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the destruction of tori - re revised march 2013

The following was discovered as a book or journal. It was found in a core sample taken from the ice in Antarctica. Although, the book was brought to light in 1988, it has only been recently that the text was translated. The book itself appears to have been constructed from sheets of some kind of organic material. There is speculation that the material is none other than human skin treated in some as yet unknown chemical preservative process. The ink used, is yet unknown. It appears to be a pigment change to the actual substrate, as opposed to an ink added. It was amazing that the core drill missed destroying the book. Only one small inconsequential corner was nicked. The depth at which the book was found, places the age at approximately 50,000 years. There was curious plant matter and other unknown substances recovered along with the book. The text of the book appears to be the random records of a either a very resourceful magician or a person with a vivid imagination. It is further interesting to note that the author considered the text to accompany a game of some sort. There are references to the future as well as the past. Although the language has not been identified, it resembles ancient R’lyehian. It is presented in its entirety as carefully translated as has been possible:
The land of Tori extends over many cities and townships, but its
center is called the Hearth of Irons, for the kingdom is
paved with iron roads and this is where the wealthy people live.
To the south lies a small shanty town where the less fortunate
live and where the thieves guild resides. A great towering
castle lies west where the council lives and governs. All
to the east lays the great sea ports where traders of all
kind work by the sea. To the north lies the great
Outside this center lies three townships called Narn, Bastel and
Narn is a community of elderly people. They live peacefully
in a nostalgic community. It is the nearest
to the city.
Bastel is a community of woodsmen and hunters. This is
where the forest of the Sithra lies. The forest stretches
over 70 to 80 km of rich lands and contains many animals
and great beasts. It is said that in this forest lives a
great witch named Omigies, who many seek for her knowledge
in potion making. She was said to know the cure for
the death spell if you were unfortunate enough to be
cursed by that spell.
A great expanse of lands and deserts lies just outside the
forest stretching to the great mountains where the Mirror of
Time and Space lies. In the middle of this great desert
is a small oasis which contains the city of Kaser where
the indigenous community of Tori lives it is here where the sword
of life was foretold to have been found and later hidden.
In this time of crisis a contingency was formed by the Great Council just in case their powers were not enough to stop the destruction of Tori.
They searched far and wide to find two strangers. One
that causes the destruction and one that will help to stop it.
One day, the man who is to be the savior of Tori was found, but he
tells of grave news that the destruction has started already a couple of days ago and that it has wiped out the city of Kaser and was
spreading to the forest as we speak!
One Council member says a barrier spell he can cast, but he does not know how long it will be effective for, thus they must seek out the finest of Tori to be sent to the past and investigate the matter.
It is further advised to send them back about one year before now, because this is when the destruction was supposedly planned and this will give them enough time to stop who ever has started this madness.
They did as he asked. The finest were called and they were put in groups of seven. There were four groups, each being sent to different parts of Tori, just in case one group fails or dies, there are others to ensure a future for Tori.....

Forest Alive
You enter what seems to be a clearing in a forest, it has a
dense canopy and many animals live peacefully. You and your group decide to search for a town to sleep in,
because it would certainly be better than sleeping in the
You all walk north-east and then hear a women crying out
for help. She is drowning in a pool of mud. It seems to be
quick sand, and as you help her out, she turns into an
ember of fire and rises to the sky flying far away from the forest
You and your group are a little upset because she left without even a thank you! Suddenly a shriek of pure malice hits the air and
all of you are being held down by vine creepers, which slowly
creep up to each of you. Then the flowers bloom all
around the forest and they explode releasing a kind of
gas which knocks you out one by one as you struggle to
get free from the vines that held you captive.
As the gas fills your lungs, you are all rendered unconscious!

In the beginning there were three races: the Knoxx, the Ancients
and the Janus.
They lived peacefully enough, but there was a yearly
competition which was a substitute for war between the
three factors of power.
The eldest and most noble are the Knoxx. They were one of
the first beings who made settlements and advanced as time
passed. But it was law that they did not pass their
knowledge outside of their kind. And they flourished as a race.
The ancients are the next eldest settlements known at the time.
They tend to be more adventurous and power came to them
without trying. They were gifted and they were advancing
leaps and bounds more than any other race at the time.
They would trade powers and knowledge with those unsettled
races at the time and gained much by sharing and
receiving wisdom from other life forms. They were the most
intelligent race of all.
The Janus is a warrior clan. They fine-tuned their arts and
they learned differently. They found that they could pass on
knowledge from one generation to another by touch alone, thus
building a wealth of knowledge to compete with the Ancients.
They also had more offspring than the other races. Their
empire was three times larger than the Ancients population.
Knowing this, their small rivalry made trust between the
three races impossible and they were left to learn things
the hard way.
Throughout time, heroes from each race were decorated and
worshiped by all races.
And then there came a time when these competitions were not enough.
The Janus being weakest in magical ability grew tired,
and wanted more power. They had the superior population numbers and used this advantage to make war with the Ancients.
The Ancients’ foolish pride in their abilities saw to it that
they did not ask for help from the Knoxx, and although the
Janus asked the Knoxx for aid, the Knoxx were smart enough
not to get involved. They decreed that they were not enemies
of either race. But if the other races took any actions against them, they would have no choice but to wipe both races out of existence.
The Janus suffered many losses. Their population shrank
by half from the first wave of attack by the Ancients.
The Janus was losing, and they could not hold out much
longer. Then the leader of the Janus had a plan. He decided to use
the Ancients they had captured as a way to end the war.
Under the magical control by the Janus upon the captured Ancients, they made it appear that the Ancients were planning to take over the Knoxx by attacking them directly. The controlled Ancients knew not what they did.
The very next day both the Ancients and the Janus were
summoned to Knoxx territory and were told to seize their
fighting or both would be held accountable. The Ancients
stopped at once, but the Janus leader was defiant and
the fighting continued. The Janus went so far as to capture many Ancient priests and slit their throats!
Disobeying the Knoxx was a grave mistake. They sent their
best warriors and wiped out both Ancients and Janus that were
bearing arms at the time. There were heavy losses, especially
by the Janus. Penultimately, there were only hundreds of
thousands left, mostly women and children. Originally, there were
200 million Janus. The Ancients lost over 3 million lives from the slaughter ordered by the Knoxx. At last there was peace.

{Story idea 1}
How Three Became Four
The Janus were said to have inter-bred with the
unsettled masses and the result of mixing their blood was that they suddenly lost the ability to pass knowledge from
one generation to another by mere touching. But, they became formidable warriors with great bodies able to endure a rough life. Due to their inter-breeding, they grew again in massive populations of over a billion. But, there were those that kept to the pure blood lines, which had dwindled to a mere hundreds now. The tainted cross-breeds they called Vorlex. Thus the fourth Race of Vorlex was created and is the ancestors of the humans of today.
It was millennia after the Vorlex came to be, that the Ancients produced an offspring known as the Serapaths. And the Knoxx also produced an offspring now known as the Mano a few years after the Vorlex came to exist. But these weren’t produced by birth, but rather from the truth about the three kings.

The Truth about the Three Kings

At the time, the only settlement known was Chiledman, the city of the Knoxx.
This town flourished and an elder sat as master of all things and to either side of him were his brothers, who governed the entire city.
It was said they had divine powers and were loved by all the people.
They were said to have mastered skills beyond the powers of gods.
The brother to the left pursued the Tree of Knowledge and never returned.
The bother to the right sought the Fountain of Gods, so that he could live forever. He never returned.
The brother who held the throne sought for nothing more than to serve his people.
Tales say that the one brother did find the Tree of Knowledge and ate of it and having done so, his greed overtook him and he used all his power to hide the Tree from anyone who sought it, keeping all knowledge to himself to this day. And fable also tells that the brother who sought the Fountain of Gods now lives to protect the fountain from anyone drinking from it and thus living forever. Such was his greed that he wanted this unto himself only.
Some say these are just fairy tales and that they are used to teach people lessons of what too much power will do to you. For they say the brother that humbly served the masses, lived a fulfilled life, complete to his end.
But the fables also say that the truth is that each was true in a sense. The one who sought the Fountain of Gods was granted eternal life and youth. And now he is the keeper of the fountain. The undying lands were created by him after he roamed the lands and found no peace. He set out to create a place of peace for those worthy, due to their bravery and sacrifice.
However the one, who sought knowledge, was given the highest knowledge of a dragon and that is what became of him. He is the Eternal Dragon. Whereas, the brother who stayed and ruled sharpened his skills and today he still rules as the leader of the Knoxx. He has accomplished this by asking for human sacrifices as his need arises. He leaves his old body and his essence is transferred into the new sacrificed body to assure his reign will live on forever.
Story Idea 2
Knoxx Outcast
Your group comes to a world with no technology. What's worse is that your orb of power has shattered into four pieces. This happened instantly during the transport and as it shattered, the blast blinded Alex! You try to heal him, but are not completely successful. He is still not able to see. But as time goes by, you try to feed you and your party. You deduce while eating, that you won’t find anything here, for its desolate and most of the people you have seen are either some sort of pilgrim or nomads. So you decide to leave this realm without the use of an orb. Your group agrees to try to leave. Michael opens a portal, but the portal won't form. Then Michael tries again with no success. Lucas and Catherine try as well. But nothing any of your group does seems to work. This realm has trapped you here. This must be why the orb of power shattered.
You have no choice but to seek out a healer in this place. Upon asking, you are directed to go to a near-by cave like dwelling where you will find women who deals with healing and all sorts of magic. They say that they keep their children away from her, as she is a powerful person. One native told this story: We had no rain for a while and we were all starving. But, with her elixirs, she poured some on a seed on the ground and within minutes sprouts were growing and many kinds of plants grew! Within two days, we had plenty. We were very grateful. Another native told this tale: The daughter of the king was sick and no one knew what to do. So, as a desperate measure, we sought her out and she cured her without much trouble. She made the princess drink a potion made from a flower which she had boiled down. The princess was healed at once. We are again very grateful, but many people are still leery of her because they are afraid of her knowledge and powers. However, in spite of the natives’ reservations as to the woman, they agreed that she's a nice old lady and may be able to help you. You go and knock on her door. She replies with a hello and asks who is there. You respond by saying we have someone in our group who is injured.
She quickly says come in. She then looks at Alex and says that one should be careful with orbs. There are many shattered pieces in his eyes. She gets rid of the shards with willow water and then proceeds to heal his eyes with some of her plant roots. Although shattered, the orb has maintained the form of an orb. You quickly ask her to please look at your orb. It has split into four pieces. You say that you don't know why it shattered. She goes on to say that although you transported yourself here with the orb, you can't have anything that will transport you anywhere, for they who are called the Knoxx, uses this realm for trapping criminals. I myself was a great scientist. I worked on a cure for the plague which was rampant. I tried my elixir and instead of killing the plague, it mutated into a stronger strain and killed many people who were not Knoxx, for we know that the Knoxx cannot be harmed by disease and viruses. The Knoxx have immune systems that protect them, but many others who lived with them, haven't got any immunity at all, unlike the Knoxx. Especially susceptible were the Serapaths. The Knoxx soon figured out how to destroy this mutated strain, which causes anyone who breathes to be infected. I was imprisoned for years. Then, I heard they destroyed the mutant strain by synthesizing their own immune systems and made an elixir which nullified this virus.
As soon as the Knoxx destroyed the virus, they left the lands they had occupied. Why, no one knows, but they left for the undying lands. The old woman returns her focus to the immediate situation and says that no one can make a portal out of this realm, but with this orb power, I may be able to leave with you, if I can fix your orb. She pleads with you and your group saying, please I have done nothing but try to help… please, and I need to be freed. You all agree to take her with you. I may be the last of the Knoxx for all I know, as I've been exiled here for millennia or more and I know not of the current state of my people.
The only problem is I will need a couple of items to change the frequency of your orb in order to leave this place. There is a flower which only grows on the hilltop of Mt. Hajimeya. It is protected by a Mist Guardian, thus making it hard to find the way to the main gates of the garden. And there is blood pool water which lies in a well in the middle of the garden. Additionally, in the garden, lives a man-eating demon that hides in the shadows and only comes out to feed on travelers who are weak. But you will need to acquire the flower in order for me to change the orb’s frequency and allow our escape from this realm.
Story Idea 3
The Saint Beast

