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Nov 7, 2009
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Middle Earth
RP: Cosmology: Dawn RP
OOC: Cosmology: Dawn OOC

Basic idea: You're all the Shapers. The universe basically springs into existence, maybe I as the "Maker" created it, but either way, You play the little-g "gods" and play around, raise mountains, make abodes, et cetera. If desired or needed, there can be a rule about how only certain rituals or beings can infuse sentience into whatever mortals You choose to create.

Show of hands/hooves/claws/tentacles/etc, who's interested? Oh, and after making the mortals and stuff, you can choose to become heroes of old, great emperors, wage wars, build wonders, et cetera. Just keep the, you know, INTIMATE parts to yourself.

We'll probably need at least 4 interested players before starting.

Please choose a "realm", like Weather, Oceans, Hunting, Eagles, etc when "signing up" as a god/goddess.

Please create EVERYTHING in-game, yourself. No introducing things from "outside" Creation. For all intents and purposes, this IS the Universe, the All. No memories prior to Wake.

This is PLANE sized. Not GALACTIC sized, at least for now, to keep focus and make it so everything's more or less connected and not a dozen different stories happening in a million different places. Think flat earth. Later on, we can create different worlds and such Ygdrassil-style, but I'd like for things to start out in more or less the same place, if that's okay.

This is the prehistory of basically everything. You are, literally, MAKING everything from scratch, and its entire history. You make Atlantis, you form Lemuria and all that stuff. Even Nibiru if you like. All the ancient conspiracies, the myths, the heroes of old, those are YOU. The ancient horrors and abominations from beyond the void, that's you. The creatures that are older than old and older than time itself, that's you right now, at their very birth. The "first spell" and "first word" and "first whatever", that's you. You forge the foundations of reality, You shape the gates of Time, You mold the echoes of Dream and the Aether and all that - in fact, You're responsible for the existence of Time, Space, the Aether, Dream, etc etc. Ex Nihilo.

We can do major timeskips whenever you want, if you want, or describe the passage of eons and ages. That way we don't have to play out every single century and millennium in the depths of time and the rise and fall of the eternal cycle or whatever you decide to create.

Oh, and please sign up your characters, UNLESS they're "unimportant" aka civilians.

Prototype Laws of the World (if desired or needed, subject to change. post suggestions!)
1, The Law of Origin: Nothing Before All-Maker: You are the keeper of this plane, this reality. You control a vast world, with a roof of stars above it if you like, sealed with an Empyrean area of creation. In here you are a god, a fragment of reality given life, purpose, and personality. But nothing in you is outside creation. You do not pull strange monsters from beyond the realms, make deals with light devouring spiders from the void, or talk to the strange thing nibbling at the world’s roots. All-Maker knows Her works, and perhaps has worlds and creatures beyond this one, but it is not for the gods to introduce one. If a god does claim to have found an entity or force older or apart from this world, its probably a lie or insanity.

And to be fair, its possible some of these gods will go insane.

2. The Law of Basic Sanity: There are laws and values in this world that do not require a God if the players decide it is so. Gravity pulls toward the earth, not toward the starry roof. Logic, or logos, was made by All-Maker, gods were made whole enough that they all have the capacity for deduction.

Example situation: A and B hold power over light and the sun, while C holds fire. These powers over warmth, light, heat, what is necessary for life. However, none of them can declare “Light is no longer a concept” any more then a minecraft player can go “There is no such thing as a workbench”. The very basic concepts of reality must exist.
Laws of the Gods (basic sanity rules)
1, The Law of Divine Dominion: No god may use their power to alter the mind or dominion of another god, unless by the will and decision of that altered god or player, in or out of character. A god may choose to become different from what they are, and can even make mistakes or alter their interpretation of their dominion over the world. But ultimately, a god cannot be forced to change or forsake their divine mandate, they must choose to transform themselves, or their player must choose to allow such a transformation to take place. This prevents power playing and such from occurring. Exceptions can be made as needed, such as players leaving or disappearing for extended periods, but only with majority player vote and all that.

