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  1. Anakin

    Jonsa (spoilers for season 7)

    Jonsa, that is the name fans have given to ship Jon and Sansa. When I first heard of it I was just completely baffled. Jon and Sansa, being a couple. Where did that suddenly come from? Jon is into redheads? There’s some proof of that, yes. In the show he almost slept with a Ros. Then he got with...
  2. Anakin

    Political Correctness and Feminism. Is it progress?

    I’ve seen a debate on this subject. I don’t remember all the ones involved. One was Stephen Fry, who I’m a big fan of and he’s against Political Correctness and he makes some good points. Personally I don’t want to be political correct. I want to be a decent human being. If I don’t say the ‘n’...
  3. Anakin

    Best/worst/weirdest casting

    This also applies to television. I’ll start with what I think is great but also really weird casting. Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Just from looking at ‘Trainspotting’ Lucas decided to pick an actor who’s a skinny, a skinhead, drug-addicted a$$hole in the film. But somehow he concluded...
  4. Anakin

    The Shape Of Water

    We recently saw this film on blu-Ray. I really regret not seeing this in cinema. It’s such a beautiful romantic artistic film, where Guillermo Del Toro put so much thought in it. It’s certainly in the top three for me if I look at my most favourite films made him. It’s a really nice take on the...
  5. Anakin

    Favourite Pixar film?

    So I think the the title is self-explanatory.;) I’ve put films together to get more options in the poll, so just say which one you prefer.
  6. Anakin

    New films

    i thought it would be interesting to talk about new films. It’s also something to talk about that might keep the forum a bit more alive. I don’t see movies as much as I used to, but I do intend to go and watch two films this week, such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This one looks to be...
  7. Anakin

    The Elder Scrolls: Blades

    This is a game not related to ‘The Elder Scrolls VI’. It’s a mobile game, but it is a big experience with very good graphics for a mobile game. I think I’ll wait till it’s ported to PC, because I did read that it will be ported to PC, VR and other consoles. Anyway here’s a video with more...
  8. Anakin

    The Elder Scrolls VI!

    It’s about time! I’m so hyped. I wonder where it will be set. I guess they’ll reveal more later.
  9. Anakin

    Assassin's Creed 'Odyssey', a full-fledged RPG?

    I've posted this before in another thread, but I want to add more of what I've learned of the new game. Assassin’s Creed Odessey got announced so I’m looking forward to that. Origins was a pretty good game and they’re going to continue and improve on that formula (More naval combat, dialogue...
  10. Anakin

    My photoshopped characters based on the books.

    'Robert was never the same after he put on that crown. Some men are like swords, made for fighting. Hang them up and they go to rust.' Robert Baratheon in his rebellion against the Mad King. After making several 'A Song of Ice and Fire' related pictures, I decided to continue and fixate on...
  11. Anakin

    What do you want to see in the new prequel series of GOT?

    Please check this thread (spoilers): Game of Thrones Prequel Pilot Ordered [SPOILERS] Personally I really want to see Azor Ahai as a character. Next to him I want to see Brandon Stark. When we talk about creatures I really like to see more the book versions of direwolves and giant ice...
  12. Anakin

    Race to a 1000 choose your team, equality version lol

    1 Rule: You pick a team and stick to it until one reaches either a 1000 or -1000, Whether you're part of 1 or 2 is decided whether you're counting up or down. For example me and Tamago are counting up, so we're part of team 1. Team 1: Anakin, Tamago, S.J Faerlind, Wanderingmagus, Padme Team...
  13. Anakin

    A failing franchise

    I wrote a lot about Disney’s Star Wars and how it is failing. The Last Jedi especially split the fandom into two. Ones who hate it and ones who think it’s the best since Empire. I’m just thinking what? This movie is garbage and the others were mediocre at best. Solo, a Star Wars Story. I’m not...
  14. Anakin


    The Wolverine's last film (until reboot of course). Great film that was probably one of my favourite X-Men films. I treated it as a standalone film and seriously, it works better that way. No exaggerated villain like in Apocalypse. There was more story in this one than any recent X-Men related...
  15. Anakin

    Breath of the Wild

    Amazing game. Far better than Skyrim or any other game out now. I've heard a lot of people talk about how Horizon Zero Dawn is better and that game looks great as well, but it can't compete with BOTW. The freedom you get and the variety of territory, from sand (Gerudo) to water (Zora. Btw isn't...
  16. Anakin

    The Last of Us Part II

    This was such exhilarating news. It was so fantastic to hear they're making a new one. The first game was so fantastic. Such a great story with fantastic characters. I got deep faith in Naughtdog. I'm sure the game will be great. Only mild disappointment was Uncharted 3, which was still a good...
  17. Anakin

    Which games are you planning to buy/play.

    Similar to the 'What are you playing thread' (which they should correct. It's been wrong for years! lol). Only what do you have listed or what do you hope to play in the future, rather than now. I think the title is self-explanatory.
  18. Anakin

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    Original title 'Victory'. Set in 1868 London, having two protagonists (similar to GTAV) namely Jacob and Evie Frye. The game will mostly rely on playing missions with Jacob divided between 75 percent on Jacob and 25 percent on Evie. While exploring London, said to be 30% larger than Paris in...
  19. Anakin

    RIP Robin Williams!

    This came as such a shock to me. A lot of celebrities have died this year especially, but none saddened me more than Robin Williams' death. It really took the life out of me as his films brought me such joy. He was a top-class comedian and films, such as Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam, Ms...
  20. Anakin

    ASOIAF 3 word story

    I think everybody knows the rules. I'm not sure if it will be popular but I wanted to give it a try. I'll start. Dany looked up