The Knoxx learned to create life and they mastered death. They were at the height of their power when they decided to live in seclusion. The Ancients, a race to develop only a couple of years after the Knoxx developed their talents, were always competing with the Knoxx.
The Ancients offered to share their knowledge with the Knoxx when they were just developing as a race, but the Knoxx refused their offer and since then, a rivalry has continued. There was a third race, The Janus, who had potential. However, the Ancients looked down on them, for they were slow to develop magical prowess, even though they developed at the same time as the Ancients. The Janus however had an advantage over the Ancients in breeding, for they outnumbered the Ancients population by three fold at the height of power of all three races.
The Knoxx success in creating a new life flamed a jealousy from the Ancients. The Ancients tried with no success to create a life, like the Knoxx had created, but failed.
They even tried unknown magic and failed. They had enough man power, so the Ancients used their Elite Men to steal the recipes to creating life from the Knoxx.
It was easy enough, for the Knoxx kept their knowledge shared within all of their people. Even their young knew the basics of the wealth of knowledge the Knoxx had.
They took several men from a Knoxx village. The Elite Men forced the information from each of the captured Knoxx. The Ancients now had the stolen knowledge to perform creation of a being.
But the created being wasn’t perfect, for the men didn’t reveal all that they knew, even with their lives threatened.
The Knoxx found out what the Ancients had done, but did nothing. Their only concern was the safety of their own kind.
Eventually, the Ancients perfected the creation of life. However, they imbued in to their newly created being their malice and their hunger for power. The newly created being later became out of control. It killed several of the Ancients’ most prominent elders and absorbed their knowledge and power in the process. This monster was later known as the Runes or Saint Beast. Then the Saint Beast later attacked some of the Knoxx leaders and succeeded in absorbing their knowledge, making it even more dangerous. So the Knoxx created a lair cage in the city known as Baulker’s Rock. The Saint Beast was banished there. Also banished there were beasts known as Malciour. The Malciour are savage and very cunning killers. They eat flesh, even their own.
Now that the Knoxx have chosen to live in seclusion, the Throne of Power of all races was handed down to the Ancients. The Ancients endeavored to become known as the greatest beings of the universe.

The plague
The people of this realm are celebrating their victory
over a great oppressor. You are invited to sit down and join the celebration by a local warrior.
They are eating bowls of meat. Suddenly, one of them
falls down after eating his bowl of meat and is dragged
to the hospital. However, he was not the only one to fall. Three more fell
after eating the same meat and within 24 hours, the other
three people in the infirmary started to die and then rot.
In less than 5 minutes after their deaths, their corpses were opened for examination to determine the cause of death. A burst of fly like insects came out of the corpses.
The other two victims also burst open and flies were everywhere.
These flies would borrow into a person’s body and leave red spots
where they entered. The victims were driven to a monstrous rage. The afflicted person would attack other people. As the new victims died, there were more flies. No one was safe from attack.
The monstrous effect made them lust for flesh and blood.
The infected, crazed victims ate healthy people and ate other diseased people. This plague spread and no one could stop it.
The Serapaths had fought this disease before and they thought that they had wiped them out by containing them, for they cannot be destroyed.
But a strain which was in a certain animal, which is now popular food for some people of the different sectors of the universe, has
an undetectable strain of this plague.
The plague strain became more dangerous by the
introduction of a plant from a distant realm, which
bio fused itself to many other plants, making new plant types. And it so happened that these animals that contained the potential plague, ate the new plants, which grew like a weed, for it had no predators to stop it. The animals DNA was changed by eating the plants and the plague grew exponentially as it received the plants nutrients and became a new strain. Somehow it is a form of larvae in the meat of the animal which becomes a new kind of insect, a cross between a fly and the size of a mosquito. The plague was spread not by contact, but eating of tainted flesh. This was exactly what the early victims were doing as a part of their celebration. This latest plague is a new strain different from the first plague, due to the introduction of alien plants’ genes. The plague is now spreading from flesh to flesh and mutating along the way. It is a new biological threat to everyone.
Supplemental 1
Hierarchy of Power
Power can be summed up to be many facets and hierarchy.
The most powerful of them ever was the Knoxx. Their society is filled with these facets of power. The main belief is that in a past life, if one did something bad, they would lose power, or what is called Purity. On the other hand, if one’s line intermingled with others through genetics, they would gain certain powers in every one of their life spans.
For example, if you were blessed enough to be born between a pure Water Elemental and a Wind Elemental, you would have both powers, and a combo, such as Ice. Then depending on the purity of your bloodlines from where you draw your strength, there could be a mixture of two different powers with many variations in powers.
The main powers, known to many, are Elemental Power, Spiritual Power, Body Power and Psychic Power. Then there are those rare powers, such as Power of Light, Power of Dark, The Giver of Life (creation), the End of Life (destruction) and the flow of life (change).
There are many more, but it would be too long to list.
Then, there is the second rule. Whatever you were before, in a previous lifetime, you would be attracted to it. For example, if you are of Water, you would be drawn to healing people, depending on your bloodlines’ purity or experience. As a further example, if you were a cop several times in your previous life, you would be drawn to this profession.
Then there is what we call the Innocents. Depending on the purity and magnitude of their power, the purer was the power. Examples are people such as martyrs and prophets, who made a difference in a past life. The purer they are, the more capacity for power they possess. They can be used as a kind of battery to boost a given power, but after an evil act, they will lose their power and no matter how pure they once were, a wrong act can undo many lifetimes of goodness. By being pure one attains godly power. It is what they call Unlimited.
Then there are those who have both innocence and blood on their hands. These people are what they call Defenders. They never lose their status as being innocent, for they were forced to defend others. A typical example is someone who gave up their life for their country and fellow man.
Supplemental 2
Tear Drops of a Flower
Everyone has heard that in the past, there was a great waterfall that hid a secret village. This is where magic is weakest because of the flowers that grow in this village. They call it the Crying Flower. If conditions are right, the flower will give a single tear drop. It is more valuable than any gold, for it has the power to nullify all magic.
The first person to see such a flower was so ambitious that he smuggled it out of the village, not knowing that along with this great power came a dark side.
For it is the destiny of the flower to be known world wide. Eventually, realm after realm learned of its power and wanted to possess it.
The flower grew like a weed, spreading all over the lands, and took root near water supplies.
And as the red moonlight released the flowers’ tears, many people collected it and sold it over the realm. The flowers’ tears were once called Dramon.
What they later discovered was that their magical powers were slowly weakening, and only after exhaustive investigation, did they find that when the roots of the flower took hold, that a powerful defense against all magic in the land, air and water, was created.
The exporting of these flowers was banned in all the realms and the eradication of the flower was imminent, but greed took hold for Dramon. Consequently, many people lost their magic by contact with the lands and drinking the contaminated waters. Dramon is now classified as a forbidden material in alchemy up to this day.

Levels of Power
The amount of power depends upon the input, but certain spells need a certain input or condition to be active. For example, there are many balls of power ranging from 1 to 90 from different Elementals, such as ice, fire and electrical, which are common.
The limit to these balls of power is in the 90's range, where the element or power has been contained within itself. Many times in that small ball of space at power level 99, there is exceeded what is known as pseudo space. For its density cannot attain the structure of a ball anymore, thus requiring more pseudo space.
Then there are spells in the 90 to 99 range. As the spell is cast, there are basic elements and conditions that space has taken
from basics, like containment, as previously mentioned, in creating an area whereby the magician can contain or phase or destroy
elementals, such as fire, depending on the input and special range. Such a spell, when cast, gives its’ intensity and power in the 90’s range. It is a stretch of the limits of pseudo space and if such a spell were to be released, it would implode.
A sun's limit is at most in the 70's power range. One can increase input without needing pseudo space, by sacrificing life energy
or a body for it to engulf as food for the fire.
Certain rocks can do this too. They are called Damedar rocks. They contain life forces of past beings and thus are powerful to own. However, such rocks are as rare as a black candle used for traveling, for they are deep within the mantel of the lands and scarcely are found as pure deposits.
The spells at power levels of 100 to 1000, however, are different in that they need both elemental and life force magic, either to consume it or to be used as a battery to extend its power. An example of a spell at power level 100 is Eradication. Examples of spells at power level 1000 are Extension and Divine Intervention. There certainly are lesser spells at level 50 or so with the same abilities, but not as potent.
Spells of Divinity, such as Divine Intervention, which is cast for creating a life and a body, can depend on what is being made.
The power needed for making a human or animal is at 70. Spells to rebirth elementals are at 100 and so on.

