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  1. Anrisa Ryn

    What would you do if... met yourself? Not like looking at yourself in the mirror, but an actual 100% Xerox copy if yourself standing in front of you. Same personality, same likes and dislikes, same style. I know what I would do. I would stare at myself for a while, then hug myself b/c I finally found someone...
  2. Anrisa Ryn

    The Instruction Book of Life

    As the saying goes, "Life doesn't come with an instruction booklet." Well, I think it needs to! If you could write a chapter, or book, in a series entitled "The Instruction Book of Life," what would your chapter, or book, be about? Mine would cover the importance of knowledge and include...
  3. Anrisa Ryn

    Please enter this contest b/c it only has one entry. Only a week left and it's not that hard. I really want to award good prizes! :(
  4. Anrisa Ryn

    Writer's Corner

    As an author, I am always seeking inspiration. I would like to request a writing discussion board where authors can ask for help on their current works, or share other works that are new and unknown.
  5. Anrisa Ryn


    But I am in the process of planning my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) novel, and I'm running into a wall with the plot. Can anyone assist me?
  6. Anrisa Ryn


    I finally discovered you can scroll down in forums and saw a bunch of stuff I never saw before. So here I am. Is this the "scribe's house" that was spoken of?
  7. Anrisa Ryn


    Hey! I'm not sure how I stumbled on this forum, but hello anyway. My name is Rachel, but my Pen Name is Anrisa Ryn. I am an aspiring author seeking to get my first book published. It's about a girl that turns into a dragon (vastly paraphrased lol). I'm a huge nerd - I watch anime and nerdy...