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  1. Prince_Kheldar

    Hi guys! Care to help me out?

    Hi! Long time no see! I'm writing an advent calendar for my folks! It's about a garden gnome who got left behind when the rest of the gnomes went to southern lands for the winter (Norway is cold in the winter time), and he wound up with a bunch of Norwegian farm gnomes (fjøsnisse in my...
  2. Prince_Kheldar

    Is the good ol' fantasy really dead? Really?

    So, I have had a reading period lately, meaning not much writing. These last few days I've been gliding from reading to writing again, and as I had a few moments of nothing to do at work, I googled " writing fantasy", and found this list that listst some fantasy writing tips. Then, in the...
  3. Prince_Kheldar

    Help, pls

    Greetings fellow writers and fantasy fans. As some of you may or may not remember, a year and some moons ago, I started writing a book. A fantsy story, ofcourse. What else? At the time I was not sure if I would ever finish it, or even get to ten pages. As it happened, I got to 154...
  4. Prince_Kheldar

    Do you guys have instagram?

    I do. And since I don't spend as much time here on glorious tff these days, what with something like three different lives to live, I find that I still miss you guys. So if anyone has instagram, and want to share it, please do! Like, pls. Mine is hellboysgirl Oh, and happy new year and...
  5. Prince_Kheldar

    Guys, it's my birthday!

    Yep! I'm twenty years old now! How cool is that? So, I made a cake! -Of course I made a cake. And I wanted to show you guys, but tff won't let me upload any pics. So, here's a link to my blog: --
  6. Prince_Kheldar

    Happy women's day, gals!

    No one saw fit to congratulate us, so I guess I will have to do it myself! Have an awesome day, women! Be proud and happy of what we have accomplished (although it should have come to us without a fight). Have some cake!
  7. Prince_Kheldar

    Need some help, guys

    I'm writing a book. Yes, for real. It's a fantasy novel, and it's gonna be a Christmas present for my mom and dad next Christmas. Which means I have a year to write it! But the thing is, I need some help to come up with names. Whenever I try and find some fitting names for my characters, it...
  8. Prince_Kheldar

    The picture of your cake thread

    Well, I am the cakemaster of tff. And I do like sharing my cakes with you, dear tffers, and it seems redundant to have to make a new thread for every new cake. So! One thread to post them all ;) And please share with us YOUR fantastic cake, if you ever make one :) I will open this thread with...
  9. Prince_Kheldar

    I need a consultation

    Hi everyone^^ So, I want opinions on this matter: should I start playing World of Warcraft? Thing is, for a few months now, my boyfriend and I have been living on different sides of the country, and we will for another two years. Maintaining a long distance relationship can be, and is...
  10. Prince_Kheldar

    The reason to keep living
  11. Prince_Kheldar

    Easter cakeee

    This is the cake I made yesterday, and brought with me to the workshop todaay~ My easter dragon and her eggs^^
  12. Prince_Kheldar

    I made another cake!

    Last week I made Snorlax, this week I made Poliwag! ^^ The picture is a little dark, sadly, it looks a lot better in better light.
  13. Prince_Kheldar

    Wleding theory, go intercourse yourself!

    Goes for you too, teacher! Why, WHY ON EARTH does he make us answer these 30 (thirty!) tasks, when the answers is NOWHERE THE FUKC to find in this shitty papercrap he gave us?? This piece of excrements has to be in by tomorrow, and the text is about MIG/MAG welding, and he demands us to explain...
  14. Prince_Kheldar


    I just finished A Dance With Dragons. I'm not sure I love the last few chapters. Aaagagahdfhaj!
  15. Prince_Kheldar

    This year's Christmas cards!

    I did look for the old Christmas cards thread, but without luck. So I decided I'd make one myself. So! Who wants Christmas cards from fellow members this year? I know I doooo~ I'm a Christmas maniac, and I love getting mail (especially snail mail), hence I love Christmas cards!
  16. Prince_Kheldar

    I need help!

    So, I got a hold of Skyrim for PC. Finally. And it's awesome, as I'm sure many of you will have noticed by now. I have a problem regarding this magnificant game, however... IT WON'T STOP LOADIIIIIING!!! I hit play then continue then continue from last saved or whatever. Then it starts...
  17. Prince_Kheldar

    This calls for a thread!

    I can now legally drive a car! On my own! Without anyone telling me what to do!
  18. Prince_Kheldar

    It happened!

    the company for which I hope to work when I finish school, called me today. They want me to show up for an interview! This means I am one step closer to realising my dream! I am so happyyy!!:D
  19. Prince_Kheldar


    This is me studying for the chemistry test tomorrow: *laughs at funny conversations on TFF* -sips coffee- *listens to the new amazing song she discovered at school* -sips coffee- *checks Facebook* -sips coffee- *checks TFF* -refills cup- *logs on msn* -sips coffee- *checks...
  20. Prince_Kheldar

    Merry Christmaaaaas!

    I know this whole Christmas stuff doesn't start until tomorrow for most of you... but in Norway we start tonight! And being the awesome person that I am, I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAAAAAS!!!