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  1. Jessehk

    They're filming the pilot!!!

    <Fixed grammar in thread title> Oh, and :p Unfortunately, I don't think I can get HBO in Canada. I might have to wait for the DVD's. It...
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    Asofai Made Into A Tv Show!!! !!!
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    Merged. :)
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    What is a Moderator?

    Question has been answered. Thread closed (and that is what a moderator does ;)).
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    The Golden Compass - His Dark Materials Vol. 1

    I haven't seen the movie, and as a major fan of the books, I probably won't. I think Weitz missed the mark in that from what I've read, the movie is mostly a showcase of action and CGI. The books are so good because they are so driven by character development I've heard the movie has none. Oh...
  6. Jessehk

    Your worst book ever read.

    I'm very picky about the books I read. If I don't like it, I usually can't get past the first chapter.
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    Guess that quote!

  8. Jessehk

    Song of ice and fire w/a

    Jaime's Hand : Gold (I think)
  9. Jessehk

    United Cutlery Producing LOTR Swords Again

    I'm actually quite surprised. Well, perhaps they will have some products to sell with the coming production of The Hobbit.
  10. Jessehk

    P. Jackson And New Line To Make The Hobbit!!! :)
  11. Jessehk

    The Gods of ASoIaF

    In my opinion, a major underlying theme of the books is moral ambiguity and the complexity of life. We are shown repeatedly the various ways that people (knowingly or not) attempt to simplify our existance for their own means and the ease with which our (the reader, and the masses in the book)...
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    News & discussion about The Hobbit movie

    Re: Any news about the Hobbit movie I'm very excited. :)
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    I Hate Rap!!!!

    I've heard some rap that I didn't mind, but that was actually at a jazz concert. With very few exceptions, I hate rap too.
  14. Jessehk

    The Most Evil Man in History

    It sounds like your perceived ignorance of the rest of the world to these events and your perceived visibility of the Holocaust is causing you to believe that the Jews control the world. The fact is, the Holocaust happened about 60 years ago. There are people today (including relatives of...
  15. Jessehk

    Common Misconceptions about Bush that every single person who dislikes him has.

    Well, I know very little about politics (and less about American politics). My general impression is that it is very popular to make fun of Bush and his decisions. My own uninformed anecdotal evidence would suggest to me that Bush is a puppet and he has been thrown into a situation where there...
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    I like Schubert at times, thought at other times his stuff seems very forced and dull. I'm a big fan of Dvorak (more recently his String Serenade and his Wind Serenade). I also like his new world symphony. I really like Tchaikovsky , especially his 6th symphony, and his Romeo and Juliet...
  17. Jessehk

    What Grade Should You Be In?

    Grade 10, but I don't like all the American-specific political questions.
  18. Jessehk

    The Most Evil Man in History

    I'm going to try to keep my personal biases at bay here, but it's going to be difficulty. Denial of the Holocaust is ridiculous. I don't believe that it should be illegal (free speech), but I certainly think it's linked to bigotry and ignorance. My Grandfather lived through and I personally...
  19. Jessehk

    Is it possible for someone with large breasts to train so as to get there "assets" fr

    I'm closing this thread for two reasons: It is misplaced It seems extremely off-topic for TFF (almost spam) I am less confident of reason #2, so if another moderator disagrees, the thread could certainly be reopened in the correct section of the forum. :)
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    Song of ice and fire w/a

    King's Hand : Ned Stark