Spells at 1000 are Diffusion Wave, Eradicate, Create, Modify or Change, which the Three Faiths have power over. Certain deity has been known to use spells, such as Death Spells on other deities. To recover from such a spell would require a Resurrection spell. The Resurrection Spell would be effective for magical creatures or to undo a certain event in time or the creation of certain objects of power, such as the Immortal Sword, the Flute of Sleep or the Mirror of Time.
Lightning Cannon

The Lightning Cannon was created by an ancient sorcerer to protect his kingdom. He managed to harness the fury of thunder and lightning by bottling it into a flask. He had placed magical stones with properties to store electrical charges, like a capacitor, in the flask. Additionally, he added swamp gas in the bottom of the chamber. The swamp gas was able to trigger the stones to release their electrical charge by a twisting of the cylinder flask. Thus, it was just a matter of point and shoot, thereby devastating a target with the fury of thunder. Harnessing lightning and thunder is a difficult task. That is why Lighting Cannons are now rare. The stones need time to collect the power required by natural means. However, magically rendered thunder blasts can be infused into the stones by Sorcerers who lack the magical prowess to conjure such natural powers themselves.
Magical Flower
In the Isle of the Blessed grows a flower similar to the Tear of Flower. However, these flowers are less potent. They can harness a great deal of power by absorbing and nullifying any magic. The flower is only effective when it ripens during exposure to red moon light. The flower only lives for one day. If the flower is picked on the day after exposure to the moon light while the sun bakes it with pure light, the flower will not wither. Rather it will become like a rock and shall provide magical protection against all known magic, whether it is elemental, conjured or beast magic.

Stormhold Treasures

The Stormhold is known for its’ iron fisted rules and valued magical items. Many of its’ treasures are magical in some manner. But, the most sought after treasure is the Hydras’ Song. This sword has a poison known as Keleb-nah or Hydran hold. It takes over a victims’ whole body until it infects their mind. The owner of the sword will be in control of whomever they wield this sword against. There is no known cure for this poison. The only way to be free of this hold is by the wielder of the sword to allow the victim to be free. But the release is not permanent, for the owner of the sword can regain control whenever he desires, by coming close to his victim with the sword in hand at any time he chooses.

Blood Diamond
These diamonds are known for the bloodshed involved in their acquisition. Many have died for them. They have been passed from hand to hand by bloodshed, hence the name, Blood Diamond. The strong allure of the Blood Diamond is the ability to acquire immortality. The owner of a Blood Diamond can make a potion, which when drank, can make them like a god by never aging or being ill. However, the Blood Diamonds are not like other magical items that make you youthful. The Blood Diamond potion just heals the body. Hence, if you are cut or maimed, it shall rejuvenate the part that has been injured, but the down side is that if you are killed, the Blood Diamond potion cannot bring you back to life.
Bane is a person, whose name is in the Book of Legends.
He was said to have control of dimensional space.
He would conjure pockets to trap people and items and control the dimension so that his victim would be trapped. Bane was also said to use his pockets of dimension as a weapon, by the capturing of a power. For example, if a level 15 fireball was thrown at Bane, he would trap the fireball into a pocket of space. Bane could then release the stored item, in this case the fireball, directing it back at any desired target, including the original conjurer.
Many people have tried to duplicate Bane’s pocket space magic. But, no one has ever succeeded. There were some who were able to create a shadow upon the person or item, thus engulfing it and then forcing their will upon it. But, the degree of their control was at a basic level, compared to the man called Bane.
Star Triangle
The Nameless Ones used Star Triangles to teleport objects both living and inanimate to another spot in the universe. It requires only one conjurer to be able to transport an item equal or less than their own weight to one quadrant of a realm, but more magical users are needed to create a star triangle big enough to send things from realm to realm. A maximum of four is all the conjurers that are required to make enough energy to get from an Alpha quadrant to a Zeta quadrant of one realm to another.
Anyone can transport inanimate matter, but living creatures are harder to transport due to the complexity and bio-compounds that comprise living matter.
Star Triangles are made by using any sort of matter. Different designs give different outputs of energy. A chant is said to determine where the desired star is to appear at the receiving end of a transport.
Star Triangle designs are everywhere on the main surface of Tori. Many remnants of Star Triangles were collected for study by the first kings of Tori

