Book Review - Gozeul's Dark World Toy Box


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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi, this is my first attempt at a book review. I plan to do at least one a month, depends if I read a good book on my kindle in that time.

This months review is of a little sleeper I'm calling the 'Toy Box'. The real title is ridiculous to long to keep typing out.

My review in short.....!

Dark, Bizzare, Brilliant!

The Toy Box is essentially the fantasy take on a Big Brother/Sims reality where the evil creator, an alien called Gozeul, plants victims from the outside world, mostly from different time periods, and just like the PC game, he torments them silly. From the outside this premise, although clever, seems rather random, especially when magic and monster are added into the mix. There's a lot of themes clashing together, however to the authors credit, it does work.

This is due to the solid fast flowing writing, that gives just enough description for your imagination to flurish, and the jig saw puzzle approach where the chapters are broken up into different characters (GRRM style). All the charcters have a back story, which i always like, and the science fiction and historical themes are fairly light, this is almost pure fantasy.

The main plot involves a child necromancer, with a murderous magic ball called smiley, who is running from wizard catchers who want to brainwash him into thier strange cult. Again bizzare, but entertaining.

I don't want to add any spoilers, but there are moments of humour, action.... and lots and lots of tragedy. I had to comfort eat after the finale.

Im certain the book hasn't been out long, I stumbled across it last week by fluke, but this could be a real sleeping classic.

Overall 4/5. The first quarter of the book is slow as it introduces the characters, but then really picks up.
Just needed that happy ending, but as it's volume 1, maybe it's in the next.
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