1. TerraFantasy

    Hello :)

    Hello there! I'm Steven (lover of fantasy books, movies, music, games,...) and new here :) I love to compose fantasy music and recently started my channel "Terra Fantasy" on YouTube as a homage to one of my favorite composers Nobuo Uematsu. I'm very happy to be here and looking forward to...
  2. N

    Losing and Replacing a Soul

    The topic came up in an RP group I'm in. If someone were to lose a soul, would it be possible to replace it with a blank soul? A blank soul being one that was washed/purified in the afterlife. Basically, everything that made it an individual was washed away. Leaving it pure and untainted. The...
  3. kalikantzaros_

    Fantasy art & printable RPG miniatures.

    Hello I am an artist creating fantasy art & printable RPG miniatures. Medieval fantasy has always been the thing that draws me. I would like to hear your comments
  4. B

    Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen

    Hi all, I've been wanting to read this series for a long time but I never do because the books (paperback) are so big in terms of physical size. They are difficult to hold on one hand or many days my bag is full and it would be difficult to fit it in there. Are there any plans on republishing...
  5. C

    Acacia trilogy

    Hi! Anyone here who read the Acacia Trilogy by David Anthony Dutham? The reviews and ratings for the books were great so I started reading them. I think I started reading the 1st book (the war with the mein) 4-5 times. Everytime I would start reading it, I lose interest real fast. I finally...
  6. Niseam

    Dreams of the Dying - A Free Fantasy Web Novel

    Hey, fellow Fantasy readers, I don't think I'll ever write a self-promotion post and not feel a bit needy while doing it, but as this is a Fantasy forum, my novel is free, and I genuinely believe some of you might like it, I think it's okay to let you know it exists. :) In a nation where...
  7. C

    Geedis / Land Of Ta

    Have you heard of Geedis / Land Of Ta? I figured that this might be a good place to ask about it, as they have a fantasy look about them. Does this look familiar to anyone? Here is some info about the mystery The search for...
  8. blackrock

    Superman volume 1

    A strange boy from the planet krypton has appeared from the skies with a name we've never heard but we can't not venture to guess by now, is the first person to ever think to call himself, Superman, still alive with the name today...
  9. Charles Nicol

    The Ichor Mythos

    I am currently writing a fantasy series and am self publishing on kindle. Here is a link and below the link I will post chapter 1 of a novella in the near future so you can sample some of my works...
  10. wanderingmagus

    "Cosmology: Dawn" Sign-up & Info

    RP: Cosmology: Dawn RP OOC: Cosmology: Dawn OOC Basic idea: You're all the Shapers. The universe basically springs into existence, maybe I as the "Maker" created it, but either way, You play the little-g "gods" and play around, raise mountains, make abodes, et cetera. If desired or needed...
  11. xen-0518

    Adventures in Alderra

    PROJECT: Alderra Here, I will post what I have written so far for my created land of Alderra. Alderra's landmass is very large, and Provinces divide each region. There lands off the coasts, each containing their own secrets and history.
  12. AstroDwarf

    Aoxien and the Surrounding Continents

    I lack a name for my planet, but I have names for most of my other stuff. I will upload images later. I hope for any feedback, good or bad. Aoxien- The main continent I've been working on, it's a large mass in the center of the Ocean. Sydon- A more tropical and wild continent, to the East...
  13. I

    "Bottoms Up!" - A Fantasy Novel IndieGOGO

    Hello Everyone! My fantasy novel "Bottoms Up!" got its indieGOGO campaign. I will be really grateful if you check it out! THANK YOU! Bottoms Up! - A Fantasy Novel
  14. LoftyRay


    Hey! I'm LoftyRay and I hail from an icy tundra. Well, currently it's actually kind of warm. I am an illustrator, designer, and I like to do a little bit of writing. My love for fantasy started when I was just a wee lad when my mother had me start reading the Harry Potter series, and it just...
  15. Suphorix


    Hello people, My name is Jordan and I’m quite new to forums, I’ve used reddit a few times. Anyway ive joined this forum because of my interest for drawing fantasy creatures (I’m not very good) and I especially enjoy drawing fantasy maps...I often draw them at school with my friends and then we...
  16. Saladin

    Can I let people know about my book here?

    Hi there, I have published my first book of 'The Myth Shadow Trilogy' named 'Son o The Prisonland' in Kindle recently. The print version will be available soon on Amazon. It's an Epic Fantasy novel based on non-European mythology. Here's the book description: Aylan grew up with the...
  17. L. S. Blades

    Favourite Fictional Fantasy Creature?

    What is your favourite creature from a fantasy world? What is it called, describe it? Why is it your favourite? And from what fantasy world is it from? If you can't think of one, is there a creature you would like to see in a specific fantasy world? For the sake of the topic, let's leave out...
  18. The-Witchfinder

    I need help finding a book I briefly was in possession of. Thanks.

    I was recently in a waiting room and picked up a book that seemed quite interesting. I now want to read the book but have completely forgotten the name and author. The gist of the book was about an innocent man put into prison and ends up with a cell mate that is eager to escape. Once they have...
  19. SteamBoy

    Drugs in fantasy?

    Yes, yes, the fantasy does not have to be like reality, but that does not imply that it can not be realistic. Fantasy is not synonymous with surrealism. A fantasy work can be extremely realistic or technical and, if it keeps the necessary resources, like magic, it will remain fantasy. Good...
  20. 9

    Is this fantasy concept boring and overused now?

    The idea of royal houses/families fighting for power, which includes going to war with each other. I haven't read many fantasy stories, but that's the central theme of A Song of Ice and Fire and most medieval themed stories. The thing is that Asoiaf is one of the only fantasy series I've read...