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  1. GrimWarlock

    Turns out I am alive

    Hello again everyone, your unknown, vaguely ever posting GrimWarlock is here.
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    If you were a fantasy warrior...

  3. GrimWarlock

    SW jokes

    Here we tell SW jokes
  4. GrimWarlock

    Your Username

    How did you decide what your username will be here? Was it from a song? A part of a catchphrase? Maybe a character you had in an RP?
  5. GrimWarlock

    Rise of Xesis

    Well... Here we go
  6. GrimWarlock

    Lotr Jokes

    This is my list of Lotr jokes. Some I heard, some I read, some I thought up myself. Saruman sat at the flooded Isengard, covered in mud, crying. Gandalf passed by, and asked: - Did the ents pass by? - What ents... The plumbers.... - Aragorn, whats for breakfast? - Lembas. - Lunch? - Lembas...
  7. GrimWarlock

    War of the Ring, a more... Tactical approach

    Okay, fans are fans, but Lotr has quite enough war, politics and whatnot stuff to make you ask questions not only of the literature type. Especialy when you're from the type of fan that I am a.k.a the ones that play strategy games and read Clausewitz for fun. If that is so, then there must have...
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    Da Orkz vs The Orcs

    Warhammer Fantasy Orkz vs Warcraft's Orcs "WAAAAAAGH!!!" VS "FOR THE HOOOORDEEEEE!!!!" Who wins a fight
  9. GrimWarlock

    On Space Sadists and Space Vikings

    Ok, basicaly. I'm gonna ask for advice for 40k tabletop. I play Space Wolves and there's this guy with Dark Eldar that always manages to beat me. The forces we use are these: Glorious defenders of mankind: HQ Bjorn the Fell Handed(Best dreadnought ever) Elites Nope Troops 5 Grey...
  10. GrimWarlock

    My own mythos

    Basicaly this is a thread about creatures you yourself created. A race, a powerful beast, simply a fantasy-ish animal basicaly any creature that you made up for whatever reasons. So anyone?
  11. GrimWarlock

    Hi, everyone

    Well, hello?