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Nov 3, 2011
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Review of Tales of the pahleen, Blue fire burning by Hobb Whittons (indie author/Authorhouse) by Chirstine
I'm new to this forum and I hope I'm posting this review where I should.
As I was saying earlier on in my intro to FF, I love books and I only wish I could read more. Unfortunately, reading for pleasure has become a luxury: Studying takes up most of my time.
I've just finished this book: Blue Fire Burning; found the title online by accident whilst browsing google for a new fantasy read.

It is a long fantasy novel but I felt really drawn in. I loved the author's style and was impressed by the large amount of characters involved. I can't suspend disbelief when a novel sticks to a small number of characters; in my opinion -and I appreciate you might disagree-life is not like that;we live in a vast world full of people (unless you're Robinson Crusoe), therefore, I was in my element. Entertained and laughing out loud at some of the weird and colourful people I was meeting.

The book starts with a very thrilling intro where two goblins accompanied by a sinister caped creature rush through a forest in a wagon. The mood is set straight away.
Then, chapter two's beautiful and magical intro takes you into another world all together and introduces the pahleen who are small winged human like beings.
am I reading another book? I was I thinking. No and what's round the corner? I liked the style so does it matter when you're enjoying it!

Chapter three takes you where no man or woman has gone before, which is a place called Bellanatua. You meet the heroine called Hahmi, a young woman who lives with a rather disgusting old woman called Myra. Another book? I was wondering where this mystery was going to take me although I had my idea already about some of it.

This is so beautifully written; the narratives are sometimes involved but never distract you from the action. There's magic and there's humour. The goblins and the young 'Winglets' mostly provide that. Those goblins are not like anything you've encountered before: they remind me of my brother (greedy is the word) but don't tell him!
I highly recommend this book. The author gets my vote.