Example situation: A wishes to spread the destruction across the ocean, and believes that uses a customized blight that transforms a person into their nightmares is effective. Unfortunately for this plan, B has control of dreams as well as oceans, and creates sea guardians specifically to hold rescue people and harvest solidified hope to counter this spread. B cannot be polluted by A, but the mercurial god of the seas does decide to eat the blight in hope of gaining a better emphasis of using nightmares to transform enemies. This does mean B's divine makeup shifts a bit, at least until they gestate something to put their newfound evilness into. Alternatively, the player for B decides that it would be fun to allow player A to spread said blight without interference, and explicitly states said permission in the ooc chat. In-universe, this then allows A to devastate vast portions of the ocean, corrupting B and turning the once-peaceful seas into a stormy and nightmarish Abyss which only the bravest heroes can cross.

2. The Law of Claimancy: In areas where two gods contest, the tie breaker if necessary is the strength of the divinity of the elements being used.

Example situation: If God A's great war machine, forged in the sun itself is set by upon the goblins, and the goblins resist, God A's divine favors will hold greater sway, as the mechanical monstrosity is born of him and practically a demigod. But if God B's first child, the prime goblin goes to battle, God B's divinity reigns stronger in the area than God A's great weapon. Should the divine effort put in both agents prove equal, such as the first goblin attempting to tame the first dragon with both carrying blessing and an enchanted object, the determination falls more clearly to the mortal contesting then the gods favoring each outcome.
Again, all these rules are up for debate and subject to change when desired by players.

Accepted Gods:
Name, Title (Player) - Alignment Gender Race God(dess) of Realm
Emptuma, the Empty Void (Stonk) - Neutral Agender Awoken Keeper God of the Void Between
Modaara, Lord of Change, Wind-bringer, Musician of the Gods (@Kelmourne ) - Chaotic Neutral Male Aeon God of Wind, Music and Change
Loosat, Lord of Blood, The Vengeful Ocean, The Great Instigator (@warrior_squirrel21 ) - Lawful Evil Male Aeon God of Waters, Conflict and Warfare
Thrulf, Wolf of Shadow, Lord of the Forest (@Midnattblod ) - Chaotic Good Male Aeon God of Forests and Shadow
Osseon, The Divine Clock (@Kelmourne ) - Neutral Agender Awoken Keeper God of Time and Stars
Wanderer, the Keeper of Records (@wanderingmagus ) - Neutral Female/Agender Endless Goddess of Magic, Paths, Records and Writing, Knowledge, Wisdom
Elineth, Spirit Sister (@Druid of Lûhn ) - Chaotic Neutral Female Aeon Goddess of Spirits
Mogan, The Fire Under the Mountain, The Forge Lord, The Old Ram, The Hammer (@RayCaptain ) - Lawful Neutral Male Aeon God of Mountains, Metal and Blacksmiths
Ignis, Keeper of the First Flame, the Lord-Protector of Mortal Creation, God of Fire, the Dreamed God, Son of Mogan, the Mirrored Knight (@RayCaptain ) - Lawful Good Male Aeon God of Fire, Dreams, the Creation of Mortal Life, Duty, Servitude, and Protection
Z'ozal, The Defiled Thing, Retching Maw, Eye of Madness, The Blasphemer/Blasphemous One, The Blight (@RayCaptain ) - Chaotic Evil Agender Abstract God of Sickness, disease, poison, parasites, deformation, decay, fear, madness, corruption, cowardice, cannibalism, carnal excess, gluttony, hording, lusting

Accepted Demigods:

Accepted Monsters:
Name, Title (Player) - Alignment Gender Race, spawn of Divinity.
Khul, Lord of Dragons, Eldest (@wanderingmagus) - True Neutral Male Dragon, spawn of Mogan, Z'ozal and Wanderer
Jhoragh, the Worm of the World (@wanderingmagus) - Chaotic Neutral Male Worm, spawn of Z'ozal and Wanderer
Unshalgoth, Mother of Spiders (@wanderingmagus) - True Neutral Female Spider, spawn of Z'ozal and Wanderer

Accepted Empires/Factions:
Name (Player) - Alignment, Race(s), Leader(s)

Accepted Rulers:
Name, Title(s) (Player) - Alignment Power-level Title of Faction

Accepted Heroes:
Name, Title (Player) - Alignment Power-level of Faction

Accepted Villains:

Inactive (warning):

Inactive (one week warning):

Myths and Legends (discontinued from the game):

Temporarily NPC or open for playing:

Power Level (god, demigod, etc):
Special Powers (if any):
Realm (for gods):
Faction (if any):
Mythical Role (if any):
Special Items (trident, gem, etc, if any):
Biography (if applicable):
Creator or Parent:
Goal (if any):
Faction Sign-up:
Faction name:
Faction symbol:
Faction colors:
Major settlements/villages/cities:
Community Leader:
Government (communist, socialist, fascist, democracy, monarchy, etc):
Cultural idiosyncrasies (sexism, xenophobia, etc):
Faction majority race (single-racial elf, multiracial, etc):
Default inventory of citizens:
Current General Community Tech Level:
General Community roles:
Special Community Abilities:
Community Weaknesses:
General Description & Backstory:
Relations with other races/factions:

To Do List for Civilizations (discoveries, inventions, and infrastructure can be granted instantly by gods):
Discover Fire
Invent the torch
Make or find shelter.
Find a source of water.
Find a source of food.
Learn to cook
Invent clothes:
-Invent traps/weapons/hunting
--Invent leather
-Find fibrous plants or silk
--Invent cloth
Invent the tent
Learn basket weaving
Invent food storage
Invent pottery
Learn basic bonesetting
Learn to make bandages
Learn herbal medicine
Invent painting and arts
Discover incense, dyes and spices
Invent primitive religion
Learn astrology
Learn magic
Invent rope and string
Invent stone tools
Learn to fish
Invent bows and arrows
Invent axes and hammers
Learn to carve wood
Invent boats
Invent music
Invent writing
Invent paper
Invent scrolls and books
Learn to grow food
Learn animal husbandry and domestication
Make better shelters
Domesticate animals with fur for cloth
Domesticate mammals for milk
Domesticate animals larger than you to ride
Domesticate animals with good smell/hearing for hunting and scouting
Domesticate animals with strength for pulling/pushing your vehicles.
Domesticate animals that excrete substances for wax/honey/silk
Invent lamps and candles
Invent brewing and fermentation
Invent bartering and trading
Invent money
Invent bureaucracy
Invent the plow
Learn crop rotation
Invent wells
Invent the bucket
Invent irrigation
Invent armor
Learn masonry
Learn architecture
Build houses and buildings
Learn sculpture
Build megalithic structures
Discover the wheel
Invent wagons and chariots
Discover sanitation and sewage
Invent aqueducts and running water
Invent catapult
Invent trebuchet
Invent ballista
Invent crossbow
Invent ramparts
Invent murder holes
Invent portcullis
Invent pikes, halberds, lances
Invent barding
Invent the ram
Invent the dam
Invent reservoirs
Discover metal
Invent the compass
Invent refining
Invent the smelter
Invent casting
Invent the forge
Invent smithing
Invent metal tools
Invent metal weapons and armor
Discover glass
Invent glassblowing
Discover simple fermentation
Invent alcoholic drinks
Develop the hostel, inn and tavern
Develop traditions of hospitality

To Do List for Gods:
Create other forms of magic, especially rule-based magic
Create spirits, angels, and demons
Create mythical monsters
Leave your mark on the world - a mountain that pierces the heavens, a bottomless pit, an impossibly large tree, etc
Build your own sanctuary if you haven't already
Create humans, lizardfolk, catfolk, sentient animals, and other mortal races.
Develop a religion around your godly self if you like
Go around blessing, cursing or smiting mortals as you see fit. Make yourself known!
Prepare for the war at the end of time
Prank your fellow gods
Find the love of your life and have some kids.
Be awesome. This goes with leaving your mark on the world.

