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TO EXIST IS TO WONDER. From dark beginnings in a time of long ago to the present, mortal man has warred with wonders both profound and profane in want of ultimate understanding.

Out of the great and terrible wilderness called land and sea, fledgling man, summoned forth by the natural wonders of the world, impeached primeval fear in favor of electing a new rule of law, the centerpiece of civilization, philosophy.

From builder of monuments to purveyor of monumental ideas, magnificent man dared no less than to become the equal of gods. Frontier after frontier, the light of accumulated knowledge shone brighter to dispel darkness in all manner of ways. Alas, with greater understanding emerged greater wonder and in consequence great discord.

Thus, wonderments more than all else, are the inheritance of generations for consideration and conquest. And so, today, the stewards of a present generation, herald the genesis of a journey, the war eternal that is the Guild of Controversy.




The Guild of Controversy (the Guild) is home to the art of debate practiced within the environs of fiction as a Turn-Based Strategy and Role Playing Game.

Set in a world forgotten of the past, the Guild languishes in ruin the casualty of an age of utmost ignorance. Throughout the shattered realms of man, the gloom of apathy permeates hearts and minds effecting war and all its miseries. Times are dark and threaten to descend darker still into the pit of decay.

Yet, an ember of hope, eternal as time without end, watches and waits to rise the next generation of guild initiates from darkness to light, restoring the glory of the Guild and order to all the realm.

Rise from the filth of world barbarism. Learn to equip knowledge, employ strategy and exhibit each dialectic, logic, and rhetoric to become magnificent once again.


Statement of Purpose

The art of debate once mastered, is a means to a grail none as sacred and shining as truth. Inasmuch, the prime purpose of the Guild is threefold based on this fundamental end.

The Guild shall debate issues worthy of higher discussion and deliberation in order to seek an ultimate understanding of wonder.

The Guild shall produce through the course of contest, fitter, stronger debaters who may appreciate both, if not all sides to an affair.

The Guild shall become one, imagination and intellect in the highest manifestation of mind.


The Fundamentals

The Guild is a forum TBS RPG; two distinct games which may be played independent of each other, however, are more expressive moreover impressive played in concert.

Section and Sub-Sections. The main section of the Guild shall publish the Creed of the Guild, Officers of the Council, Members of the Guild, in addition Societies of the Guild and so on. Here, official information and announcements about the Guild shall be published.

The Guild shall comprise of five sub-sections.

The first sub-section shall be The Courts, the place dedicated to the debates. Within this marble monument of reason, the courageous assemble to champion a cause; to battle with weapons forged of fact and polished persuasion to prove one time for all time a matter, until the controversy begins again.

The second sub-section shall be The Jury, the place purposed for deliberation and vote. All contests are decided democratically and impartially, for the only friend to whom the Guild is loyal are truth. Here, the official findings of the jury shall be rendered.

The third sub-section, The Tree of Proposition. From the gnarled limbs of the ancient oak, guild members may post interesting ideas or issue challenges. Have you the courage to eat of the fruit of challenge?

The fourth sub-section, The Pub, will be a place where guild members may come drink and have a laugh, celebrate a victory or commiserate a defeat; a place for praise, a place for jest and of course the place for the occasional food fight.

The fifth sub-section shall be The Realms, the wide world beyond the gates of the Guild. For fellow travelers and truth-seekers, those with hearts for adventure, ultimate adventure waits in the farthest reaches of the realm to the most distant recesses of reality. Here, destinies are shaped.

Character Creation.*

Game Mechanics.*


The Debates

In brief, the Guild shall organize both one-on-one and team debates over an agreed period of time. After which, a jury of peers shall decide through and the merits of democracy who best made the case. To assure fairness, pace and quality, a judge shall preside over each contest.

The Birth of Debate. A debate is born of The Tree of Proposition. A member of the Guild shall propose an issue for debate and declare an argumentative position. The proposition is to represent an open challenge to the Guild or direct challenge to a member to defend the opposite. Next, the members must negotiate the Rules of Contest. A judge shall volunteer to preside over the debate. Finally, the judge will inaugurate the proceedings; state the issue, contestants and Rules of Contest.

The Issues Worthy of Higher Discussion. From current events to age-old issues of crime and punishment, if there is a controversy to be resolved there is a discussion to be had.

The Contestants. There are three prerequisites each must qualify to participate in debates. First, the person must be an accepted member in good standing of the Guild. Second, the person must read and be familiar with the Creed (the rules of the game). Last, the person must be committed and set aside the required time to keep the debate progressing toward its natural conclusion.

The Rules of Contest.*

The Schedule of Debate. Debates shall be scheduled according to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Contestants shall determine the calendar and number of rounds of debate during the negotiation process. For the Guild's consideration defaults are provided.




Team Debates. Over a period of time, the Guild shall see the introduction of debates between teams of three guild members. Teams may be loose associations convenient for a short time or more substantial alliances in what are labeled societies. In all cases, a formal team leader shall be elected to the order of captain.

Teams and societies shall be recognized by a unique name. Team leaders shall open the debate declaring their team name, members and argumentative position. For example: Team [insert name] - Captain Alpha Members Beta and Gamma - Affirmative.

The Victorious. Once each side has rest its case, the judge will announce a formal end to discussion. Immediately thereafter, the judge will start a poll in The Jury sub-section. The poll shall remain open 48 hours to allow members who wish to vote the chance to read, consider and vote to determine the victor. All votes shall be on the record. Contestants and the presiding judge shall not vote. If, however, there have been less than three votes in the allotted period, the judge shall request the poll remain open for an extra 24 hours. If the extra time yields no more votes, the judge shall have the final word.

The Rankings.*



Societies are associated groups of members who engage in team debates and activities. A society has between 3 and 5 members of which one will be elected as captain. Associates of a society can only be associated with one society at a time. All societies must publish a statement of purpose and work toward that end.

Founding a Society.*


Justice of the Court

Justice of the Court is the title given those accepted to the position of judge. The judge is the arbiter of truth and shall therefore uphold the high standards of the Guild as enumerated in the Creed.

There are three prerequisites each must qualify in order to sit as a judge. First, each must comprehend the Creed. Second, each must be impartial. Third, each must commit to their responsibilities.

Pursuant to these, any member of the Guild may be a judge.




TO BE HUMAN IS TO BE AT ODDS. A violent species in a violent universe, Man know naught of peace. Besieged by ignorance, the ancestors of all people campaigned to conquer fear of night with light of fire. Evermore, let it be that the Guild of Controversy know of nothing but violence. No more slaves to the prevailing winds of convention and tradition, but soldiers for the emancipation of mind, baptized in the fragrance of wonders. For it is by trial that a truth might be tested and knowledge forged. VERUM PER TRIBULATIO. By these words may conventional wisdom be refined and found as understanding.



* Under development.

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