episode 2: tag team duel, and the amazing hell in a cage

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Apr 16, 2005
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Lillith got back to the crowd with her heart hammering. She didnt know what it was for, until she smiled at the thought of tonight. Shrugging to herself, she took a deep breath and looked around. THere was another match, which sort of surprized her, yet didnt at all. Looking to the ring, she saw the two in it. One she knew, but only slightly. Croanan, the concession guy? Confuzed a bit, Lillith watched the match, impressed. The guy was in street clothes, not looking from any team or anything. THe ohter guy, his opponent was a very bulky guy with a name to match. tHe crowd started cheering it, chanting like a battle phrase. Simon the Slayer. Leaning against the pillar slightly, Lillith flinched at her elbow pain and looked back to the ring where the fight was.

When the pipe came, Lillith shook her head. A pipe, honestly. How brutal. But when she nails popped out of Croanan's fingers, she raised her eyebrows. Impressive, and unusual. Lillith forwned at the ref as the war hammer was swung in by a crowd member. The crowd was not to get into this fight. The ref was busy, foolish man, with another fan. Folding her arms, she watched as Croanan got hit in the gut, yet fought back with his claws, sticking in the guys shoulderblades. Grinning at the outcome of the match, Lillith rushed off to see where Via and the others were. Hopefully Via would be well.


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Dec 18, 2003
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Meteorain was quickly pulled aside from the small jabbing of his finger he delivered to Via by I.R. The guy had shown him his own version of the disc that Meteorain had recieved earlier. They exchanged a few words, and Meteorain was slightly reminiscent of the School war that had taken place last year. His smirked at the thought, but then his thoughts immediately became serious as he felt that anger within him rear its head.

"I.R., if we say no, we both know they will deal out certain consequences, and I don't think we would want that" he said somewhat sincerly for a person who said he didn't give a shit about weak people in the school, but he was still a member of Sempai High, and there was some protectiveness he felt.

"But I cannot say Yes. I know within my very bones what they offered me cannot come so easily. They promised me so much, but I cannot trust them. I know they will betray me, and in return I will lose something very important. I just cannot say yes" he told I.R. at first his voice become heated, but then trailing into a quiet sadness. He couldn't tell his friends what was at stake, it was his problem, his only weakness. He couldn't allow that to get out.

"You do understand don't you? And I will fight them. I'll **** them up so hard even their own mothers or creaters won't know who they are" he said after a while, as I.R. kept silent, his voice back to its usual cocky manner. He stared confidently and hard at I.R. to see what he would say in return.


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Jun 22, 2005
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When Met came Via was NOT in teh mood of jokeing around, but she had a couple of venomous retorts on the tip of her thounge if it came to it. Like 'Unbecomming of a lady? ah, yes, you should know, pretty little gurlie' But Lillith spoke instead of her. It made Via chuckle eventhough that hurt in her cut of stomach-muscles. She wondered how bad the cut was. It sure didn't feel that very nice, not at all. She was starting to feel a bit nauseous. She glansed at Met, I.R, Plish and Lillith, opening her mouth slightly to say somthing. But she was cut off by Lil and then the medics who started to tend to her wounds. Anothe rpair of meds dragged Lil away. Via smiled at the sight, her willstrong friend not letting into the pain, keeping her cool deamenor...it was beautiful and it gave Via some strength of her own.

Then Dragn came into the room. Via didn't notice at first as she had her eyes closed, not until he was standing next to her and looking down on her. She felt his gaze and slowly opened her eyes. "Hey, you alright Via?" he said with concern on his face as he looked at her wounds. Then he tried to cheer her up and he succeded. She smiled weakly at him, a bit dizzy and weak from the wounds and the anger that had riden her.

The medics were tending to her wounds and after a whilwe with little happening Dragn pushed them aside and pulled out something she didn't know what it was. But it smelled like some herb. It was a refreshing smell and she felt a bit better cause of it. "Go ahead" she said and he proceeded to rub it in on her stomach. She winched a bit but really it didn't hurt that much, it was almost a pleasurable pain.

Feeling his hands like that, ever so gentle. She sighed unsteadilly and swallowed. He was too close, it was dangerous. She had always been so very independant and now he was taking care of her, she didn't have the power and she felt helpless. But.. it felt kinda good eventhough she became nervous. She moved her hand to brush against his as he rubbed her stomach. Her fingers flew over the back of his hand as light as a feather. He moved his hand away. At first she thought he was dissappointed at her, couldn't figure out why he did so. But then he rubbed some of the stuff onto her shin. She flexed her toes so that the muscles in her leg tensed. His fingers tickled her and she couldn't keep the corner of her mouth to turn into a smile.

The moment didn't last for long though as he rose and told the medics to bandage it. Her eyes sought his, looking from his left eye to his right and back again. "Thanks" she whispered, almost inaudiable. "It all...ready feels better." she said, her voice a tiny bit stronger.
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(last offical post of the episode, get your closers in)

I. R. wasn't sure what Met was talking about in particular, he rarely talked in this way. Met was their joker, and it was uncharacteristic of him to show this much honest emotion in his voice. He carefuly chose his words, making sure to get his point across, but not actually give away what he was talking about. They'd all known each other a long time, but I. R. guessed it was no surprise they still kept a few secrets from each other.

Then, just as quickly as Met had become serious, he changed back to his usual self, "I'll **** them up so hard even their own mothers or creaters won't know who they are." He said with his trademark grin. I. R.'s face turned back to a smile. "Well, you better make good on that promise, cause if you don't, then I'll never let you forget that you missed out on this much fun." A rare moment of joking from I. R., but hey, they might die soon, why not live it up?
After the arena had cleared out the group checked on Via and made sure she got home alright, they didn't tell her they were worried, certain she'd refuse their help, but rather they said they wanted to talk over the way the night had gone, and give everyone news of the battle that would soon occur. Afte he was sure everything would be okay I. R. made his way home. Once he'd arrived he found a note on his door in an oh too familiar handwriting.

--I. R.

Our friend saw your match with the kung fu warrior, I can tell you've been training like you were taught. However you have much to learn still. Your Mauy Thai and Judo skills are strong, but you'll need a lot more before you are strong enough for what is approaching your city. I am coming to visit, and will not leave until you have proven you will be ready. Be ready, I will arrive in one week.

H. G. S.

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