To Do List for Rising Empires:
Organize military for defense
Organize emergency response units
Organize internal peacekeeping forces
Draft a set of basic laws
Patch loopholes in those laws
Develop a tax system to pay for all this
Organize official infrastructure builders and maintainers
Document all proceedings
Organize an inspection force
Create offices for administering each part
Organize system for replacing incompetent or aging officers

Invent flasks
Invent glass tubes
Invent vials
Invent filters
Invent distillation
Discover calcination
Discover dissolution
Discover separation
Discover conjunction
Discover fermentation
Discover alcohols
Discover coagulation
Invent a precise and steady heat source
Invent a temperature measurement tool
Standardize weights and measures
Invent simple centrifuge
Discover essences, fumes, and oils
Discover spirits and ethers
Invent oil lamps
Discover turpentine
Discover acids and bases
Discover salts
Invent perfume
Invent poisons
Invent elixir's
Invent syrups
Invent potions
Develop alchemical theory
Develop scientific method
Develop peer review
Organize journals, conventions and forums of discussion
Formalize education
Invent philosophy
Invent microscope

Develop siege engines
Develop siege ladders
Develop siege bridges
Develop scaffolding
Develop complex road construction
Invent the screw
Invent the pump
Invent the gear
Invent waterwheel
Invent windmill
Invent levers
Invent buttons
Invent dials
Invent the assembly line
Invent automated looms
Invent the mechanical automotive doll
Invent golem
Invent logic
Develop golem command syntax
Develop analytical computation engine
Establish engineering safety oversight
Discover the laws of physics and magic

Establish medical oversight
Develop triage
Discover sanitation
Develop germ theory
Invent face mask
Invent gloves
Invent medical robes
Discover mold
Discover cheese
Discover penicillin
Discover antibiotics
Discover anesthetic
Invent the scalpel
Invent gauze and bandages
Invent transfusion
Invent tubing
Develop theory of the mind
Develop psychiatry
Build houses of healing and care
Develop institutions for medical learning
Invent splints and crutches
Invent amputation
Invent artificial limbs
Learn anatomy of your species
Standardize medical terminology
Create a universal symbol of healing

Creation List template:
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Name: Emptuma
Title: The god of space, the empty void, the nothing between things, the snakes of dread below and the vast yawning loneliness above. I am emptiness.
Gender: What does the nothing need of things such as these?
Race: Awoken keeper.
Power Level (god, demigod, etc): god
Appearance: A luminescence within the darkness, I will show myself as a contrast between the surrounding loss and the immediate focii. Fix your eyes upon the light as if it is I, but know that I am all around you.
Special Powers (if any): I have no special powers, unless it is to seep into the encroaching something and nest there.
Realm (for gods): Space, the dark, and the in-between of things.
Faction (if any): I serve no faction.
Alignment: Neutral
Mythical Role (if any): I have been known to observe, but my role is to separate and create spaces within the somethings which make up the realm.
Special Items (trident, gem, etc, if any): A vaccuum. To know me is to be breathless.
Biography (if applicable): I have awoken.. The word still rings in my consciousness. I see nothing and am nothing. I begin to understand and to speak the language of space. I breath life into the very fabric of the gone. This is my beginning.
Creator or Parent: The All-Creator, the word and the speaker whom I do not yet know.
Personality: I find your anthropomorphism crude and troubling.


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Middle Earth
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Emptuma, the Empty Void (Stonk) - Neutral Agender Awoken Keeper God of the Void Between



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Middle Earth
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Awesome, looking forward to your presence! :D


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I'll give it a go. I'll come up with something while at work tomorrow, and go from there. Unfortunately, right now, it's almost time for me to hit the sack


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A Pirate city in international cyberspace
Name: Modaara
Titles: Lord of Change, Wind-bringer, Musician of the Gods.
Gender: Male.
Race: Aeon.
Power Level: God.
Appearance: A robed humanoid figure about 9 feet tall. The robes are thick, have many layers, and are constantly moving as if under the influence of strong wind. They appear to be made of an infinitely smooth silk like material, which is impossibly black in colour but which shines like silver around the edges when moving swiftly.
Special Powers: Can summon winds of supernatural strength, and can control the flow of air with great precision. Invented music, and is a musician of incredible skill. Generally plays a flute. Dust/sand/dirt in the nearby area gets caught up in the winds that surround Modaara, but they do not form a cloud, they form very delicately arranged lines and patterns that flow around him. Has mastery over musical magic.
Realm: The Singing Mountain of Yar, atop which there is a gate to the plane of Inner-Yar, inhabited by the 3333 Aviiae who each sing a unique note.
Faction: .None.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Mythical Role: Creator of wind and music. Bringer of the winds of change. Master of Changelings.
Special Items: Inyirin, the void flute of Modaara. Impossibly black in appearance, with some fine lines of silver trim. Inyirin can sound like up to 3333 flutes playing in chorus simultaneously. Modaara's creation magic is channeled through Inyirin, and during these spells a gray mist will below forth from the Flute and take the desired form.
Biography: Invented the first musical notation, with 3333 unique notes.
Personality: Extremely unpredictable.
Goal: Shape the primordial mass of reality with the force of his music.
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Middle Earth
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Modaara, Lord of Change, Wind-bringer, Musician of the Gods (@Kelmourne ) - Chaotic Neutral Male Aeon God of Wind, Music and Change ACCEPTED!


