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Dec 26, 2003
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Greetings, i have a question on bowcrafting. I am no woodsman, nor have I ever really crafted anything of wood so forgive my ignorence.
Lately i've been looking at alot of bows, and alot of bow websites to figure them out. I want to buy a bow.. an exceptional bow or elegance but also of power. My vision of a bow has always been round, and fat such as were all the bows in LOTR, however.. Nowhere i look seems to sell bows of the same design. I see makeshift usable lothlorien and mirkwood bows but... they're all so small, and thin, and relatively flat.. why is this? Is there some reasoning behind it.. or is that becuase it's cheaper to make.. What I really want is an almost exact duplicate of a Lothlorien recurve, legolas' lothlorien bow, or a mirkwood bow, even just a plain bow of their design with no etching, but there don't seem to be any. The news of UC picking up the bows rekindled my desire.. but then i found out that they would not be usable.. :(
Does anyone know of any fletcher, that makes fat, round, long bows, possibly of even recurve design, or is it just not possible?


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Sep 25, 2003
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I'll pm you a website that I think will suit your needs. The bows aren't cheap but they are traditional bows of numerous varieties. I can see some of the Lord of the Rings bows there. Not exactly the same but let your imagination wander while looking at them and you'll see what you think you can do with them yourself. This company come highly recommended from Barebow archers I know.

If anyone else wants this link feel free to ask. Actually I will post this as on a quick reread of the rules it says you can post links to Functional Weaponry.

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