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  1. HumanInfiltrator

    What's your PC?

    I have no idea. It says Fujitsu on the cover and intel celeron M on the inside. But, it is now mine!! I took it of the ex. Yeay for me!
  2. HumanInfiltrator

    Old Folks Home

    Urgh, I need a towel, and before you dirty boys can offer, I'll go find my own. 30. Ooh only 3 years away. To me it feels like ok, you are halfway through your life, what have you done so far? And the answer, not enough is what scares me the most.
  3. HumanInfiltrator

    Let's get to know each other ... FACT OR FICTION?

    Thou were correct running wolf. Uhm let's see if I can do the same. Uhm. True, true, false.
  4. HumanInfiltrator

    Fave Naruto pairings! XD

    Met, How long has it been since I've told you how funny and cool you are? Too long I'm sure. And no, nothing that creepy, I'm into multiples, lol. squirrel, there is nothing wrong with appreciation, nothing especially if it comes in the form of Buyakuya.
  5. HumanInfiltrator

    We Won!!!

    Ingrates!!! Not a great fan of rugby myself but WE WON THE WORLD CUP. It's a big deal, you should try and get some sleep while the whole country resounds with Vuvuzela's.
  6. HumanInfiltrator

    An Apology

    Your avatar really doesn't freak me, Like Kakashi says I've been exposed to worse, and HE isn't it. lol Thank you for all the well wishes. Foinikas - people fall out of love, that I get. What I don't get is how it can happen overnight with no warning. And either it was overnight or he...
  7. HumanInfiltrator


    Oh yeah, both are great choices. As for the manga vs. anime situation for Berserk, depends on the strength of your stomach. The anime should come with a PG14 warning for violence, sex, rape and nudity, but the manga is PG18 for violence, sex, nudity, rape, mental instability, demons, blood and...
  8. HumanInfiltrator

    Let's get to know each other ... FACT OR FICTION?

    No choices? Well then, 1. I live in the third world 2. I am a great artist 3. I gave my first real speech last week
  9. HumanInfiltrator

    Bryn y Ellyllon (The Gate of Norvegr)

    As we wait for the discussion to start I turn my eyes to the rest of the hall. This wounded king holds no direct threat to the pack but the dark corners of this strange place might. I study the faces around us, most turned to merriment and food. Some staring in open animosity others glaring...
  10. HumanInfiltrator

    Who or What are you?

    And you have always been my favorite idiot to spar with, maybe I should dig that old thread out again, it was sooooo much fun.
  11. HumanInfiltrator

    We Won!!!

    I am excerting my bragging rights. WE WON!!!!!!:draught: WE WON!!!!:draught: SA is the Rugby World Cup winners!!! We are the greatest, we are the greatest. :) :) :) Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system, here goes: WE WON!!!!!!Yeay!!!! Yippeeeeee...
  12. HumanInfiltrator

    Old Folks Home

    Unraveller, either You have a very dirty mind or I do. Maybe a cream pie later. Am I the only one seeing how wrong this is? BTW my money is on you being the dirty minded one. *start setting up shower stall, I'm gonna make me some money here*
  13. HumanInfiltrator

    The Riftwar saga

    Great series. Though a word of caution, avoid one of the support/follow-up books named Krondor the Betrayal. It is definitely not up to Feist's normal standards. It is boring and repetitive. I was in fact quite shocked and have after two months still not finished it. Personally I love the...
  14. HumanInfiltrator

    Fave Naruto pairings! XD

    I am voting other and as this is a family site and most of you have not yet reached the age of consent I will not make it clear which one it is. Ha, now I leave you to ponder exactly how depraved I can be.
  15. HumanInfiltrator

    Man or Woman?

    One more girl into the fray.
  16. HumanInfiltrator

    Path of the wind

    So, after a year, let's try this again. Please tell me if it sucks and I'll let it go.
  17. HumanInfiltrator

    Bryn y Ellyllon (The Gate of Norvegr)

    I look around me not in fear or awe but calculating, this could be a well laid trap one that would be hard to escape from. I move so that I am once more next to Bloued, my friend. Ready to face whatever my come my way.
  18. HumanInfiltrator

    Who or What are you?

    Oh man, unanswerable question. There are many I would like to be like, nobody would write a book about somebody as shy and boring as me, certainly not fantasy. lol
  19. HumanInfiltrator

    So you are a famous hero...

    Hmm, so much is circumstantial. But, I would buy a manor in the king's city and start a small, private army. This army would be available to serve the king if necessary, mercenaries to other adventurers and also serve to accompany me on further adventures. I would also start a...
  20. HumanInfiltrator

    What are you currently watching?

    Stop moaning, I have to import or download, both very expensive exploits $15-20 is more than R200 bucks. And I love One Piece, especially Zoro, he is my favourite!