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    China's new anthem

    China officially has a new national anthem:"]
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    Favourite quotes from the Simpsons!

    I'll get the ball rolling: "But Marge, the boy needs to learn how to weasel out of things, it's what separates us from the animals...except the weasel"- homer
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    Who would win in a fight between...

    My money is on Popeye. ;)
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    Hello everyone! Again! I stopped posting a few months ago and thought I'd start using this forum again. Everyone who posts gets a free ale :draught:!
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    Just a question.

    Well would you?
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    Psycho killer!

    Are you a psycho killer? I know I am.
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    A riddle

    (Not very difficult really) One sunday, a millionaire is murdered. There are three suspects- the chauffeur, the mailman and the maid. They each had an alibi, but one is lying. The chauffeur said he was washing the car, and was nowhere near the victim. The mailman said he was outside delivering...
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    Smack or slay

    Choose your weapon and either smack or slay the person above you!
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    The Hunt for the elusive Boardtracker

    Looking out over the vast African Savannah I spot my prey, the rare specimen known as the Boardtracker, grazing near a herd of docile Newbies. Seeing my chance, I prepare to strike, only to have the presence of a lone wolf (known as an Overread I believe) scare away the Newbies and...
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    Remakes that you hope are never made

    What movies do you hope are never, ever remade? For me it's Blade Runner and the Original Star Wars trilogy.
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    Spam Poll!!!!

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    9 manliest names in the world

    Speaks for itself.
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    Like Zombies?

    This may be the site for you!
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    My Sig

    And here it is: (see below)
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    The dangers of beer

    1.- I once read in a book about how dangerous drinking could be...... so I gave up reading 2.- There was once a great athlete, he was a runner and he was the greatest runner in the country, maybe the world. He could beat anyone in a race, and he could have been great, but beer killed...
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    I find polls.....

    Should this be in spam perhaps?
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    Pathetic spam

    Pretty self-explanatory.
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    Favourite trilogy

    Just wondering which Star Wars series you think is better- the original or the newer ones? Personally I like the original trilogy much better than new ones. Better actors, better story, better ships and (perhaps beat of all) no Hayden Christiansen and his awful awful acting(he played Anakin in...
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    An awkward situation

    Ok, there's this American-born Australian comedian named Tommy Dean who I recently saw on TV. Now, a couple of years ago he took his kids to the states to visit his family-during September. On 9/11 of that year he and his dad went to see a baseball game, and he knew that there would be a tribute...
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    Greetings fellow fantasy buffs!

    Hi everyone.