Beyond Sky.


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Dec 9, 2009
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Ok at least I`ll give it a try. So If i know all this stuff correctly >.> the "noobie" RPG`s is born here. so yeah...

Beyond Sky.​

22 April. 1536 year.

The world is in peace, at least,
after countless wars between races, the new borders is settled.
The cost of this war is million of men.
Orcs and humans have agreed on rules of Rukamark.
( The capital city in Orc terittory ).This aliance creates biggest and
strongest country in world. It its ruled by two kings - king of the orcs Ruka ,
and king of the humans Ilan. But both country is ruled by
unite assembly of 5 greatest orcs and humans.
Elves as always , are by them self. Countless civil wars between elves ,
have forbid them to create unite country, unite land...Dark , Wood , Light,
High Elves , have split they country in five sides, each side as it own rules
and laws. There is no unite king.
There is small land in far west, where other races live , the land of
"outlaws and criminals'" , other country have given it this name -
but its name is Lieal. There is no king, mafia and bands rule this land.

Pub of Giual.

"Its a dark place to be in" - short , blond haired, blue eyed men said.
"But we are here now. Its the only place to look for strong heroes.''


you really wish to know ;( ?

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