Christopher Columbus

The peoples champion

The peoples champion
Dec 17, 2006
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I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
Man of the sea
His land was free
He just wanted to find something more
So he left the shore

To find what is out there
Far away lands
On a ship, heading so far
Sometimes not knowing exactly why?

So many lands below the sky
This man of Europe had something he wanted to see
A new land that could be just as free
Years and years, and all the fears

He led a ship of mighty men
Knowing their is a new discovery but when?
Years ago, many ancients know
That the world was possibly flat

They thought a ship would fall off the sea
Once again how can this idea possibly be?
Christopher knew what was at steak
He crossed nearly all the seas and found out this was fake

Many lands he and his men found
Some on purpose and some by accident
Maps could be wrong and compasess could be broken
So the inner risk taker was awoken

For every land, and every town
Their is a need to find whats not near or around
Ancient ships and ancient trails, they will travel so far
To find aomething new and what was thought not so true

Ancient people knew their is more than one land
Do you dare to cross that forbidden river or sand?
This man from the past, lived his life on the sea
Where he felt he was mostly free

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