There is an ancient alchemy known to many as Phoenix Flames. It was accomplished by the Nameless ones as an alchemic way of making newer substances, because the heat is higher than any known fire, including the Black Flames of Matsu.
The Black Flames of Matsu is a magical fire set by using blood to create the fire. It is not possible to extinguish this fire by any means other than blood itself. Not much is known about this, for the Matsu is a part of the Nameless Ones’ past or maybe their ancestors.
Ragmarock has the same composition as the Black Flames. The difference is that it is only extinguishable by another alchemic potion known as Living Rock.
Living rock is a composite of the same material used to make a human being. It has the same qualities, except that it has been crystalized. Only Living Rock can extinguish Ragmarock. Ragmarock is said to come from Phoenix Flames which have been cursed, for it requires both the blood of a Hydra and a Black Dragons’ egg and water…yes, water to make Inextinguishable fire!
There is a curiosity about this fire. Once extinguished, the remaining ash is a cure for burnt flesh when mixed with ocean water. If one is lucky enough to have only made a minor contact, for these flames don’t burn flesh. The fire will devastate everything, but will only dehydrate flesh.
Stone Guard
This is a powerful spell. The spell caster sets out several stones of power on a table or on the ground. The stones collect earth material around them, spinning within a circular orb around the spell caster. The rocks have free will and can target any living being deemed to be an enemy. The rocks are alive and know their master with whom they constantly travel. The rocks reflect their spell casters’ magic. The rocks can harness and store great amounts of elemental power, such as fire and water, to be unleashed upon foes. The stored power and can also explode on impact if the spell caster so wills it.
The stones are usually formed into 8 orbs, which prove useful if you have many enemies at one time. And if need be, the orbs can be used as a teleport, by hurling one orb away from the enemies’ sight, thus allowing you to teleport to the safely located distant orb. If all eight orbs return to their owner, he or she may utilize the 8 orbs to teleport to an unknown location hundreds of miles away. The range of these is infinite. Thus one can leave an orb at a place of safety and use it as a beacon to transport to later.
Dark Containment
This power is only known to the Telhreck. It is an ungodly power to hold within the palm of the hand of the Spell caster. A destiny of a person, object or whole cities, depends on the result of the magic.
The spell caster forms a dark shadow around it’s’ victim. Once enclosed or enveloped in darkness, he may do many things to the victim. The spell casters first choice is to shift the victim to another realm, thus locking them in a small pocket of spatial reality, forever trapped. Your second choice is to hit your victim with a blast of power, thus doing damage to things inside the enclosed space. The last choice is to will the shadow away like smoke, obliterating anything inside. Not even the Divine Intervention spell can resurrect anything that is destroyed in this manner, for there is not a trace left for the spell to work on. Casting the Dark Containment spell takes a toll on the casters’ body. It may even shorten his life, if not done properly, for the amount of power required is enormous and must come from somewhere, perhaps the caster’s own life force.
Supplemental A
Elixir of Life
The Elixir of Life is known to alchemists as White Blood Potion. It is near to impossible to make, for it requires the sacrifice of many peoples’ bodies to create the potion. The creation process requires that the sacrificial victims be enclosed in a tetragram seal. The tetragram seal often encloses an entire village or town. Many people have tried and failed, for people; invariably, always notice the tell-tale taste of salt in their water supply or town common well. The salt taste is hard to disguise. The sacrificial victims within the tetragram are expected to drink from their well that has been poisoned by a potion called Redtide. Once the victims have drunk the tainted water they will rot and their bodies liquefy instantly. The next step is just a matter of invoking a chant to gather all the liquid remaining from the victims. Crystals are then made by combining the liquid with coal. Then the potion is syphoned and allowed to mature for several days before the final potion is drank. The loss of human life is great, for it takes nearly a hundred people to make a small vial of Elixir of Life. The populations of many cities and towns were drained this way in the attempt to make the Elixir. The problem of saltiness in the Red Tide Potion, which was introduced by the guilds of alchemists, remains as a hurdle to the successful making of the Elixir. Since then, many have tried to get rid of the saltiness, but none have succeeded yet. Some sorcerers have tried mass hypnosis on a given town and had the population march to his laboratory, whereby the people unwittingly drank the Redtide unconcerned as to its taste.
Supplemental B
Shadow and Light
The great master Wu Fei was a descendant of the Ming Dynasty. They were known as the Elemental Masters. He had a pupil he named, Light. Light was hungry for knowledge and power. He was well known for his sense of justice. As overseer of the land, he grew to be a young man. One night long ago, a young boy came to the temple in search of food.
He was a beggar boy of about the same age as Light. He was very talented, to say the least, in thieving. But, he was caught by Light. Light tried to apprehend him. The beggar boy matched Lights movements move for move. As master Wu Fei watched, he considered that the beggar boy could be the prophesied child who would be the yin to Lights’ yang. The master stopped Light and told him that the beggar boy will be accepted into the temple and to let him feed, for he is hungry. He is now a welcomed guest and will become a pupil. The beggar boy was thereafter known as Shadow. Try as he might, Light could not match the natural skills of Shadow. Shadow was better than Light in every way. He is so talented naturally, that all the hard work of Light is eclipsed by Shadows’ skills. As the great master was dying, he entrusted the two parts of the Ming eyes to both Light and Shadow for each to rule equally over the lands. But greed and his sense of justice made Light bitter. Light proclaimed Shadow to be nothing but a beggar. Light declared that he was the rightful owner of the Eyes of Ming. Light tried to take the jewel from Shadow. Shadow was more skilled and defeated Light. Light took his defeat bitterly and was not seen for centuries. Shadow now possessed both of the Ming Eyes and the land flourished. As time went by, Shadow is prepared to pass the great jewels to his son, Fire and his daughter; Ice.
In the meantime, Light has grown strong and has amassed an army capable of obliterating realms. Many people are in fear of him. He is the ruler of many realms and wants to return to his rightful place. This is the origin of the great war of the elements. In this Great War, before man was created, they created Arges. They were the first creation. They made something similar to a mold that humans today are formed from. However, the Arges were given strengths and abilities humans weren’t given. The Arges were the downfall of the gods that created them. The Arges took advantage of their ability to fight the ones in power. They were lured in to false hope by promising them the one thing humans were given, but not given to the Arges. This was freedom! The Arges were created to be no more than slaves, carrying out the wills of the other gods at play. The Arges had superiority in number and were capable of bringing down a god, for they were imbued with great powers. Their powers were much less than a gods’, but enough to make a difference in the following war they made as a bid for power. Only a handful was left alive after the Great War between the Arges and the gods in power.
From the start, many have envied people who have the Power of Deflection. Deflection has been accomplished by applying one’s blood on armor to strengthen its defenses, from metallic and elemental properties. With the power of shielding combined, a given armor can withstand
even magic attacks from gods and titans. The prophecy talks of the three faiths of power and how they had infinite power. Each bore a power to guard their sanctuary. The first power is called Containment, whereby one space cannot interact with another. The second is the power of Shielding. This power provides a barrier which cannot be penetrated. The third power is the Power of Deflection. This power is demonstrated by any object or force being thrown back to its source or away from the intended target.
Containment is rarest and hardest to find or come across; however with Deflection, some metals have properties of this power in certain amounts.
To conjure such deflections, magicians need certain stones comprised of pure metallic ores, which allows their magical properties to be transferred and projected by touch. Although of different degrees, shielding is common. The more power behind the shield, the greater the protection.
Initially, it was a betrayal which caused the Power of Shielding to be known by all. Just like a fairytale, a man fell in love with a woman. He later betrayed that woman to gain her power. The woman had to kill him by sacrificing her life, thus killing the man she loved. It is not known how this woman came to have such power. She cursed with her dying breath that it was her power he wanted and that was the only reason for his love of her. She said; let everyone know of this power he wants so much,
for it has brought me nothing but a cursed life. To appear to be loved and then find that it was only because he wanted the secret of my power. Curse such magic! Let it be known by all, so that I am not burdened with what hurt me so. Shielding sometimes fails because it is cursed.
Containment is even more impossible to learn. Only a few have learned it. One man was successful in gaining the Containment spell due to the faiths’ intervention. He gained one of the faiths’ favors. It is said that the faiths test people periodically. This man was so true in heart that he impressed one of the faiths and was rewarded with the magic of Containment. Subsequently, this brought power and glory to his name as a mason. Every mason sorcerer is known for containment spells and powers of dimensional space which holds boundaries of realms together. Space cannot be altered, but can be penetrated and even phased out to create a trapped dimensional space. Manipulating space like this allows a magician to give it special conditions by magic and can even be destroyed if he wishes to do so. Masons pass this magic through birth and marriage. Outsiders cannot gain the Mason’s powers.
Everyone knows the Masons story of sacrificing himself to save a woman who had been his enemy for many years. This woman was
responsible for the death of his parents. He also was nearly killed by this woman. In the struggle, he escaped with barely his life and the loss of his right arm. Many years later, he saves her when she is nearly at death’s door, by sacrificing his life. What he did not know was that the women he hated so much was actually long dead and the woman he saved was one of the three phases of faiths testing his character. Impressed by his unselfish actions, the faith brought him back to life. The faith then bestowed upon him a parchment containing the Spell of Containment.
Deflection was bestowed by accident upon a woman who bore a child. As one of the faith was strengthening the outer walls of their cavern, a flicker of magic was passed to the waters that fell nearby and the magic found its way to the woman who was about to give birth to a daughter.
Deflection Power was thence passed down to generations. The women did not realize they possessed the power, until one day a woman had an extraordinary experience. She was about to be executed for a petty crime. She deflected the executioners’ axe as it was swung to behead her. She was able to escape by using her new found powers. She later
bore 7 sons, one of which became an alchemist apprentice. He later discovered his blood also had such powers, for he had been able to conjure this power himself. Knowing his history and his families’ power, and now an accomplished alchemist himself, he studied his blood
and learned that he possessed the Deflection Power which he had inherited from his mother. He became famous, as were his brothers and sisters. His family was envied by all, due to their bloods’ capability.
In the Great Library where the first carved tablets were stored and where countless premonitions are told, it is said that long ago there were countless gods who ruled the heavens above.
Then came a dispute as to whom among the Gods should rule and thus a great war was started. In the course of this Great War two mighty weapons were created. One was a flute which had the power to suspend time in a great sleep. The other was a sword made from the Tree of Life. Just a touch from this sword would drain even a god of their power.
Two main factions of gods merged and then a third rose up to
challenge them. Even though the merged factions had larger
numbers in their ranks, they distrusted each other. Resultantly, the
third faction won and gained power. The main leaders of the
merged factions were all killed, except one. This god was exiled, drained of power and was forced to inhabit a Halflings’ body. Many eons past and the Halfling trudged through the countless lands of his exile. As time went by, he found that his power was returning. He was reborn many times and used this to his advantage. Although he was reborn without power, he was being born in many different lands. He used his time to practice and learn all the magic that was available. He gained much power and many followers. He bid his time and eventually he was able to find a relic. This relic was the Mirror of Time and Space, which was created
even before the war started. No one knew who had created the Mirror. He then instructed his followers to search for a Power Orb. Such a Power Orb would imbue the Mirror of Power with energy, like a fuel. He later learned that Power Orbs where created by the Serapaths to transport
matter from one side of a realm to another. The Serapaths were able to collect mushroom tar for rejuvenation purposes with the use of Power Orbs. A tribe of Serapaths was finally located. The ambitious god ordered his minions to kill all the Serapaths and bring their Power Orbs to him. He then used the Mirror to go back to the time that the Great War started. With the help of his minions, He was able to acquire the afore-mentioned Flute. He tried to use it to suspend the others in a great sleep, but before he could, his plans were discovered by some of the other gods. There was a great fight. He lost and he and his minions were repelled again back to the Abyss. Many people knew him as Kell and the Order of Kell has been
gathering power for his great return......
After many eons go by, the gods created animals. Then later they created men. The men built cities and worshipped the many gods and their many faces. Then there came a time that one of these gods’ offspring was a special person. He was entrusted by many of the others as a messenger. He was like a profit, a seer of the gods and performed the other gods will. As he grew to a higher status, he was able to procure the Flute and he used it to suspend the others in a great sleep. Subsequently, his own will became law. Many of the lower creatures, known as humans fought among themselves. Eventually, the humans who worshiped only him as the one true god wiped out the other humans who worshiped the many gods. This one god then created beings more powerful than humans to fulfill his desires. These beings he called Arges. Time passed and the Halfling was reformed many times and grew stronger every time he was reborn. He then allied himself with some of their higher Arges and with their aid was able to steal the Mirror and the Great Sword. He hid these two items where humans dwell. He used the great Sword to bring this new god down. With his powers nearly exhausted, he now rests in the heavens. However, his Arges were able to bring the Halfling down to a pit lower than the lands. There the Halfling stays and humans were taught that he was evil and to be feared. The god and the Arges rest now, for many have lost or exhausted their power. To this date, humans don't know why their gods don't reply to their dire needs. It is because the gods sleep and are alone. It is not known where the Sword or the Flute has gone. But they may be right here on the lands of mortals. However, you know exactly where the Halfling hid the mirror. But you do not know the location of the Flute or the Sword. The Halfling is bidding his time until he possesses the three great objects of power.

The Orb of Thesselia
These orbs exist in 8 forms: a rock that explodes, a diamond that shatters like a thousand knives, an ice which freezes, electrical that shocks, water that drains life, a fire that incinerates, powdered steel that suffocates and a vortex of wind that destroys.
Anyone who has studied body magic would covet these orbs. The power level possessed by the spell caster determines how many orbs they can create at one time.
These orbs are also known as the Circle of Protection, for they hover around the spell casters’ body and will target and attack any enemy that the caster chooses within range.
Furthermore, a 9th orb system was created as a defensive magic. These orbs can only be summoned up to 3 at a time. One orb is used as a teleporter and the other two serve as a beacons.
The beacons and teleporter works by leaving one orb at a point of safety and using the teleport orb as a connection to the safety beacon,
while the third orb is left at home for safety purposes. This safety precaution can even work between dimensions.
The Tori are a race which helped create the universe. Their knowledge is as great as the Ancients’. Although the Tori are neither as old, nor their power as great as the Ancients, they are one more power to consider in the overall creation of the universe. The Mano, the Tori and the Serapaths are called The Three. Not much is known about the Mano and their ways, but the Serapaths created large written depositories of their race, their background and their power. They say certain people are able to gain power from these writings by uncovering the truth contained in the documents. If properly deciphered, one will gain the power or wisdom stored therein. Not only shall the reader gain power or wisdom, they may even learn what had happened in the past and how it affects the present.
An example of a translated script is as follows: There was a plague which nearly destroyed everything in every realm. They were able to contain the plague in a box of infinite size. The power required to contain the plague was large and many had to sacrifice their bodies to create sufficient energy to keep the plague contained in the box, thus stopping the plague from mutating and becoming unstoppable. The Serapaths are now in the lands from which their ancestry came, which are the higher planes where the Knoxx was said to be.

