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  1. Thorin

    The End of An Era

    Sad news was passed to me last night. Wilkinson Swords... the finest swords crafted since 1772 has recently announced the closure of their plant in England. The plants closure has been set for September of this year and on that day, they will cease production. You can read more about it...
  2. Thorin

    What would...

    You say to practicing hiting tires? Its not so hard that it would shatter the blade. But would it affect the tang at all?
  3. Thorin

    British Cavalry/Military Swords from 1700's - 1800's

    Hey. I was at the flee market today and I saw one of these. I was really keen on getting it, but I cant just through around $600 bucks like that. Does anyone know anything about these swords? Where they were made? Any website with information would be greatly appreciated as well as any sites...
  4. Thorin

    Fable - I need help!

    Okay. So... im what? Halfway through the game... and I still havent figured out how to read a damn book. I dont know any of the bloodline... anything at all! Would someone please tell me how to read a book?
  5. Thorin

    Hey everyone!

    You've probably seen my recently as Grallen. But I decided to keep all of my names the same. I haven't been posting here as much as I did... when I first joined. But I kept my account and read some posts once and a while... but im back. Looking forward to 2005!
  6. Thorin


    I've thoroughly enjoyed this collection. While few of the books relate to each other, if you intend on reading them, then I suggest you start with Book 1 in the series. Its about the background of whats going on. I've been lost trying to find out whos who! I read Stormblade first... great book...
  7. Thorin

    Next Blade

    Yup, its that time again. Start saving for a new blade to look into/purchase. I have Anduril. Do I get something else from the LoTR collection? Which is fine by me. Or so I expand my horizon and look for something else... maybe a nice Viking sword by Albion... or another Functional sword...
  8. Thorin

    Harry Potter 3

    Did anyone else think that the 3rd movie was garbage compared to the first 2? - Whats with the fading out bleck screens! - Why did they change the layout of hogwarts. - Harry Didn't seem to be getting any worse. And he never was yelled at once!!! Not only was it different from the first...
  9. Thorin

    Canadian Militia Sword?

    Just going through a Canadian history course... and I know there are a lot of Canadians here. Does anyone know anything about the swords given to the Canadian militia or other early Canadian swords from 1800s on? I've been looking around the web for them. But I havent found anything. I'm not...
  10. Thorin

    chrome vanadium steel

    Hey, havent posted in a while... but this question needed to be answered. Theres a sword that looks really good that I would consider getting. Now... i'm not terribly sure what chrome vanadium steel is. Is it a good strong metal? Would it be good for functional as well as cutting use? how...
  11. Thorin


    Help With a Scabbard Okay. So its probably a little late. But I have this sheath... not a scabbard. Its made of leather and it came with my cheap sword that i got for my 16th birthday. I've searched and search for some method of attaching this sheath to a belt. I i have a picture of what its...
  12. Thorin

    Taking Apart

    I have this cheap sword and the handle is quite loose. How... if possible... am I able to take off the pommel and handle and inspect the insides? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thorin


    I'd looking into creating a war horn, something like what Boromir had. My only problem is that I cannot find a horn to make it with. Does anyone know where? or have some idea of where I could get a lard enough horn?
  14. Thorin

    A Halloween Idea

    Well. I'm allready thinking about halloween. Since im 17... its time that I stop. But not in the fun :) Im going to be getting together with my friends... and so far.... the plan is that we have a king and queen on the front porch along with some others all dressed up. Two guards and 2...
  15. Thorin

    Swords of the Ancients?

    Well. I've saved enough money to purchase a sword... except that in the time ive been saving I've seen a lot more that I would like to have. At first I was going to buy Anduril. I have enough money still. But I told my parents that I would save my birthday and christmas into one so that they...
  16. Thorin

    Roman Helms

    There are a few different styles... one that looks like a backwards baseball hat and another the same but with a ploom. I have a picture of one and a place that sells them, but I need to know if they are fairly acurate to the Actual Roman helms. I've taken ancient history courses and been to...
  17. Thorin

    What do I do...!

    OK. So i finally have the moeny to buy a sword. Anduril is going to be bought for my birthday, but i have about 300 to spend. I have no idea what sword from LoTR to get next... I have interests in Glamdring and Herugrim but not sure... what are your thoughts on swords... or prefered favs! :dragon:
  18. Thorin

    Anduril Belt

    Will there ever be a belt designed to fit Anduril? Or will it fit Striders belt. Just curious!
  19. Thorin


    Well. I've saved up some money to get a LoTR sword. The Unlimited Anduril has been promised to me by my parents... for my last years birthday/last years christmas. But that still leaves me with some money. Do I...: Get Sting as the center piece of my collection? (also less expensive) Get...
  20. Thorin

    Sword Design

    Im still working out a lot of details... but if I were to have a sword made it would look something like this. I havent finished the handel and pommel yet so if you have ideas, please let me know!