2 Day Countdown for the Deathly Hallows


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Mar 7, 2006
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Hi everyone - I just wanted to ask you all your thoughts about the recent news events in regards to spoilers on the final Harry Potter Book Entitled: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. According to Yahoo news states that several individual sites have posted the name of the character who will die. One paragraph stated that a hacker hacked into the bloomsbury British website and read through the manuscript of the final book. My question is do you believe that everything should have been kept a secret until the unveiling or do you want to know who is killed? What would you do in order to not look at the Spoilers on the internet? What are your thoughts on those who placed the spoilers on the internet?

Personally, I believe people who do this ruin the whole expectation for those who want those names. I for one have only read the article and even in the article their were two links where the supposed name was - one of which I visited and laughed at. To me these people are very rude and flat out evil people. I want everyone to find out who it is on their own. I believe that the documents shouldn't have been able to be accessed through the internet. That is plain silly. To me websites for authors are a toss in the air. One of my favorite authors has a computer but doesn't have access to the internet. He too knows how easy it is for people to hack into computers and steal anything they want. Sure their is an official website for him and his series but he does not update it. Instead a very good friend of his does the updating because he has a computer with the internet. Websites for authors should be considered with great care and concern. If I was that author I too would say not to the internet. I'd be too afraid of somebody stealing my work. In order to avoid the spoilers I don't go on the Internet, besides, more than likely I am not about to start reading the book the very first day it comes out. I, myself, want to go back through and start from the beginning and go to the end at one time. Hope that helps! :D


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Nov 26, 2005
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I despise those who ruin endings to books. Movies not so much, but I still hate it either way.
I have been extremely careful about what I click on and what I read, soon I will probably abandon the net all together just in case.
The final book will arrive at my apt. the day of release, I pre-ordered from amazon a good while ago, and when I get it I will definitely be gone until it is finished. I know many people can and will finish the book the day they get it, I can too, but I am one of the few who can read quickly but choose not to, when I take my time I enjoy it more.
I am very excite about this last book.

Oh, and I am also the type who likes to re-read the books especially when the new one comes out. Instead of waiting for the day to do this, I have already re-read the series. I can honestly say that the Harry Potter books are my most re-read books ever. I have re-read each one at least 5 times each, some I have read (like OOTP, HBP, GOF) I have read 9-11 times.
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