Brother Otto

Bill Reich

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Aug 10, 2017
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Name: Brother Otto
Age: Twenty-Eight
Occupation: Monk (not the D&D character class; he's an actual monk)
Race: Human
Appearance: Otto is large and imposing. 6'1" and 195 lbs. He has a stern countenance toward most people but the downtrodden and helpless see kindness in his eyes. It is actually easier to get him to laugh than to smile. He has chestnut-brown hair and green eyes.
Personality: He prefers to take his time over decisions and does not like to be hurried into the wrong action but he recognizes that circumstances can make it impossible to ponder.
Background: He was a simple brother of an obscure Bavarian order of the Roman Catholic Church, trained to fight but expecting to live in peace, when the Hundred Years War broke out.
He was assigned as a spiritual adviser to a lance of young knights. He fought beside them while trying to teach them caution and restraint. It probably made it harder for them to absorb the lessons when he charged into every fight yelling "God Wills It."
He honestly didn't know how the war was going when the Plague of Vampires hit. Soon, all of his young charges were dead. Several had to be killed a second time. Somehow he fell into the company of some English longbowmen and, after many travails, they traced the vampire plague to its source and ended it. Now, he is in England. He has founded a chapter house while his erstwhile commoner companions have been granted baronies. Now the game of "Who Gets to be King of England" is heating up. He doesn't know why he should care about a purely secular matter but he and his companions are involved on the side of the King who has ignored them after granting them land against the usurper who holds land in Normandy and western France and is allied with the Burgundians and wizards from the east.