Will Of Creation
Have you ever wished or willed something to happen, and by a miracle or magic, it became real?
He Power of Creation is innate in all of us to some degree. Sometimes we are able to make things happen by our own will.
Remember that the gods, who created us, made us a reflection of themselves, thereby imbuing us with powers to destroy, create and change things by our will alone. Due to the gods having given us free wills, we can tap into that primal magic within us. This power is most powerful when we are asleep in what they call REM sleep. During REM sleep the wishes in our lives are reflected in our dreams and sometimes this is where we get our will to make things that we dream of to happen. Even people with no latent powers can access this will to create within their dream state. There are times that we feel that we have done something before it happens. This is known as fortune telling. We use our will to create, to project us to a state in time and then we later experience the action when we are awake. Some call this DĂŠjĂ  vu. There are also those who are born with the power to will things to happen, which become gods themselves or proclaim themselves to be as a god or they go into hiding and become another person lost in the crowd among the countless others in his or her realm. There are limitations to these powers, but as the Zen Masters say, there is no limitation to what can be imagined.
To Undo Magic
It was said that certain beings once lived in an era who can undo magic. It was said that their blood held the key to undoing magic, whether the magic was from a curse or from natural causes. It was said that it took them many years to gain enough control for them to use their minds’ power in combination with their hands as a catalyst to undo a cast spell or a magic made by nature.
It was said that Martha was a girl who was taken into a corporation known as Global Corp, who experimented with her magic. She was the most gifted they had ever found. She was able to undo earth magic itself. The Corporation held her captive. Eventually, Martha was able to gain enough power to escape her captors. She then fled to the deepest woods of Altia. Many, who are desperate, seek her out to undo a curse, such as Death Spells.
The Knoxx also took an interest in these specially gifted people. The Knoxx tried to mix their DNA with the blood of these people. Many experiments were in progress for many years. Eventually, it was found that many volunteers became deformed or insane. Consequently, all experiments were halted and deemed forbidden. The Faction of Kell was also interested and was rumored to have such an entity in their midst, who was doing experiments to try to undo the earth magic.

The Unexpected
Different forms of magic can overcome each other, depending upon 2 rules: 1. the amount of power applied to a spell being cast, 2. the force that the spell feeds from. For example, in the case of Elementals, fire is usual weaker than water, yet there are fires that survive water and can burn while under water, for water is made of oxygen which fire can use to feed upon and increase its power to survive in water. There are also fires that do not require free oxygen to be able burn. An example is Glycerin mixed with Manganese Permanganate. This mixture will burn under water with a purple flame. Water struck by lightning can break the molecular bond and release Oxygen and Hydrogen. But, enough quantity of water can dissipate the electrical charge and render the lightning bolt harmless. A further example is that earth can bury water with sufficient quantity, yet it can be seen that a raging river can wash away earth.
Thus a hierarchy of power has been discovered and a compendium of this is taught to every magic student early in their studies.
There are classifications of magic which are known as magnifiers.
The main one, known by many, is the Piercing Magic.
Piercing magic is accomplished by the casting of two spells. The spells are combined to penetrate a defensive spell. This is similar to a sword being sharpened to pierce through a shield, thus magic is magnified to do more damage. Conversely, there is a Weaken Spell, or Piercing Magic’s other half. This spell is known as an intensify spell. It adds or subtracts damage from a spell. Additionally, there is a shatter spell. The shatter spell intensifies a spells’ most favorable trait and gives a second or multiple charges to create a sudden boost of power.
These charges are like extra raw material for the magic to feed from, thus creating more damage.

The Devourer
Marco was just a normal child, but he was born unto a line of great wizards from the Tower of Kell. The great wizard Kell himself took an interest in this child named Marco even though young Marco did not have much magical prowess. However, Marco was brought into the Tower of Kell, under the orders of Kell himself. Kell taught this child magic spells unknown to many. Marco was proud to be a student of Kell and regarded himself as being a general of Kell. Kell used Marco’s admiration and trust to his own ends. One of the missions assigned to Marco was to gather all 3 boxes of Illlyad. Although it was difficult and many men were killed in the struggle, he was able to acquire the boxes. Kell then used his position of trust to experiment with Marco’s body. The boxes of Illlyad contained 3 stones. Kell surgically implanted these stones into 3 people. One of the 3 people was Marco. Kell was able to successfully implant the second stone in to a woman. The third however was a failure. The person died during surgery. The stone within Marco transformed him into a monstrous form. Kell was intrigued by this. After a few experiments, Kell returned Marco back to his human form. However, Marco had to be caged, as he was not in control of his actions. Every now and then a wizard of the Order of Kell was offered as a sacrifice and put in Marco’s cage. Marco would devour the sacrifice and gain their body, abilities and memories. Marco is able to acquire the sacrificial body by transforming into whomever he devours and thus gains their abilities such as human skills and especially their magical powers. Marco is able to disguise himself by retaining every living memory, especially as the victim is devoured. Although Marco is a powerful force to reckon with, he cannot stop obeying Kell his master, his god.

The Beast Inside
Many forms of animal rituals have formed what is known as beast magic.
Vampires and Lycans or werewolves were the simplest forms, whereby a human gained the strength of an animal to the point of gaining features of the animals themselves. But there is the rare form where unlike deformation of a human to an animal feature, the host is able to bring out the beast form at will, giving the person the strengths and agilities of a beast and then when needed, they can reform their body or revert back to human form. There are many people who are not able to control the change, and at times when the change happens, the animal within takes over and no human consciousness is left, making them dangerous and unstable. There are cases of people, while in beast form, change again to a more primal form of both animal and human traits, making them exponentially more powerful, wild and dangerous.
Life Force -Shai
As soon as you and your party arrive on the grounds of Tera, you start
to feel weak as if a fever has struck all of you. You and your party barely
make it to a village. You find that everyone has their door
locked, and so many are sick, it's like the weather caused this illness. Eventually, you and your party are able to find a place to sleep. In the morning you feel better, so you go exploring. In the evening you see a man toss something into the air. Immediately, feel feverish and weak. Being suspicious, you follow the old man and find him in the middle of a pillar of smoke. You see smoke gather to him from everywhere and some smoke seems to come from your mouth to him. You fear that he is sucking the life force from people, thus explaining why so many are weak and feverish. You are lucky to have discovered this evil person. It is apparent that he has been draining the life force out of people. Michael, the archer, interrupts his chanting by firing a couple of volleys of arrows at him. The arrows became harmless flower petals as they hit him. He turns to face Michael and his eyes glow green. Michael starts to choke as his life force is draining from him. All of your party charge this evil man, but are all thrown back. Then suddenly, Michael utters a spell from nowhere and the life stealer screams and vanishes. Michael then says that to get rid of this evil life stealer, one must destroy his nest, his temple and his ground of worship. No one asks how he knows this, but you all follow his instruction. Then Michael says thank you, for now I may rest
in peace. I lured you here to confront this evil and now it's gone from this realm. We all can now be at peace. Then Michael falls into a deep sleep. You manage to take him to your accommodations in the village and you have a well-earned rest. However, your sleep is uneasy, due to the fear of encountering this vampire type demon again.

Dark and Light
Darkness was present when time began. Only after many eons, did the universe create light. Light represents life, itself brought forth from the darkness. Like all entities in this world and others, there has always been the base of darkness and the light which symbolizes our life. Light has always been associated with heat and that is what everything is born from. But the darkness is always there as the foundation of the creation of life. Light has the power to dispel darkness. Thus a form of wizardry has been formed. Light magic has a broad array. From fire to even it’s most powerful of all, Divine Intervention. Comparatively, dark magic ranges from being as simple as a small curse, to a spell as powerful as Eradication.
The next most powerful spell is called Heavens’ Tears. This spell allows a body to be brought back to life. The heavens’ Tears spell invokes life energy to create a blinding light from a focal point and radiates outward dispelling all magic that it may touch, except for some dark/destroyer magic such as Dark Containment, which is so strong that no light can penetrate it.
The Dark Containment spell causes a body of darkness to be wrapped all around a person, city or town. The spell can also be used to envelope a light as powerful as any light / life magic can conjure and obscure it or phase it into darkness.
Even though light is quite powerful, don’t forget that darkness is always present. It is just being blocked by the light. That is why there are things such as shadow magic.
Performing Katra
Monks of the Old Religion have coveted this special state of mind known as Katra. A successful performance of Katra fuses mind, body and power to create a power that’s infinitely more powerful than the two powers used to fuse it.
Katra is different from Fusion in that while fusion merges two peoples’ bodies into one entity, Katra utilizes two powers, invoking their primal forms. Thus, by using two different powers or two same powers, users’ can exponentially create an unlimited source of power, which both can draw from.
Many have pursued this level of state of mind, but till this day no one has ever performed Katra. The closest to achieving Katra is when they seal the dreaded Shershu, which devours people’s souls.
A Death Magic user and an Ice Magic user were able to fuse their powers together to near primal form and created a wall of ice that slowly devoured life forces in its range. They encased the Shershu with this wall of ice. Ironically, the life stealing force known as the Shershu exists no more, because the last of its life energy was taken by the wall of ice. The ice eventually melted and the only traces left of this monster is recorded in the annals of Glendales great libraries.
There are consequences to attempting to perform Katra. If not done properly, the person can become deranged from the magic’s primal form and at times those who try to perform the magic of Katra and fail will often lose their magic. Worst yet, they can become incased by a rock like material over the course of time, for performing Katra is not only playing with dimensional magic, but time itself.
Inkheart was a man who lived in the twelfth era after the heavens war. He possessed the power of Morphing Magic. He was subdued and taken over by an unknown entity made of a black substance like oil that came from rock formations in a cave in Aatheron. He had taken shelter within the cave during a Malestorm. These storms were common in the frozen tundra of Aatheron. He was the first victim of this unknown horror. For unknown reasons, after countless bodies had been absorbed, the shape of Inkheart was maintained by using his morphing magic to trick hapless victims in to being absorbed in to the unknown monster. The creature prefers victims who possess magical powers, thus gaining magical powers from countless victims. The only victim who was assimilated and was able to escape the grasp of this creature was a woman named Martha. She used her incredible magic to try to wipe this creature out of existence. Without hesitation, the creature expelled her out of its body. Martha managed to injure the monster sufficiently to cause it to hibernate for many millennia before it rose again in the time of Tori's first settlements. This creature was said to have been in the service of the dark wizard Kell. Kell had hoped to gain Martha’s power to undo nature itself. Kell had wanted to destroy the world with Martha’s special magical abilities.
From Darkness Within
Absorbsion was said to have come from darkness and that is how it has been for many years. Darkness swallows up everything including light.
Absorbsion magic has been classified as an absolute power in the hierarchy or techniques of magic. Absorbsion takes many forms, from the human body absorbing nutrients from food and water to greater magic, whereby one is able to take magic from another caster. In extreme cases, one takes the life force of another being to feed on or use to boost the power of their own spells. The Dark Containment spell is able to absorb not only magic spells but physical objects also. Therefore a magician can as an example store spells cast at him such as Thunder Strike, Ball Lightning or an ordinary Fireball and suspend these spells in his created vortex, then release the stored spell as a weapon as desired.
But this isn’t really Absorbsion
True magical Absorbsion is effective by either granting the spell caster power to use or to extend his life-force exponentially. By absorbing life magic, one can become immortal. Or they can use the stored energy to heal ones’ body of illness or wounds.
Yet another form of Absorbsion is whereby the elemental or physical item or spell is absorbed and then used to power another spell or can be used to increase ones strength, agility or speed by harnessing the stolen magic.
A further example of Absorbsion is to store the high ranking spell curses, such as flesh turned to stone or plague type spells and then releasing the stored spell to an enemy as a weapon.
An example of this was the Gorgonite. He was a man known as James Wells. He was the first Gorgonite. He passed on his ability by his blood. It is common knowledge that Gorganites turn people to stone. James used a forbidden magic which absorbed the flesh to stone spell in an attempt to save his beloved wife from dying. Instead of the forbidden spell saving his wife, he was cursed into a monstrous form able to turn others to stone.
Explain my Feelings
When someone close to you dies for you, or is injured or hurt to save you, it increases the chance of what is known as Shared Link. An example is a mother lifting a fallen tree off her daughter who is pinned under it. The mother uses what is called Bonds Charges. The greater the bond, the more power is shared. This power to lift a heavy weight is due to the shared link. Bonding Charges are known as Feelings. The power of Bonding Charges is affected every time a positive or negative charge is imparted from a given interaction, especially if there are emotional circumstances such as the first person wants to protect the second person and the second person fears for the safety of the first. These two emotions are absorbed to create a high amount of Bonding Charges, thus accelerating a physical attribute or even a magical one depending on the abilities of the magician.
Human emotions create these Bonding Charges. Although they accumulate, they are not accessible until a trigger is set. Negative feelings do not decrease the amount of the charge, but just obscure the Charge. The negative feelings may even be used as a catalyst for a negative shared link, which can cause a power increase in spells of revenge or curses.
Bonding Charges have stages of familiarity. They can be from a friendly or unfriendly standpoint. The bonding charge may be doubled, once a level of trust is formed.

