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Dec 19, 2003
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Superman Casting

On Monday, comic book writer Mark Millar revealed he had learned that Jim Caviezel ("The Count of Monte Cristo," "The Passion of The Christ") had officially been cast as Superman in the new Bryan Singer-directed adaptation at Warner Bros.

Millar's scoop was followed the next day with an apparent debunking by Harry Knowles at Ain't-It-Cool-News, who said that Caviezel had not been cast and wasn't even being considered. He added that Tom Welling was also out of the running.

Mark Millar has answered though, and at his official website posted...

Just to hammer home how confident I am as regards my source (pretty much as good as it gets), I will personally write a cheque to charity for 1000 dollars from my Wolverine royalties (Wolverine 20 and 21 out October 2004) if Jim Caviezel isn't cast as Superman on the day principal photography starts. Warners may have a couple of PR stunts planned prior to the final announcement, but this is a bet that Jim C is standing there in a Superman costume once the cameras start rolling.

Very interesting! We'll see what Warner Bros. has to say about this, so far we haven't received an answer from the studio regarding the casting.


and a reply

Hey folks, Harry here... I love this. I totally agree with Mark Millar - I'm willing to bet we'd be the two point crunch as Nick Frost illustrated last night, if we ever met. I like Mark Millar... Love his writing... but folks... He's WAY wrong - and he'll be paying to a great cause, and that makes me happy, cuz....
JESUS (Caviezel) ain't SUPERMAN!
Mark Millar has issued a bet for charity, he named his charity as the CLYDE COAST MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS THERAPY CENTRE... a wonderful wonderful charity. Unfortunately - the charity that I won't be paying (CUZ Jim Caviezel is not gonna be SUPERMAN in the Bryan Singer directed film) would be THE COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. So now - the good folks at Clyde Coast need only wait for the first day of photography on SUPERMAN to be 1K richer!


The Web is abuzz with speculation that two actors previously seen in Marvel movies might be up for the title role in Superman. According to a scooper for Dark Horizons, director Bryan Singer reportedly met with Aussie thesp Eric Bana while the filmmaker was in Sydney. Bana, as you'll recall, played The Hulk; he recently starred in Warner Brothers' epic Troy.

So a director and an actor meet ... for what? No one really knows. Maybe Singer is just a fan of Bana's work. Still, it's fun to wonder what it was about.

In related news, reports that Daniel Cudmore – the 6'8" actor who made a cameo as Colussus in Singer's X2: X-Men United – auditioned for the lead role in Superman. Cudmore's reps confirmed that he auditioned for the part in Vancouver. As the site notes, however, "Cudmore has signed a deal to appear in X-Men 3 although according to his rep Fox haven't exercised their option yet."

Meanwhile, comic book scribe Mark Millar refuses to renounce his claim that Jim Caviezel has won the lead in Superman. In a posting at his official site, Millar says "Warners may have a couple of PR stunts planned prior to the final announcement, but this is a bet that Jim C is standing there in a Superman costume once the cameras start rolling." Millar says he'll write a check for charity if he proves wrong.


Josh Hartnett Talks Sin City Role

I play a kind of unnamed character. The reason I got into it is because Robert Rodriguez needed to get the rights from Frank Miller. Frank had felt like he had been duped before. He didn't want to give the rights away to his baby, Sin City. I had worked with Robert before and I told him at the time, anytime he ever wanted me to do anything, I'd be up for it and I was about to go shoot Mozart.


Hellboy2, 3

-BPRD Agent John Myers (Rupert Evans) will not be returning for the sequel, since the love triangle storyline fully played out in the first film. Psychic fish-man (and fan favorite) Abe Sapien (Doug Jones), however, will have a significantly larger role to play in this entry.

-Johann Kraus, a physical medium who lost his body in a seance accident and must now exist as an ectoplasmic mass living in a containment suit, will be joining the BPRD in the sequel. The evil mechanical nazi zombie Kroenen will not return, although del Toro hopes to bring him back for a third installment of the franchise.

-The film will be shot on location in Europe, but not Prague, as costs have spiraled over the past couple years, with more and more film productions taking place there. The new locations are still to be determined.

-The film's budget will likely be very close to the budget of the original film, somewhere between $60-70 million (as a point of reference, the first film cost $65 million).

-The script is already underway, being written by del Toro and series creator Mike Mignola. This writing will not interfere with Mignola's current work on the 'Hellboy' comic series, however, as he is busy tweaking a new mini-series, 'Hellboy: The Island'.

-It's possible that before 'Hellboy 2', del Toro will direct 'At the Mountains of Madness', an adaptation of the classic HP Lovecraft horror novel. 'Hellboy' star Ron Perlman will be playing McTighe in the film, if it gets the final greenlight.

Griffo: Will you make Hellboy into a trilogy
Guillermo: I would love to make Hellboy into a trilogy. Creatively, Mike Mignola and I know that we want to at least do that. Economically, it's the studio's decision. When we made Blade II, we were already three years into trying to get Hellboy made. We started trying to get it made back in 1997. Back then there were no comic book movies really being made in any studio. This was pre-Matrix, pre-Spider-Man, pre-X-Men, so David Goyer came to me to do Blade II and he said, "If you want Hellboy made, the best way to have Hollywood do it is to do Blade 2.” He was right. If you watch closely, there is a Hellboy bobblehead in Scud's van.

Corvis: Are you not slightly worried about being pigeonholed as the ‘comic book movie guy’?
Guillermo: No I'm not, because I try to do different types of movies. I have only done Blade II and Hellboy based on American comic books. I would not mind, however, taking a stab at Swamp Thing, Miracle Man, Coffin or Katsushiro Otomo’s Domu.