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  1. ~Elladan~

    Beren and Lúthien

    Restored from Tolkien’s manuscripts and presented for the first time as a continuous and standalone story, the epic tale of Beren and Lúthien will reunite fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings with Elves and Men, Dwarves and Orcs and the rich landscape and creatures unique to Tolkien’s...
  2. ~Elladan~

    RIP Christopher Lee aka Saruman

    Passed away, aged 93. RIP
  3. ~Elladan~

    What sort of EU do you want?

    Fresh from the UK's election which returned a majority Conservative government the EU now faces the possibility of a Brexit (British Exit) as well as a Greek one, Grexit! I'd be interested in views from other, particularly European, posters as to the shape of EU you want. The EU current...
  4. ~Elladan~

    RIP Leonard Nimoy

    Sad to read that Leonard Nimoy ~ Spock ~ passed away today aged 83. One of my fav sci-fi/fantasy characters ... okay I confess I'm a bit of a closet trekkie. His final tweet on Monday read: "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory LLAP" (LLAP...
  5. ~Elladan~

    How European do you feel?

    ^ Obviously a question aimed at European TFF members :) With the EU going full steam ahead, partly because of currency-union necessity partly because of the overarching ambition of the EU to be become a nation of federal states, towards ever closer union I thought I'd pose the thread title...
  6. ~Elladan~

    A Memory of Light

    At long last confirmation received from Amazon that my copy is on its way.... after many years we'll at last see how the series concludes!
  7. ~Elladan~

    RIP SIr Patrick Moore

    Amateur astronomer and presenter of the world's longest running TV programme ~ The Sky at Night ~ since 1957! I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Patrick a few times as a member of the BAA. RIP, you certainly kindled my interest in astronomy & space and I've never lost the bug...
  8. ~Elladan~

    Merlin to be axed in December

    Fifth series to be the last culminating in a 2-part finale :( Shame, very good weekly viewing figures and one of the few decent things on tele.
  9. ~Elladan~

    Neil Armstrong Dies

    One of my heroes, the Apollo* astronauts :( Very sad that these brave space pioneers are one by one dying with mankind stuck in near earth orbit for the last 4 decades. * And Mercury, Gemini, Vostok, Soyuz & Salyut
  10. ~Elladan~

    Why are fantasy world accents British?

    An article on BBC news website ~ ~ suggests the default fantasy accent is British. Do you agree and if not, what accents do you think would work well...
  11. ~Elladan~

    Raspberry Pi

    Anyone else following progress of the above $25-$35 computer? I've always enjoyed tinkering with PCs and programming so I'll get myself a Model B as soon as it launches.
  12. ~Elladan~

    Gadafi Captured/Wounded

    Rumours coming through that Gaddafi & one of his sons wounded/captured in a NATO strike on a convoy fleeing Sirte which has fallen (PS Also a strange rumour that he was carrying a golden gun ~ who does he think he is Scaramanga?)
  13. ~Elladan~

    R.I.P Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs Apple 'visionary' dies aged 56 --- Very sad news :(
  14. ~Elladan~

    Muammar G (addafi) down for the count...

    The end looks nigh, the news bulletins are asking "where is he" so how do you think it will all end? My guess is he'll go to one of his African buddies ~ Algeria or Chad. Edit: Option 5 should have read 'dastardly deed'...
  15. ~Elladan~

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year fellow tffers... the Antipodes & parts of Asia are already celebrating 2011, <8hrs to go in the UK. I'll be having a few jars & going into London to celebrate. Lets hope 2011 is an improvement over 2010. .
  16. ~Elladan~

    Google Instant

    Google have launched their new Google Instant search results... Demo... I hate it. As soon as you start typing it tries to predict what results you'll need and displays updated results at each keystroke. This is in addition to list of predicted phrases...
  17. ~Elladan~

    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

    The above tragic oil spill is rightly causing anger and concern in America with the sheer scale of the spill, the pollution (sea & coastal) and effect on people's livelihood. President Obama is stamping his feet and getting all angry making populist attacks on the evil of the foreign oil...
  18. ~Elladan~

    Happy New Year

    Well it's that (this) time of year again where we wave goodbye to the old & welcome in the new. Some are already in next year, others are stuck in the current but all will have moved on from the past tomorrow :confused: Anyway Happy 2010 :D (Incidentally is it twenty ten or two thousand...
  19. ~Elladan~

    Obama awarded 2009 Noble Peace Prize My first reaction to this news was ~ "for what?" ~ don't get me wrong I'm sure he has good intentions and he can certainly talk the talk and but what has he actually achieved? Nobel Committee head Thorbjoern Jagland was quoted as saying; "It...
  20. ~Elladan~

    Michael Jackson dies aged 50 Michael Jackson dies off a heart attack :eek: