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  1. Xaltar

    The Embrace

    Thanks, been away for a while ;)
  2. Xaltar

    Annaer's Lament

    Well layed out, good rythum and good content. Nice ;)
  3. Xaltar

    The order in Chaos

    Life A mere flicker in the passage of time So insignificant it all seems In a blink we are born and die But ripples are made by even the smallest stone. Fleeting are our minds So small and chaotic How could those so tiny shape the destiny of us all One comment, one smile And time is...
  4. Xaltar

    The Death Knight

    Not bad, I like the form :D
  5. Xaltar

    What annoys you most?

    Having to work in a country I hate for a pathetic salary and being surrounded by indigionous uneducated fools!!! sorry, hit a sore point.....
  6. Xaltar

    Old Folks Home

    *edit* Dum da dum....... :D
  7. Xaltar

    Hey to all :)

    Heres another :D Welcome mmmm, fresh meat..... (joke) Enjoy your time here :D
  8. Xaltar

    Old Folks Home

    Not toooo adult tho :D Hardly anyone goes to the poetry section :( There are some really good poems in there.....
  9. Xaltar

    Old Folks Home

    LOL, nice Nienor :D Speaking about more adult themed stuff.... Heres a more adult themed poem about vampires I wrote for one of my RPG characters Like a shadow she was Sweeping across the room A forbidden beauty A glint of evil in her eyes I lay in anticipation Trembling in...
  10. Xaltar

    My dispair

    I meant a Fantasy Forum poetry book :D Sorry, just clicked you thought final fantasy.....
  11. Xaltar

    What's your PC?

    IT specialist / systems engineer (computer tech in a nutshell) If you guys need help or advice about your machines PM me and I'll help out ;)
  12. Xaltar

    tasteless jokes -rated R

    Its the 1st time I've read it :D It was hillarious *breathe*
  13. Xaltar

    The Embrace

    Like a shadow she was Sweeping across the room A forbidden beauty A glint of evil in her eyes I lay in anticipation Trembling in exitement My heart stuttered as her clothes drifted to the floor Tenderly she touched my lips sending a shiver down my spine Gratefully I pressed my lips to...
  14. Xaltar


    He wrote it himself if I'm not mistaken. Nice work Zidane, I like the flow :D I always post my own material and I think Zidane does too. He is quite gifted in dark poetry...
  15. Xaltar

    Meteorain's stuffage

    Looking good, you need to put some more work into the shading and tidy up a few of the lines but otherwise it looks great :D
  16. Xaltar

    Xaltars Pics

    the pictures resolution is too low to work wiyh nicely....
  17. Xaltar

    Xaltars Pics

    well, I couldn't do anything with the hamster pics but I made her look daft :D
  18. Xaltar

    What's your PC?

    Update CPU - P4 2.4b @ 3.32ghz Cooling - Coolermaster copper HSF with Akasa LED fan Mobo - Asus P4GE - VM Ram - 1gb Corsair TWINX 3200XLpro (2x512) with neat little LED display. running @ 450mhz GFX - Geforce FX5200 soon to be upgraded to a 6800gt OC from BFG Custom case (I...
  19. Xaltar

    Hello All

    Yo Brian, wazzup. You finally joined. So we on for some RP tonight?
  20. Xaltar


    Nice guys, looks like this thread has really taken off...