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  1. Crouton

    Terry Pratchett Books

    I've never read a book by Terry Pratchett in my life, but yesterday I got the first book in the Discworld series. Who here has read them? Do you recommend?
  2. Crouton

    Who are the mods

    Just out of curiosity, I don't actually know who the mods are on this forum.
  3. Crouton

    My knife collection

    Kukri knife, Sgian-dubh and some sort of Chinese dragon knife.
  4. Crouton

    The Creepy Side of E3

    Amazing read. I knew things were bad online and in some gaming workplaces, but I had no idea it was so bad at E3. And this is only a few womens stories. Imagine how many haven't been uncovered yet or the women who are too afraid to speak up.
  5. Crouton

    Will be absent for little while

    Just thought I'd say I won't be on here for a little while. For those of you who know me well you might remember me mentioning wrist problems in the past. And having steroids injected into my hands etc. Well the last two weeks of Uni was me basically working on a computer every single day, all...
  6. Crouton

    So I tried to play Amnesia today...

    And I am NOT good with horror games. I was in a voice chat with a friend while we were both playing it and well... I'll let her tell the story. My friend posted this on her blog to describe the experience of playing Amnesia with me. "My friend Sophie and I have started playing Amnesia...
  7. Crouton

    Online Bullying

    How do you deal with online bullying? I usually post in several other forums, including one gaming forum. I've been posting there for quite a while and almost all of the members thought I was a guy. But today I was in their chatroom with a bunch of guys, myself and one other girl. Once I told...
  8. Crouton

    The Lone Ranger (2013) I can't figure out what to think with this film. I've seen the trailers a few times but don't feel compelled to see it at the cinema. I might watch it eventually when it's out on DVD. Is anyone looking forward to this or planning to see it at the...
  9. Crouton

    PSA's in your country

    I'm talking about Public Service Announcement ads on TV. I'm sure almost all countries have ads about quitting smoking, and maybe anti-gambling or ads against drinking and driving etc. But I thought it would be cool to see what type of different ads people get in countries that others wouldn't...
  10. Crouton

    The Last of Us

    Some initial reviews are out. I was excited before but now... now I just feel like I'm going to explode if I have to wait much longer.
  11. Crouton

    TFF Statistics

    On one other forum that I used there is a stats page, where you can see things like how many posts there has been per day, month. Which users posted the most in certain months. Which countries the most posts came from, which threads got the most activity etc. I always really liked checking...
  12. Crouton

    Terminator is coming true!

    Robots killing without human permission!
  13. Crouton

    Indie Games

    Have you played many Indie Games? Do you like them, or do you prefer the bigger titles? I've only played a handful of Indie Games before, but I want to get more into them. Right now I'm playing one called "Thomas Was Alone" on the Vita. It's also on the PS3, Mac and PC Here's a trailer...
  14. Crouton

    What are your childhood games?

    If you had to make a list of all the most important games of your childhood. The ones you played and loved the most. What would they be? I think it should be interesting since we have a large range of ages, so the games should be varied. I'm talking about the like, 5-14 age range. For...
  15. Crouton

    Video Games Hoarder or Trader?

    When it comes to video games, do you like to keep all the games you buy and see your collection grow larger and larger on your shelf, or do you buy them, play them and then trade them in for other games? I personally like to keep them all. The only time I have traded in games was when I no...
  16. Crouton

    The Weather Thread

    Most of the threads on TFF end up being about weather, so let's make an official weather thread! Anyway it's Autumn here in Aus now, and today in my town it's a nice 25C and sunny. I love Autumn.
  17. Crouton

    I'm in love with this woman

    Seriously, I've watched this video about 50 times. Marry me!
  18. Crouton

    6 inch human skeleton found

    For those of you who haven't seen this all over the news yet, meet the Ata skeleton. An alien? A human? A mummified fetus? A prank? Well I've been doing a bit of reading on this little guy and apparently scientists have been studying it for a few years now. Some of their...
  19. Crouton

    How many times have you read the series?

    I've read the first three books about 9 or 10 times. I can't remember exact numbers so most of these are estimates. Then I've read 4,5 and 6 about 4 or 5 times each. And I've 7 twice.
  20. Crouton

    Post Gaming Screenshots

    Post any screenshots, from any game, on any platform. As long as you took the screenshot, post it! An old World of Warcraft one from me.