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Jul 25, 2004
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Well, it's safe to assume that the revival will take place considering all the volunteers we've gotten. I'd like to get a few more female people on the cast, but we can deal with that a bit later. Our most recent update on the state of Sempai High came from the recent Defense Force Meets Sempai High arc in Tales of TFF, however there were some affects to canon that need to be changed in order for a successful resurrection of Sempai High. So, here are the changes that are being made to the current Sempai Canon

1. The events of the Tales arc are no longer after the graduation of the last of the Sempai heroes. Instead it occurred mid way through summer break after the school year the heroes went through in the three episodes we went through already.

2. The party in the Tales meets Sempai arc was a birthday party, not a graduation party.

3. Several characters from the original Sempai series are no longer with us, most notably Via Amarath. This leaves a void in the Kung Fu team as well as MaDnESS!, Lillith Forbid will be spending more time in singles competition unless she can find a new tag team partner. Other characters no longer have people to play them, they will either be explained away as having moved, been transferred, or will be referenced but never directly interacted with. In Via's case her character had to move away.

4. Soon after the school year starts the character Huma Dragonlance will receive a new nickname, that name being Kakashi

5. Non mages have some limited access to the chi force, nothing on the level of Tales of TFF characters, but it is there

any others that contradict current canon will be made once I am aware of them through whatever means.
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