The Knoxx home world was destroyed millennia ago although they remain a power in the universe. It was not due to hostile forces, but their own doing. They took and took from the lands and spread their waste until both water and the air became toxic they evacuated many of their people, but nearly 80 percent died due to a plague they created. The destroyed Knoxx home world is now known as Exile. Criminals are deported to Exile, no matter how small the crime committed.
There is no return from Exile. Although the air and water has returned to livable states and the plague died out, the planet is worse than a dessert. People dwell in caves to escape the unbearable heat. The exiled society of criminals has taken this as their home. To survive, one must not show any weakness, less they be eaten by the stronger criminals. It is a lawless place where reputation means everything and one is advised to sleep with their eyes open. Food is supplied by portals. Anyone stupid enough to try to escape through a portal is incinerated. But the portals give hope to people that there may be a means of escape.
There are two main mountains on Exile. The Knoxx cast a spell on them that cancels all but the most basic forms of magic. Thus, there is no escape by means of magic. The Knoxx forgot about Exile and many starved without constant food being sent. The criminals who survived resorted to cannibalism. The few remaining animals were picked clean. The only people who had any hope of food were the few magicians who could conjure it magically. Though very simple, the conjuring was stopped by the two mountains that disrupt magic. Although it took the entire elite military forces, The Knoxx were able to subdue the creation of the dark wizard known as Kell, The Devourer and send him o Exile. This fact is now only known to the elders of the Knoxx.

Enkys’ Madness
This was first seen in a small village. People were corrupted of their state of mind. The madness fed from distrust and small petty arguments and snow-balled until a person would kill his own family and others that he or she might encounter. The madness spread from person to person, until it came to be known as Enkys’ Madness, for it was believed that it came from their god Enky. Most of the infected people were quarantined if they were not dead.
Only after a Serapath became ill, did the Knoxx take an interest in this viral strain. They discovered that the Madness was passed by a creeping mist invisible to the eye. If the mist was not able to enter a host, it would die off. The Knoxx traced the Madness to its place of origin. It found to be a stone in a small village’s water source. A cure was found 5 years later. The high council of Knoxx sent a research team to the village. They found 9 rocks, which seemed to be pieces of a larger rock, which they concluded to have been shattered when it entered the atmosphere. They further concluded that the madness was an entity from space, which was a living relic of an old forgotten race. The rocks were studied and experimented with to learn more. One research lab exploded and the entity mutated, thus forcing the officials to burn the lab and the surrounding area. Other rock pieces were taken to other labs for further study. However, a big piece of the rock known as Enkys Stone Fragment Prime was stolen. It was popularly believed that the rock was stolen by the Order of Kell to be used for their secret evil purposes.

Don’t Confuse
Evony Magic is very dark magic. It comes from darkness and holds the usual spells of destruction ranging from Eradication to what is known as the Original Spirit Wave, which is now classified as a Chaos Blade.
The Chaos Blade spell is said to obliterate anything it touches, whether they are natural or magically created objects. The main purpose is to destroy matter by feeding on its structural form, causing the density to become infinite. Those in the Order of Kell use this technique as a sword. They use their arms to direct the destroying force on a person or object. Only the Spell of Revokation can return items and some forms of magic to their original forms. The spell of Devine Intervention is used to restore living beings that have been destroyed by the Spell of Eradication.
Ebony Magic
Ebony magic is known as Tribal or Bone Magic. This magic includes the spells of Mirage, Intimidation and Pain. These spells affect a person’s 5 senses and can be illusionary or real magic. True magic causes a person to feel pain or to go to sleep. An extreme example is complete submission.

When death was created, a time ark was imposed by it. That was how life and death was supposed to be. The time ark determines how long one lives and then death follows. Darkness manifested death, and then followed the revelations of life. The death of an entity provides life for another. This is the bright light that people who have had near death experiences speak of. It’s a process whereby new life is created by recycling energy. In simpler terms, we are part of this thing called light and energy that is wrapped in earth, thus a being or entity is created. Once that energy is expended, the entity or earth that surrounds this energy is returned to the earth in the process we know as death.
There are three forms of necromancy. One is to reform the earth into a being that the magician can control. The second is to capture the energy of a dead entity and create a body with earth. This newly created body will hunger to eat flesh. The third utilizes the spell casters’ life force to revive a dead body by restarting the energy. In this case the entity is whole but has no free will.
Devine Intervention is a godly power whereby energy is restored back to its former owner. This is done by using the time ark to reverse the corrosion which death brings and restores the energy and body to a former time specified by the spell. The spell of Eradication can corrode all the body and energy to a point where it is ready for recycling or to the point where the energy or light is extinguished.

A Rival to Dark Containment
The spell of Star 88 is only known by the Guild Masters of Reeka, where the spell of Dark Containment was born out of its great halls. The Guild Masters also created the Star 88 Spell. This spell is also known as The Meteor Spell.
To explain the Star88 spell will require explaining the workings of the Dark Containment spell. The Dark Containment Spell fore-shadows an entity or object, the size of which depends on the casting. Within this darkness of space, the caster can project their will, whether it to be to phase the item out of a dimension or simply destroy the item within. As the darkness disappears, the item in it is eradicated or sent a shock of energy which does elemental damage to the captured item. The dynamics of the Star 88 spell is that many orbs of star light are cast into a target. Upon impact, the starlight does damage by exploding in to shards of light. Thus the darkness is penetrated by what is known as Dark Containment. The Star 88 spell will also penetrate any dimensional space that it comes in contact with, making a dimensional rift implosion. Only Celestial Wizards can perform the Star 88 spell without any life force being required.

A Power like No Other
Combining powers is easy, but it depends on the spell being cast. Each spell has its own class. The highest in most magic users’ arsenals are at 90 and above. Any spells of a higher class are considered to be of the S class or godly powers. Two spells at 90 and an S class spell can be merged. Examples of these are spells that Kell created. He used the power of a 98 shielding with the S-class power of Dark Containment. The result is called a dimensional shift, which creates a dimensional division whereby the caster occupies one side of the dimension, and everyone else is in the other side of the dimension. Thus, the two cannot interact with each other. Hence, he creates a space for himself and creates a barrier made of both Dark Containment, which is a dimensional magic, and a shielding that is turned into an S-class magic. The down-side to this spell is that it requires a great amount of power to keep up the shield, for it demands life force energy to feed it. There is only one other magic that can penetrate the Star 88 spell. It is the Star Blade spell, which has the power of a 92 blades magic fused with an S-class Transportational Star magic, enabling any bladed weapon to cut through dimensional space.

After Kell was killed, a council was established to take care of the many facets of his cult followers. This organization was called Cimon8. The organization was also responsible for classification of various forms of magic. A man named Daimain was supposedly the one who received Kells’ powers by invoking a lost magic known as a Dynamic Infusion. The spell involves using a portion of the corpse of the dead person you seek power from and bring the corpse to a state of undead. The deceased person is brought to a state whereby they are between death and a living state, but no consciousness. Since the spell caster has used his blood in the ritual, the caster may then extract the living portion or the life essence from the undead body. This spell was said to give the magician the abilities of the former person, thus fusing it with his own magic, so as to become even more powerful. Many attempts were made to revive Kell by Divine Intervention, but failed. Divine Intervention was the only way they knew to revive their master back to life. Daimain ruled the faction of Kell for many years, but there were no significant events to be mentioned. For unknown reasons, the Faction of Kell stopped their actions against the world. No major takeovers or destructions were recorded. It was said that the Faction was busy trying to find the race known as The Unknown. This activity continued until the death of Daimain. It was said that Kells’ powers were too much for him to handle. He was being killed slowly within, because his body could not handle the massive output of life essences within his body after he assimilated the magical powers of Kell. Another wizard was said to have been born by magic this way and he is well known by many. Merlin himself was said to have been dynamically infused with the cadaver of a powerful dragon. The result is what made him legendary.

