of the Myths Inscribed fantasy ezine where I also had a short story published. Having Derek as an editor, I feel, really put my novel over the top. As a result, you can now pre-order The Soul Smith now at almost any online retailer, and you can find direct links to them on my site:

Short Blurb: Clan Wyndlyn, a tribe of antler-endowed warriors known as elkin, have united their forces with a neighboring clan. Though Erador Wyndlyn, a promising warrior that takes pride in his heritage, grows suspicious of the other clan's intentions. It isn't long before Erador finds himself thrust into a position of leadership over the clan after the murder of his father. His first order of business: vengeance. And he'll do anything to get it. However, his crusade for revenge unknowingly leads him amidst the dealings of a demi-god.

The Soul Smith is a true sword & sorcery set in a new world, packed full of action and adventure, rife with new races, creatures, and magic. I think it'll be something you'll truly enjoy! Hope to see you at the launch party!

Adrian V. Diglio


Legends of Aeolyne
Jul 10, 2015
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My name is Ben Baggett and have two raw works up on CreateSpace and Amazon. Its call the Black Book series. There are two books lines, one is The Legends of Aeolyne which give the main story line and set up the world. Then there is the stories in between, Heroes of Aeolyne, theses are a combination of short stories that show independent characters that will come into the main story later in the series. Each book is set in a strong Fantasy setting with the usual races in fantasy and other races that I have pulled from the classical and mythical worlds.

It is the Dark ages of the World. The Old Empires have crumbled and small clans and tribes swooped in to claim what was left. Some still held claim to the old and wanted it back. One Dragon awakes and wants to the world to suffer and longs for more power. One seeks to find closer for his Families suffering. Another looks to restore the fallen kings of the Elves, But a deadly cult looks to stop him in his quest of restoration.

I am also looking for 5 beta readers, If you are interested please PM me.


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Sep 5, 2016
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Thanks for the opportunity! My two books are Stormwielder and Firestorm. The blurb for Stormwielder is as follows:
For five hundred years the Gods have united the Three Nations in harmony.
Now that balance has been shattered, and chaos threatens.

A town burns and flames light the night sky. Hunted and alone, seventeen year old Eric flees through the wreckage. The mob grows closer, baying for the blood of their tormentor. Guilt weighs on his soul, but he cannot stop, cannot turn back.
If he stops, they die.

For two years he has carried this curse, bringing death and destruction wherever he goes. But now there is another searching for him – one who offers salvation. His name is Alastair and he knows the true nature of the curse.

My author name is Aaron Hodges

Thanks for the opportunity and I hope you enjoy my work!
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Wilbur Arron

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Jun 4, 2020
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I would like to promote my two fantasy books now available on Kindle.

The Forest of Allund and The Laughing Gods

The book are set in a world similar to Ancient Greece. Each has X-ray enabled so any Greek words can be easily highlighted for definitions. Both books contain a new type of Greek hero. Not the usual big dude in a bronze jockstrap beating the crap out of monsters and everything else he sees. My hero is small, frail, almost timid, but smart. Both books were professionally proofread and formatted to eliminate the usual newbie errors seen in many self-published books.

I am also a different type of author for a newbie. I am in my late 60s, with a 40 year career in engineering and technical work. During this time I have written numerous technical articles, prepared reports for Fortune 500 companies, been senior project manager on six to seven figure projects, drafted legislation for government agencies, and written for the trade papers. I know I write clearly and concisely or they would have gotten rid of me years ago.

Short Synopsis
Alexio Sopholus returns home after ten years away at the Mage Academy. Although slight of build, he has achieved academic acclaim. He fondest wish is to return to his home and take up the duties of his deceased master as caretaker of the Forest of Allund. He also wishes to renew the friendship with his human and non-human friends who help him in this task. He soon finds himself forced into a war when a new barbarian tribe invades. They seek domination over the lands and will use any means at their disposal to get it. Murder, wonton destruction, and slavery are all techniques they are happy to use on their victims. Alexio opposes them, and is initially successful at holding them back. His success however breeds mistrust, fear, and hostility from his political leaders who envy his power and popularity. Our hero is forced to confront both the barbarians and the political intrigues of his own leaders. Alexio is soon forced into the realization that all the philosophy, morality, ethics, and decency taught to him at the Academy are all but useless when someone has you at the point of a spear. Then your options become fight, run, or die! Alexio wages war. It will be a war without pity, mercy, and go against the laws of both Gods and men. It will also make him an outcast in his own land.

More details about the books as well as my blog on life in the ancient word are available on my web page. There is also a means there to communicate with me.
The URL is Home | Wilbur Arron Author

Please check out my books and let me know what you think.

Wilbur Arron
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