Ancient Texas

The peoples champion

The peoples champion
Dec 17, 2006
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I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
In a time that seems so long ago
Has felt like yesterday to so many
There was a country named mexico
They owned much of the United states at a time

Of course they owned much of central america as well
There army was strong with many in numbers
With smart battle techniques and weapons
They where to be beleived unbeatable

This army this country owned much of the United states
After the indians where being slowly most of the texas estates
United states wanted it all, and mexico was in there way

Half of texas was of the Americans and half was Mexico
Battle came about becuase in 1821 texas was part of spain
The spanish ruled this land so long ago a change has begun
1824 at the start of the rising of the sun

This land was now owned by mexico and United states
A territory owned by 2 lands and had 2 capitals
For this was short lived on a day around 1835
The area was to be owned by mexico completely

With americans still living there and still had a say
Rules and guidelines where made that changed the map of today
Many settlers came from around the globe
This land was to be full of peace and love even the flag looked that way

A small town has formed, and a greedy leader was created
This man was a general and a president that was highly rated
A person who changed the view of the spanish and mexico governments
He reduced the power of the people and more power to him

This caused havock and hell to be brought down the road
He wanted texas to be his, and to stop the west expansion
A person named Antonio Lopez, now with a giant X on his back
Texan rebels had enough they started to attack

They continued to take over town after town
There came a time when the mexican army was no longer around
Antonio Lopez was furious, he wanted to send a messange and drop the hammer
Make this little rebel army put in there place, and stop the clammer

So he created a army of hell to end the rebel
6,100 soldiers and 20 cannons to be sent
They traveled some distance to get to these people
A snow storm with snow and cold that occured

They finnaly arrived Febuary 23rd
A battle was to be started many people have heard
Lopez wanted revenge and more power to his name
But after this battle he will never be the same

William Barret Travis was to be the leader of this american army
He and this small land created a small army of 189
James C. Neil was the leader of the texas area
He had to leave becuase his family had an illness

So a leader short and a man named Jim Bowie
He also can lead a army to battle
But he and Travis argued of this matter
Sadly to say Bowie was really sick so Travis took the sattle

Age of soldiers ranged 16-57
With people from 28 different states
Many small groups from small armies came
This battle this stand, history will never be the same

There was a small army of 450 men slightly southeast
320 men where to be sent to fight the mexican beast
But lack of communication ended this army from defending the texas nation
Mexicans caught and killed most of the army, including there leader (James fannin)

March 3rd Travis was given the heads up on this battle
Anogher small army tried to battle the mexicans
But this battalion was no match
Then the battle big battle came at last

13 days and 13 nights this continued
A mexico army of now 1,400 to 1,600 was sent
Yet the 189 of texas, out numbered off to war they went
Each day that continued it was clear who won

The bigger army who planned to have no survivers
But before this blood shed began
A letter to urge the texans to surrender was written by hand
Travis ordered a cannon to be shot

Telling the rest of the world and the united states
He will never surrender and never will, this will be a thrill
On the 13th day of war, at 5:00 am the evil was to be at the front door
With mexican armies every where, how can this small army answer this dare

Texas did push back one of the mexican battle lines
But a small mexican army breached the north of the wall
Then the final stand of the texan rebel army began to fall
Travis was quickly dead with a shot in the head

The small army was to small and too weak
Mexican army was at full strenght and at full peak
With in 3 hours by 8:00 am most where dead
An hour later all the soldiers where gone sources said

Women and children plus slaves where to live
But after this historical battle was over
The united states took back that land and much more
Becuase Lopez may have one but had lots to pay in store

Quickly the Americans created a huge army
With many men, from all over
This mexican army in time was to be destroyed
With the Americans owning more land and more people
Mexico was forced to retreat far south which they could not avoid

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