Magic Book part 23
Casting the Unstoppable Spell is somewhat the same as Fortify, only it is not as powerful. However, the Unstoppable Spell does increase not only the defense, but also attack. It also multiplies the strength of the spell caster and gives them shielding and resistance against incoming spells.
Additionally, it gives a feeling of immortality, in that the caster can be cut and wounded many times, yet be able to still move forward and fight the battle. However, the feeling of pain and the wounds and cuts taken during the battle can be felt after the Spell has expired.
On the other hand, the Fortify Spell gives a person inner magical strength, which is used to create a life shield that is more powerful because a Life Shield not only uses the persons’ life energy to create the shield, but also a magical one, that is made by the casting, which invokes the magical properties of Mana, which comes from the air and the surrounding people.
Shielding is a defensive mechanism that stops physical attacks.
Resistance is defensive magic, which gives shielding to elemental or magical forces.
The Wraith Spell, when cast upon the caster, allows the caster to take on the form of a wraith or if cast on an enemy, steals their life force. The enemy is under the control of the caster. Since the form of a wraith is undead, no physical attacks will work, due to its intangibility.
Gargantuan is just what it sound like. This spell, when cast on a person or animal triples its size or more. Casting the spell to one part of a body, such as a hand, does not expand the body part, but it does triple
the strength of that body part, such as a hand for punching or feet for kicking.
The Cloak spell is used to turn a person invisible, regardless of whether they are stationary or moving.
The Mutate spell, if cast on an animal, allows fusion with the identity of another animal. Whereas, if the spell is cast on a human body, it will cause the body to expand or morph. depending upon the skills of the caster, he may have the ability to mutate himself magically by infusing an elemental or magical element, instead of an animal part. A skilled caster, who is capable of infusing the magical elements, yet maintaining human form, is known as Mutating by Power.
Subdue is a form of magic used to tame or control an animal or human by calming their emotions. It’s a form of mind control.
Dispel is used to undo another magic. Dispel is usually a form of magic that erases a previous spell. Dispel is usually required to be stronger than the previous spell, therefore a magician needs to put several magnitudes of power into a Dispel spell.
Amplify is a spell that uses another person’s magic or life force to multiply the effect of a spell to overcome an opponent’s spell. Amplify is accomplished by joining two bodies of power in to one cast. With the combined forces, the spell will now be able to overcome an incoming spell.
Vengeance and Conviction are spells that can be cast simultaneously. Conviction is a persons’ will for something to happen, which is just an Amplify magic or a bonding which takes into account the casters’ feelings. Similarly, Vengeance spells involve feelings of hurt to amplify the spell being cast. Depending upon the casters’ intentions, Conviction is a combination of positive or light and soul magic, whereas Vengeance is a combination of darkness and soul magic. Soul magic is basically life force multiplied by the casters feelings.

Divining Stones
Many cultures use a set of stones with runes magically cast on them as a means of finding a way to a place or to answer a question, either yes, no or maybe. The stones work due to the data being collected by the stones from the earth after winds have streamed information worldwide. The wind is always speaking of things to come and things that came to past. If you learn this magic called Windtalker, you too would hear the endless information carried on the wind. With the use of Diving Stones and the Spell of Runes, you can obtain information as to your query. For example: You seek an item. The winds most likely have this information from having touched on the item as they blew past it. This info is relayed to the stones. Upon consulting the stones, you would ask whether to go south. The diving stones will answer a considerable yes or no or a partial yes or no, depending upon reading the runes on the stones and their position when they land, when thrown on the ground.
Hopes Dashed
Contrary to the records about the destruction wave that plagued Tori, there were four waves of destruction, instead of the popularly held three. In truth, the forth wave was expected and the people of Tori were able to prepare for the onslaught. The prophets of Tori gave the populous a three day warning before the destruction waves hit. It was the council who decided to unleash the Meteor Spell on the mirror and yet that did nothing. The prophets felt they had no choice but to use the ancient Tablet of Orion, which contained the Meteormorphic Spell called Deep Sanctuary. Deep Sanctuary is a three layered spell. The outer wall is defensive in that it contains a magic known as an Aura Field, which absorbs the incoming bombardment of spells and converts them to energy for the shield wall to feed on. In other words, anything that hits the shield only makes it stronger. The second half of the shield is offensive. It is called a Pensive Cloak. It covers the sanctuary inside with Eradication Magic. It uses water and fire magic in its purest form. Anything touching it is obliterated by separating the matter into its primal forms of gases and liquids and is slowly dissipated into the air by high intensity flames. The third and final layer of Deep Sanctuary is its’ phasing ability. It phases the inner sanctuary into another dimension and creates a rift that won’t allow the inner sanctum to be touched. In spite of this powerful spell, the prophets forgot that the mirror has space and time distortion capability! The enemies’ spells ate through the 3 shields like they were butter and that was only the first onslaught of waves to come. Fortunately, the waves were timed into a 4 day window. The citizens of Tori scrambled to find a way to survive the next onslaught to come, which resulted in heroes being sent back in time to try to find a way to stop the destruction of Tori.

Weather to Match Tomlei

A traveler arrives in a strange land on a sunny day, but then out of nowhere, rain starts and then stops, as he runs for shelter to the next town. There are several priests who are asking their god of weather for more rain. They chant an ancient text. Then thunder roars and they rejoice and they say the Lady will give us rain! Thank you our Lady they all cry out with glee! The traveler asks why they are celebrating. The leader hears the traveler and says that he must be new to this land. The leader goes on to say that their crops are dying and so are our animals. We too are suffering the loss of rain. We miss it, as does a dessert, for the past 3 years or so and now our Lady is going to give us rain. He further explains that their Lady has been cross with them, for we have not given thanks for our great prosperity, of our rich soils and the divine weather we always had. We don't rejoice anymore as we did when rain fell and so she visited us in the form of a stranger, a lady. She surveyed us until one day she revealed herself, saying to us that we weren’t praising nor giving thanks to what we were given by her. Then she rose above the clouds and opened her arms. Then thunder and lightning boomed and it became dark. She said that here is the last rain you shall have until you become more thankful for what is freely given to you. Then great rain fell for 20 days and then it stopped. It has been 3 years now and soon the rain will come once more, for we are starving and thirsty.
Our supply is low and if we don't get rain, we will all surely die. The earth once so rich with goodness is now bare and dry. Now the great Lady has forgiven us. We shall see rains again. The traveler considers helping by casting a water spell. Do you think he should?
Evolution Spore
An unknown scientist found in the deepest depths of the earth, a flower he called the Evolutional Flower. There are stories and legends, passed down through time, that these flowers are responsible for evolving every living thing in this world. At one time, these flowers were everywhere. Their spores were carried on the wind, changing not only animals, but plant life as well. This explains how animals and plants were able to trade traits or merge with other animals’ traits to form a new animal. The flowers were supposed to naturally cause evolutionary changes every 100 years or so, for these flowers stay dormant until they are exposed to certain rays of moonlight, known as blood moon rays. Further studies revealed that they were able to cross animals with animals and plants to animals, for their specimens were near full bloom. Then there were experiments made on humans in an effort to create new hybrids. Some were strong, having inherited certain traits of an animal or plant. Others were abominations and were eliminated. Then the plant was stolen. The thieves, by chance, made more abominations, which they too had to destroy. What they had not considered was that by taking the plants to different locations, some of the plants were filled with spores. These spores spread with the winds and covered a large area. The spores were active, thus anything alive was affected. It started in a small area. Then nearly every continent experienced mutations on crops, animals and even people. {Translators’ note: There was an entry reserved for a “Mike” who was hired to hunt down the mutants that had become a public nuisance, but no entry was found of his experiences}
For Power
In the past, before the time of Kell and the Knoxx, there was a girl born with the powers of a god. She was able to create changes and destroy at will, for she was an offspring of a Mano. A Mano is an entity higher than a god. For example, if gods were humans, then a Mano would be their god. Tragically, she had an illness that affected the good and bad parts of her personality.
Fighting for Dominance.
One day she could not control her power. She inadvertently killed Janice, her own best friend. This caused a great turmoil in her that drove her to suppress all her magic. She cast aside all the bad sides of herself. She became an empty shell. She then disappeared from the world for a few millennia. Then one day she found herself within a family of friends who she loved greatly. They in turn loved her. She was however weary and as time passed, she found that the evil she cast away was gradually returning. Again, she lost control and discovered that someone in the village was mutilated one night. Sadly, she again had to part ways from her new life. She sought sanctuary in a sacred order of priestesses. One night she dreamed of the day that she killed her friend, Janice. The next day she found the priestesses all killed. They were slaughtered like animals and she found herself covered in blood. She screamed. Then laughter comes from a figure in the darkness. It was none other than Janice, the friend that she thought she had killed, due to the monster in her. Janice kept laughing. Then Janice explained what really happened. She was to have made friends with her and take her powers by means of a blood ritual. Janice continues to explain: Your dark half came into being and nearly killed me. In failing to get your powers, I faked my own death and waited. I had to kill many after that to keep alive, gaining their magic and life forces. When I have your power, I will gain immortality. It started in the summer of 2034. A green meteor, they called Udaba fell from the sky, eliminating a 300 hectare radius in the Pacific Northwest. It started as a phenomenon that caused people near the impact zone to be caught in wisps of time, as they call it now. A person caught in a wisp would experience an event from the past. It was theorized to have been the memories of the past. Scientists then took meteor fragments and studied them. They found that certain people were able to control this phenomenon. With enough mental power, they could make others experience these events in time. The phenomenon was at first thought to be an experience in the mind, until some people experiencing the phenomenon were injured. It was therefore concluded that with enough energy, one was actually transported to that event. To do so required people who could control the meteor fragments. It was discovered that with assisted conjuring, in conjunction with meteor fragments, one would actually go to the event physically. Without assisted conjuring, the event would only be experienced spiritually, felt, but not there physically. Further studies revealed that in the case of assisted conjuring, one could return from a past event with an item from that period of time in hand! A man named Gambier was the first to take an actual person from a past event back to his reality. He was revered as a hero among his people.
And thus we come to our story ..................................tbc