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Middle Earth
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Looking forward to everyone's posts! :D


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Where I lay my head is home
Name: Mogan
Title: The Fire Under the Mountain, The Forge Lord, The Old Ram, The Hammer
Gender: Male
Race: Aeon
Power Level: God
Appearance: Squat and wide and muscular, Mogan's skin is dark and craggy as if made of stone with a great braided beard adorned with all manner of metals and precious gemstones and atop his head set a pair of horns alikened to a mountain goat. He wears nothing but trousers and his forge apron but almost always has his legendary hammer, Bal, with which he shapes a rugged landscape.
Special Powers: Can eject molten rock from his body and possesses great strength even for a god. With Bal, can raise up great mountains, split the earth, and forge virtually any item of unwordlu craftsmanship.
Realm: Volcanoes, Mountains, Creatures that have a magma-type fire inside them but especially Salamanders, Metals, Laborers but especially Blacksmiths, Subterranean races but especially Dwarves, Perfectionists

Note: Due to his aloof nature, Mogan's "realms" is made up of things that just happen to be his creation until that point another deity "adopts" or repurposes them. Everything but his forge and solitude is of little importance.

Faction: N/a
Alignment: LN
Mythical Role: Mogan gave shape to a "cold" world without warmth save the sun in the sky, he raised up the first volcanoes for his great forges. The Old Ram scorned the skies above for the ground below and sought out an existence in his subterranean forges deep within the earth's crust where he he fashioned the first metals and gems from within his own body and litered them in seams and deposits as he moved about throughout the lands, creating new ones as he became unsatisfied with the old. He created what we might know as craftsmanship, in a way, working one thing, by force, into another, when he began his smithing. He created the first "dragons" of sorts; salamanders, great molten and fiery breathed wingless lizards of slag and flesh when, upon injuring himself in his forge, his divine molten blood mixed with earth on the floor and sprang forth life. He also spawned powerful molten elementals from his breath to keep his forges hot while he was away. Created dwarves from earthen mounds while experimenting with a self-made version of magic, trying to replicate the All-Maker's ability (not to obtain greater power but because the one craftsman greater than Mogan was the All-Maker herself), but decided that his creation talked too much and so buried them in the ground, giving up on "life magic", in a deep sleep until that time which "life" springs up on the world.

Special Items: Bal, a forge hammer of divine capabilities in the area of smithing and shaping both rock and metal. It is made of the first rock, blessed to be unbreakable by Mogan, that he breath-welded to the first metal. The hammer is otherwise unremarkable in appearance expect for its size and weight.
Biography: First post
Personality: Mogan is a grump, preferring to spend his time under his active volcanoes in his forge. Mogan thinks nothing of worship, like prayer or praise, but can be made to admire, and even bless, the greatest works of craftsmanship, but is usually uninterested and aloof of all else. He is most content with his work and tools, but never seems satisfied with what he has made, often "discarding" his own creations and moving on the moment he finishes. He is always cantankerous, with an explosive temper, but seldom moved to acts of violence, preferring mumbling and grunbling tirades of profanity and beligerence as he shuffles to and fro.
Goal: Uncertain, some think that he has a master plan to form and forge the primordial world, others believe him a simple busybody.
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Nov 2, 2006
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Where I lay my head is home
I'll be posting bios for volcano elementals, salamanders, and dwarves later on. I'd also be willing to make and play another god if there aren't enough basic roles filled since the one above is, by creation, not keen on interaction with the outside world.

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