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  1. Anakin

    Men vs Women ~ Race to 1000, here we go

  2. Anakin

    The Super Duper Tusken Answering Machine

    Yeah, keep on fucking what basically comes down to metal sex dolls who blabber too much. Oh wait, you can’t cause you don’t have the “parts” for it.
  3. Anakin

    Men vs Women ~ Race to 1000, here we go

  4. Anakin

    Compliments from a new member

    Naughty boy...
  5. Anakin

    Rp ideas thread?

    The plural of Jedi is the same. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. It’s not Jedi’s nor Siths. It’s Jedi and Sith, dagnamit!
  6. Anakin

    All-purpose rant thread

    I’ve gone in that direction on purpose cause there’s a certain satisfaction in it. Most of what I say and is foul I don’t really mean... much.
  7. Anakin

    The Super Duper Tusken Answering Machine

    Yep, just no one talks about it. Threepio is a sexbot. He’s a distraction I built for Tusken Raiders like Hatchet, cause when they try to raid farms they’ll be too busy with him rather than raiding the farm, cause Hatchet will never get better than him.
  8. Anakin

    the thread where everytime you visit, you have to make a post!!!!!!!!

    Buying shit I can’t buy for my upcoming birthday, travelling a lot, concerts, gaming, swimming etc.
  9. Anakin

    Gin & Tonics Cure Coronavirus

    Doesn’t that make us all special? I
  10. Anakin

    D&D over the internet

    I’m not opposed to not seeing him again or the opposite.
  11. Anakin

    The Person Below You

    Oh yes, Italy to be exact. Lake Como, Firenze and Pisa possibly. Has special sexual needs.
  12. Anakin

    Had another dream about here

    He’s an attention seeker with a stuck-up attitude. Met him at a convention and I’m glad me and my wife were able to bribe him to sing a birthday song for a nephew of ours. Basically we would give him bad pr if he didn’t lol.
  13. Anakin

    Random Pictures

  14. Anakin

    3 Word Story

    Got fucked up (deja vu)
  15. Anakin

    Brand new me

    Oh, I never exclude the possibility.
  16. Anakin

    King Anakin's Throne Room (BEWARE!)

    Okay, enjoy... I guess.
  17. Anakin

    Goat Purge for King Kakashi's Birthday Part 1

    That basically sums up him, right.
  18. Anakin

    Who can guess what I did to be incarcerated?

    I’m not saying they don’t have them, but they’re not like how you described.
  19. Anakin

    10,000th Post

    Clones of Dorothy?
  20. Anakin

    Men vs Women ~ Race to 1000, here we go