A complete stranger comes to our hero, Ashton and says that he holds a burden that he must pass on before it was too late. The stranger says it’s a burden that only some people can be chosen to do. Ashton thinks: who the hell is this person? Is this a joke? So he nicely declines. Then a week later, the man comes to him again talking about his burden, saying that he must pass it on. Again Ashton refuses. Then the man tells him that he may only refuse twice and no more. Upon the third meeting, the stranger is quite pale and very weak. This time he says that Ashton must not refuse, for his life force is nearly spent and that he only has 2 items to contribute. The stranger touches Aston on his stomach, whereupon Aston falls unconscious. As Ashton awakens in a strange place, he finds a briefcase next to him. He touches it and hears a voice in his head saying: hello chosen one! Then a vision starts. It is of a heavenly war fought long ago and 7 items being snuck into the earths’ surface. Each item will become a portal to hell and allow the demons to come to earth and feed on the people. Ashton opens the case and finds 4 normal everyday items. Then as he touches the last item, he feels his life force leave him. Then he recognizes the voice of the stranger he had met. His tone is somewhat apologetic as he says: please forgive me, I had no choice. I found the second item in Russia and i wasn’t able to make the person who had it, give it up willingly. It was better that i procured it by theft, rather than making it another burden on you, furthermore, my life force was at its end, Thus I had no choice. You must understand that each item must be given or released willingly, or it will drain you of your life force. You may use your life force to make them more agreeable to letting these items go, for these items usually are passed on from one generation to the next. Often there is sentimentality and even gives the owner somewhat of a good luck streak. As long as you don’t make contact with the item, it will not drain you of your life force for another year or so. We all have found and procured 4 items. The time will be up in another 7 or 8 years, at which time the items will have been here on earth for 1000 years. I know many have tried to find these items and had no luck, but as the time passed, the pull towards these items became stronger and more noticeable. Only in the past 100 years has it been sending out this vibe, for it has been dormant for a long time…until an owner can be associated with the items. Ashton feels a pull towards the concrete jungle of New York and he prepares for whatever may come of his new life................

The Heroes

Master Steward- Male, Jeremy 45 H
1. Midaz Touch 1. Trident- emanates an intense pulse of energy.
he is Head of the lands defense, usually from a noble family, an aristocrat, matured fighter with plenty of experience, can inflict as much damage points as a knight and he is trained in archery.
Story: When he was a young lad, he met a girl who begged for money to be able to eat. Being of aristocracy, he saw her as a street rat and just rode away. What he did not know was that it was one of the faiths testing him. Later that day the same girl shows up and reveals her true self to him. Then she said to him: “since you still don’t regret your ways, I shall make you humble. You chose to ride away from me when I asked for help. You would not as much as even part with one gold piece; you love your wealth so much. I shall give you the golden touch. But because of this, you shall lose your father after a hording party invades his village and then you shall lose your wife by an illness she will contract, and then lose your son in a battle during a great war.”
Because of the curse cast upon him by The Faith, he now knows of only loss and loneliness throughout his years, but in spite of his curse, he became a fair and caring leader. His pain is what makes him a great warrior and with nothing else to lose, makes him a dangerous enemy.
Paladin Crusader- M James 30 H - 200 SP

1. Repulsion 2.Energy Balls
1.Aura Sword - Sword made of soul magic, able to cut through any barrier.
Story: Born without a father, he soon becomes a page for a local knight. As time goes by, he then advances his training as a knight having been born into a wealthy land owning family. He has a brother who desires to become a knight like him. He also has two sisters that he loves as dearly as his mother. Soon thereafter he is appointed as a Paladin and is sent on an exhausting crusade. In the crusade, his fellow Paladin dies in his arms and gives him his sword to remember him by. As of to date he serves his country and is proud of his accomplishments.

Master Archer- M Ryan 32 H -200 SP

1. Thunder Bolt 2. Electric Field 1. Dyna Bow. Magical bow using hand gestures and has an infinite supply of arrows.
Story: As a boy, he gained experience in hunting, due to his having been the only son of a great archer. He followed in his fathers’ and his fore fathers’ footsteps as a master archer. He had a lot to live up to, being a thirtieth generation archer. He wielded his skills and became proficient in his accuracy. Many times he showed off his skills at carnivals and fairs held in their county. As he, himself, joined the illustrious group as Master Archer of the Realm, his father gave him a special bow, which was handed down from many generations. And to this day, he carries his weapon proudly.
Master Thief- F Sarah 34 Dwarf - 200 SP

1. Distortion 2. Shield of Saturn
Story: -For as long as she can remember, she was living in the streets …stealing what she could to survive. She developed many skills for survival. Along the way, she acquired a small trove of items she stole throughout the years. One of which was stolen from a centaur. This item is able to shield one person from any harm against any weapons. Even from those endowed with powers or otherwise. As she became a master thief, she learned a Masterful Art that makes her even more impossible to be caught. She has learned the power of Distortion. She is able to distort a solid object and pass through it.
Barbarian Warrior- M Jason 34 Half-Orc


Story: - Having come from a family of only brothers and having a king for a father, meant he had to strive to be the best, fighting for the crown. Sadly, he is weaker and smaller than the rest of his brothers. Therefore, his second eldest brother won the throne. Striving to be like his father, he developed his body and mind and he grew up to be a powerful fighter and soon became the right hand man of the newly elected king.

Master Prophet- M Vincent 33 H - 1000 SP

1. Blind Faith 2.Reliquish 3.Beleive
Story: He was a carpenters’ son who was taken at a young age to be trained for a pending war between the two nations of Ohara. He killed men during the war, but his mind won’t let him forget the tragedy of the battle and he turned to religion to pay for his sins. He later heard a voice foretelling dangers of future events, which gained him the rank of Master Prophet. He over-stepped his rank and gained followers. His powers went to his head and he claimed himself a messenger of all the gods. Then one day the voices stopped and his reputation faded. He only heard the voices again when he became a humble outcast. Now he spreads the great words of the gods to every village and to anyone who will listen.

Master Cleric- F Catherine 80 Elvan - 800 SP

1. Fire Aura 2. Destroy Undead 3. Mind Blast.
Story: She was sold in to slavery at a young age. She escaped and nearly died in the Desert of Lya. She was saved by a local order of priestesses, which are known as the Cleric of the Sand. She grew up there and became top of her class and was appointed as a successor to the order.
Alchemist Warrior- Male, Riley 150 H
1. Turn to Stone 2. Dragons Skin 3.Youth
Story: He is the descendant of the Great Alchemist who created the Dragons’ Flame Potion. He was taught in his fathers’ school and was given all opportunities to become a great alchemist. He strived to invent something that would give him recognition like his father, but he never could outdo his father. However, he is the dean of the University of Alchemy and Potion making.
Gypsy Elder- Female, Ruth 2200 H 3000 SP
1. Soul Stealer 2. Regenerate 3. Body Snatcher
Story: The oldest of the gypsies. She has a young and powerful warrior’s body. It is believed that although she is an Elder, due to the use of the technique of body switch, she has been alive for over four millennia gaining power and knowledge. Not much is known about her.

Heretic Male, Malorey 1100 H 2746 SP
1. Dark Orb 2. Light Orb 3. Hellfire
Story: He was an outcast due to a sickness which was visible on his body, like leprosy. Later he meets someone who is able to return him to normal. But, when he returns to his homelands, he is again cast out, like many of the other villagers when the Serpent Rider gained power and took over many realms.
The Serpent Rider destroyed his realm and he was forced out. By being forced to relocate to a new realm, He gains the Serapaths’ knowledge in the realm which was the home world of the ancients. At that time, the Serapaths were the greatest power. For many years he learned of their knowledge. He became a hero for killing the Serpent Riders and freeing many worlds.

Champion Knight-M Kristopher 36 H
Non-Magical. White Dragons Armor- able to repeal extra ordinary amount of force. No damage inflicted at any time, unless magical and only a quarter damage from elemental attacks.
Story: His family was slaughtered by a raiding party. He grew strong by vengeances alone. He went with James to the same knighthood school, but took the Way of the Arms instead of Magic. He grew stronger than James and more accustomed to the use of weapons in combat. He bides his time until he can avenge his family.

Head Tribesman-M Aron 29 H
He was given rights to kinship by saving the local tribes’ prince. He and the prince became good friends. He lived in the village among the tribe people. Later, the prince died of an illness. Aron was then taken in by the King and treated as his own son. In later years the King passed on the leadership to Aron. Aron used the laws of kinship to gain the throne, which the former king supported without question. To this day he is a wise ruler of the kamate tribe.
Tribal Sharman- M Jared 43 H - 1000 SP
1. Sacrifice 2. Mass Distortion 3.Possession
A tribesman of the kamate tribe. He is the witch doctor of the village. He is a fifth generation healer. His father and forefathers were the village witch doctors. He has to uphold that position. He learned the Possession Technique from another villager, who he saved during a struggle between the white folks of the village and the native gypsies. He has performed the Possession twice now and has lived very long. He is due for another Possession at the age of fifty. He likes his current body, for it contains much knowledge of magic.

LoneWolf- M Alex 37 H - 1000 SP
1. Necromancing 2. Soul Drinker 3. Make Door

Story: He has been an outcast all his life, gaining a trait of the Kamenji, which are known for Necromancy and Soul Drinking, a forbidden art in his village. His father and mother tried to kill him. They sent him in to the woods to be eaten by predators or starve to death, but fate stepped in. He was found by thieves who took him in and taught him skills to survive. He was to be trained in the guild, but because of the Kameji, he has to Soul Drink at the age of 20 to survive. He is seen as a monster by his adopted family and again he is an outcast.

Bounty Hunter- M Trent 40 H - 800 SP
1.Weild 2.Mind Probe

Story: He saw his brother die by the hands of a monster known as the Lonewolf and since then he has been capturing the foulness of all who have a bounty on his head. But the greatest bounty of all would be the Lonewolf. Although he saw the Lonewolf in his killing form, he does not know what he looks like as a human being.


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